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Now is all there is.

I choose Love.

Love includes all emotions positive and the so-called negative. Without the so-called negative the positives would not be known as such. The negatives and the positives are part of the bigger vast cosmos of higher consciousness.

Release, relax, surrender into the Oneness.


Leaping into the Void – a poem

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i speak to you from all the times before,

hoping that you will remember.

in the wee silence of the void

there is only the breath; my breath, our breath,

breathing sacred, at first. 

i have no name for this, as i come

face to face with the blankness of void.

even that does not describe this nothingness

that comes as relief.  will you enter with me?

breath breathes me deeply. 

i dive headlong, i fall, trusting in nothing,  save love,

like falling-in-love, deeply into it with full embrace.

i sing into the place of void

where springs the shadow, my shadow and yours.

i ask you now, do you see horror, terror or dread?

do you run from this, as you must without a protector’s arms,

yours or mine, holding you with a trust in love?

are you so hurt that trust is so light

that it skips across the lake, a skimming stone that

never plunges into the depths?

i am the swirling current that will embrace you if you let me.

i am the darkness that is your friend if you whisper softly

to me.  will you do that with me?  don’t let me go there without

your lightness and your shadow too.

i have been witness to this place in you.

i stand with you on the edge of your darkness and mine.

i love you as we take each others’ hands

and leap out into void, trusting in nothing but

love’s embrace, flying in the face of nothingness,

of fear and horror and a thousand deaths.

beyond the shadow there is nothing

save for love. 

will you go there for your self?

will you go there with me?

 Frank Ontario

©April 1997

A Little Ditty on the Spring Equinox 2021

In the USA the emphasis is definitely on a new beginning for the nation as a community for all. Individuals are important in the context of community and although somewhat obscured by the greater good dreams/visions, thoughts and communications as well as art and money are focused by individuals on a greater good.

Many behind the scenes wheeling and dealing for the greater good are in play as well as transformations of government and mega corporations

Markets, aka the Stock Market remains volatile – ups and downs.  More energy /money is focused on carbon neutral goals both on corporate levels and individually.

Moods may be buoyant as we face futures and actions towards these futures with multifaceted glee that includes a meeting-of-the-minds. These present actions and moods may tend to balance out an international grandiosity with local rebuilding of a mindful trust. What is a mindful trust? It is simply, gathering all the information towards holding a unity based on all pertinent information and ideas that will be put into action.

These are some of the themes we will be working on for the next 6 months.

UBI Universal Basic Income – One Solution for Changing Times

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Universal Basic Income could replace Social Security as we now know it. Wouldn’t UBI really be about social security? The idea of Social Security Income at age 60 or so is no longer enough because of stagnating wages and income inequality. Retirement

When we consider how Multi-National Corporations and the Super Rich have taken control of government, out-sourced jobs (used to be called “lay-offs”) and are currently automating many jobs with robots our lives and our incomes have drastically changed. Not for the better.

The Corporate-Government Complex no longer represents 99% of the former citizens – now called “consumers” of the United States of America its no wonder that extremism has flourished. Is it any surprise that we’re called consumers? As consumers – serfs – slaves we represent a small indispensable cog to the greed of capitalism. We can’t be citizens any longer because citizens have a say in government. Government representatives don’t work as our representatives any longer because they have been bought by left and right leaning corporate interests. Our democracy is gone now folks and we have an oligarchy.

UBI is both a small and a large step towards reclaiming our rights as citizens and represents a social net for everyone. UBI goes hand in hand with universal healthcare. Is this socialism? No, this is community democracy, or community members caring about one another socially and economically. It is a requirement for a civilized society, otherwise are we not serfs and /or slaves to the rich?

Eventually UBI might look like this:

  1. Parents living together would get a higher rate of UBI with one or more children.
  2. Single parents with one or more children would get a higher rate for one or more children (higher than 2 parents living together).
  3. Children entering Pre-School at age 4 would get UBI for expenses and /or held in trust with close to prime interest rates until the age of 25. Children remaining as dependents of parents after the age of 18 to 25 would get a smaller UBI tied to work. Parents with dependent children living at home up to the age of 25 would receive higher UBI.
  4. Everyone ages 18 and older would receive the baseline of UBI until disability or death.
  5. Universal Health Care would take of the medical costs.
  6. Eligibility for UBI would begin starting at 18 years old making $55,000 or less per year; a figure may/can be adjusted based on cost-of-living and inflation.
  7. All working members of the population would pay a tax based on a graduated scale. employers would deduct from gross wages as it is now with the exception on SSI deductions being translated into UBI. Individuals making $1,000,000 or more would have an extra tax to support the program. Large Corporations would pay a tax to support the program.

The Law of Three Supports The Multiverses

9-3-6 in The Law of Three | © 2021 F.K. Ontario

In today’s world we need the third force. Here’s why.

We are surrounded by negative versus positive, good versus evil, right versus wrong, Democrat versus Republican.  In the current world one group or principle is trying to annihilate the other. We are third force blind. The third force is there, but because it does “nothing” it is assumed not to exist.

The 3 Laws:

  1. The Yang / Male – Affirming Force often associated with the line.
  2. The Yin / Female – Receptive Force often associated with the circle.
  3. The Neutral / No Gender – Reconciling Force often associated with the zero-point.

The law of three is reflected in all major religions of the world. We are most familiar with The Holy Trinity in Christianity:

  • The Father (affirming)
  • The Son (neutral)
  • The Holy Spirit (receptive)

Or the Egyptian:

  • The Father (affirming)
  • The Mother (receptive)
  • The Child (neutral)

Pythagoras, 6th century BCE Greek Philosopher, Mystic and discoverer of Sacred Geometry and later Nikola Tesla uncovered The Law of Three and the sacred numbers of 3 – 6 – 9. Tesla said that these numbers (that he was obsessed with) would reveal the secrets of the universe.

The Middle Way in esoteric Buddhism is the Neutral Force that allows enlightenment to be revealed. A middle way is needed to reconcile the Democrats and Republicans for example to find a way forward by agents of change acting as all three forces with a special emphasis on the neutral or reconciling force.

When we think of the major elements of the atom mainly the positron, electron and the neutron – each has a charge; respectively (+), (-), and (0) or no charge. The neutron prevents / acts as a buffer to prevent the positively charged positron and the negatively charged electron from destroying one another. The neutron could be the particle that is connected to alternate and multiverse realities and at the very least is the balancing force between the (+) and (-) particles.

Even in writing affirmations towards manifestation we often forget about the law of three. We assume and don’t include all three brains of the human body. Everyone knows about the cognitive brain – the prefrontal cortex and so on. Many don’t know that our hearts have longer dendrites in them than in the prefrontal cortex and that the heart is the center or brain of emotion. The gut or chi in Eastern Medicine is the center or brain of the physical body.

Slightly tweaking affirmations for example to include each of the three persons includes a sense of wholeness arising from the law of three:

Writing each affirmation 3 times in each of the three persons:

  1. —“I” [first person] 3 times,
  2. “You” [second person] 3 times, and
  3. “She/He/They” [third person] three times


Taking the law of three to a completion process as use of the enneagram (9-picture) as a process or systems tool:

from J. G. Bennett’s Work on The Enneagram – a completion process

For more on the Enneagram: Enneagram as Process – a primer

A Way Out of Chaos – Chakras and Making Money –– Part Two

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Tipping Point

Whenever old systems cease to serve everyone chaos erupts. For many the natural proclivity is to lean on old familiar ways in order to be find a safe haven. The problem with old familiar ways is at least two-fold:

  • The old way doesn’t work in the chaos and the desire to go back to the old days of perceived stability. It only sees the positive aspect for select groups of the population and disregards the rest. It doesn’t include the negative aspects because they interfere with the future vision of “normalcy” based on a mythic past.
  • The old way was – in part – the foundation for the chaos happening now because it was built on faulty premises. The faulty premises became evident with exponential increases in planetary population; runaway growth, technology, and increasingly complexity. Underneath the premises of accelerated tech and capitalism is the basic inequities of the vertical hierarchy of the patriarchy.

The Point of Money

Money takes on different meanings depending on the kind of system that surrounds and permeates us. Nevertheless, money is a mediator for getting things done and acquiring stuff. The stuff can and does often include “more money”.

Money may have begun when nomads became citizens of the city state and bartering systems may have been strained. In pre-history there may have been civilizations that were far more advanced than anything we have today because people were connected beyond oral and written language so that no laws, no money existed. As a result of no laws, there was no government, no violence, no police, no courts, no prison, no victimization, no military, no hierarchy. Cooperation existed between peoples. Technology existed and was internalized within. The tech was not machinery as we now know it – it was intrinsic to a state of being.

The Nine Major Chakras, Money and the New Energy

In Part One about the 2nd chakra or Chi as a money / energy making chakra; this is something we will always have. In 1992 there was a major shift of energy in our nearest star or what we call the Sun. Two addition chakras came into being and soon became part of the traditional 7 major chakras of which many of us are familiar. While they will not be discussed here in depth, they are worth a mention:

The Seven and the Two New Chakras in bold:

  • Root Chakra – Connection to Earth and Tribe; near the base of the spine
  • 2nd Chakra – or Chi the center of our body’s “brain”; an inch or so below the naval
  • 3rd Chakra – Birth or Manifesting Chakra; an inch of so above the naval
  • 4th Chakra – Solar Plexus – place of the ego; at and below the Solar Plexus
  • 5th Chakra – Heart Chakra –“brain” of the Emotion Body with a foundation in Love; at the sternum
  • 6th Chakra – Will (Self and Divine Will) a few inches below the base of the throat
  • 7th Chakra – Communication / Assimilation – at the base of the throat – topic of the new way of making money and new ways of being
  • 8th Chakra – 3rd Eye – center of the thinking “brain” and visionary processes, at the Pineal Gland slightly above the bridge of the nose and above (centered between) the two eyebrows
  • 9th Chakra – Crown Chakra connection to Spirit at the top of the head

The Existential Crisis Calls on Us to Forge a New Way

The Climate Crisis is the number one crisis on the planet. Earth will succeed in her mission for balance and if it is without human participation, the majority of humans will be removed from Earth by death of the physical body (extinction events). A little over one million may survive. If humans participate effectively a new worldwide system of living will emerge based on cooperation at its root and more than one million humans may survive. Right now, it doesn’t look so good.

Of course, other threats are evident and are fused with Climate Crisis: democracy having already been replaced by oligarchy may fall into longer term dictatorship under the guise of “democracy”. The rich and powerful – white men – may prevail while the rest of us are enslaved. Enough doom – we already are well aware of this, aren’t we?

Looking towards solutions: Cooperation.

The Throat Chakra’s basic functions from physiological to daily human interactions are: as conduit for air and for food as a part of the assimilation system for physical survival; and it is also about giving and receiving with other humans, plants, animals, the elements, and so on, assimilation and communication with others.

There are so many of us dying to be heard that the zeitgeist via on-line platforms, by phone and in person are monologues instead of dialogs. So desperate are we to be heard, that we don’t make space to listen, comprehend and understand without some agenda at the ready. I see it in myself. I fail many times in conversations with friends to listen, comprehend and understand that I have set out on-purpose to change this in myself.

We have become very good at giving because giving is something we feel we’re in complete control of. Receiving – not so much. When we receive, some of us expect criticism to come in heaps with an eking out of positive praise. We often brush off compliments out of low self-esteem and/or fear of an assumption that the “other” is giving with barbs thrown in. It takes vulnerability to receive the good or bad – or somewhere in-between. Plus, some take vulnerability for weakness, when it takes courage to allow ourselves to feel open and vulnerable. Sure, we could get hurt. I’ve been hurt opening myself up, and then – I recover.

If everyone practiced the gift of giving and receiving with equal time we’d be going against these times of adversity and divisiveness that hold sway. Giving and receiving with one another is in the circle of cooperation and includes everyone.

Extending Cooperation from Humans at Home

When we think of home we usually think of the apartment, house, tent or homeless shelter we sleep in and we don’t consider that home is really Earth. This especially true of those that living in apartments and houses and those that can’t live inside due to economics and/or mental illness – drug addiction. Separation from Earth encourages class separation, elitism and so on. Instead of cooperating with one another we are at war.

Cooperation between groups, between nations will become abundantly and blatantly clear as Earth seeks balance. If we do not participate in the balance we will suffer and die. To think that governments must engage in cooperation is okay as long as we begin to participate in the process with ourselves, with friends, family, elders and both local and wider communities – from a grassroots movement, if you will.

An economy based on cooperation whose assumption may be: If I give to you; you may give to another in-kind so that we all support one another towards mutual cooperative aims and goals. Money, as we now know it can be incorporated into this circular system or it could be dispensed with almost entirely. The human species is too attached to money as a means to an end – as a competitive system to completely eliminate it at this time. Maybe in short as 300 years this could happen.

How to Start

I’m sure we all have plenty of ideas how to start and we may have already begun. At least some of us have begun and are experimenting with inclusive systems of economic growth for all humans (Kiva’s micro loans in one such experiment). The impetus of this kind of community-oriented yin-based system is the activation of the throat chakra co-creating world-wide cooperation. And the binary or yang system is entrenched in either resisting the throat-chakra or directly fighting against it through the old ways of binary hierarchies of capitalism and the vertical patriarchy or power-over dynamics. Why? It is necessary for these yin-yang systems to oppose each other until the yin grows and includes the yang. In other words, it will take a great number of humans cooperating to be big enough to include the yang so both the yin and yang may transform into the new way. In playing sports, especially one-on-one competition is: the best competition is against oneself for achieving excellence. This example may be one way of combining the best of the yang with the yin to create a more cooperative world.

One way to take the giving and receiving process to a deeper level is – first with ourselves. Pick a time during the day for a practice of being kind to yourself. Giving soothing and tender loving kindness to an aspect of yourself that is hurt, fearful or angry about something. This is not meant to eliminate the hurt, the fear, the anger or other negative emotions but only to offer soothing.  It is giving support. Become the giver in yourself. Remember you are not forcing something on an aspect of yourself. We’ve often told ourselves that we have to bear some burden, or take criticism because we were raised that way. The giver in us is making an offering to an aspect of ourselves to receive or not. This can reveal where you are in the deservedness circle for example. Maybe you need some work there or maybe not. If we, as the giver, are giving make sure there is no negativity in your giving, try suspending or putting your judgement and criticism of your-self aside for the moment. Then as need arises become the receiver and work on allowing yourself to feel vulnerable to the gift you may be accepting. This is one way of helping to heal the wounded parts and engage in balance dynamics. As you begin to accept the gift of a compliment for example – feel this compliment or soothing in your heart or in the whole of your being. Look at – metaphorically speaking – the giver in yourself and from your heart say thank-you.

Once this becomes a part of your self-healing repertoire then you may wish to add another dynamic to the process. And that is, of course offering the process of giving and receiving to friend, loved one or family member to begin…

Plant Whispering – a yearly report

Canna Indica Flower © 2021 by FK Ontario

Every year in February I talk to my friend Canna Indica Plant commonly known as Indian Root – a bulb about:

  • Weather
  • Fire Season
  • Flu Conditions (COVID19)

Canna Indica reported (for Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Mendocino, and Marin Counties of Northern California):

The weather will be mild with showers, some heavy rains (in late April through early May) and snow in the spring and early summer. Yes, there will be two or three polar storms in late spring, early summer of extreme drops of temperature and blizzard cyclones especially at higher altitudes and one in a valley. Snow accumulation will be around 2 to 3 inches in some valleys with higher accumulations in the mountains. One of the polar storms may be in the Berkeley Hills in East Bay California in mid-June.

While we see polar storms with blizzard conditions with a duration of 1 to 3 days the Sierras may be inundated with snow for a longer period during this time. Temperatures will be low for about a week with each of the three polar storms, much like Texas was recently.

The summer beginning in mid to late June will be mild to moderately hot. There will be two incidences of VERY HIGH HEAT in either in late August or early September and one in mid-October. Temperatures could easily exceed 110 degrees during these periods of 4 to 5 days. Expect power outages.

There will be spot fires that will be put out quickly. This may be because of the controlled burns going on now. There will be three to four – line fires close to state routes and US101 that may spread quickly but will be contained more quickly within five days or less.

COVID19 conditions and the new strains are diminishing and by August will not be a threat in this area assuming humans don’t interfere with its natural demise. Canna Indica indicates that COVID will become dormant – it will no longer be an issue.

Chakras and Making Money – Part 1

© Vortex Spin F. K. Ontario 2021

The Second Chakra and Money

What is Money?

Money represents energy that does in order to create. It is an intermediary between what we want and how we get what we want. It could be said that money is a go-between. Cause and effect makes money work. 

Many thousands of years ago money did not exist because exchange of goods and services had equal value so there was no need for a currency. Obviously, that cannot happen in today’s world that is built on hierarchies of a patriarchy and capitalism. The patriarchy and capitalism are about dividing and conquering and in its current iteration where the super rich flourish and everyone else come to serve the whims of the rich. Of course, it’s more complex than that.

What is the Second Chakra?

A Note about energy and the human body: Energy is always moving. It could be said that everything is moving because atoms are made-up of particles and/or waves that move. The nature of the EM or electromagnetic energy produced by our bodies forms a vortex or cyclone type energy around us.

Each of the chakras (chakra – originates from a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”) is a small energy vortex that spins in the front of the body and in the corresponding place along our spine.

The second chakra in Eastern Medicine is the place of Chi. The second chakra is located an inch or so below your belly button or navel and the corresponding place along your spine. It is said to be the energetic brain of the physical body in the gut. Chi is the quality of our energy and contributes to the survival of our body on the planet. (The first chakra – the root chakra just in front of the end of the spine at the coccyx bone is about our physical connection to Earth and relates to health of the body as well.)

The Second Chakra and Money

Chi is the inner technology of energy. Money is the outer technology of energy. It follows, then, that a healthy chi is related to money. In our culture money is about survival and the energy from the chi is about survival too. It could be said that we live in a survival-based economy. These ideas are reflected in Charles Darwin’s thinking – “the survival of the fittest” and competitive modes of being that have infected modern thought. Darwin because he was a product of his time in the hierarchical patriarchy he saw nature and animals as competitive and ruled out cooperation.

The chi is part of the lower chakras and is relegated to autonomic nervous system which is normally unconscious unless someone draws our attention to it. Survival becomes instinctual and the systems of capitalism and the hierarchy of the patriarchy are invisible to the men who occupy positions of authority.

Those of you who practice martial arts such as Aikido and Tai Chi know how to work with chi energy more than most westerners.

Working with the Second Chakra to Make Money / An example

Every biological being produces lines of chi based on need. Let’s say you had an idea to make money out of need, not want.

In a Post Covid19 Environment:

By grounding ( ) and walking from your hips you may get a sense of coming from your chi or 2nd chakra an inch or so below your naval. The sense may be a line of energy on the ground. By following the line of energy into a shop or store there may either be a business opportunity for you or a job. Once you get inside the store listen to the owner or person behind the counter talk with customers. Treat this exercise as an experiment, try not to an expect any result at all.

In the current Covid19 Environment:

By grounding ( ) and walking from your hips you may get a sense of coming from your chi or 2nd chakra an inch or so below your naval. Next direct you attention in a very focused way of what you need along lines of chi you may receive from the Internet via your computer. This may lead to a website or a chat board where you can glean an opportunity. Treat this exercise as an experiment, try not to an expect any result at all.

We have given our immunity to Big Pharma

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What changed?

As a boomer I had the usual array of childhood illnesses (measles, chicken pox, and so on) as many us experienced. As medicine advanced vaccines developed to help prevent against many childhood diseases including against widespread polio. We all considered this a good thing.

In my 20s and 30s I’ve had 9 flues. I had no flues in my 40s or 50s. At age 64 I had contracted a bad flu and did not get the vaccine in enough time due to the Christmas holidays. I was out of work for 8 weeks. Pharma develops flu shots every year, but I don’t take them. I wonder what’s wrong with my own immunity, is it no longer enough? That may be true for a variety of reasons:

· Increased population

· Poor health of Americans particularly — read: weakened immune systems

· Overly reliant on the AMA and Pharma to provide a fix to whatever ails us

· Deregulation of the Mainstream Media — ads for prescription meds on television

· Deregulation of Industry — development of more medications for more symptoms

· Dietary habits

· An Aging population

· Profit as a primary motivation for selling health

Addiction and Taking Responsibility for Our Health

No. I’m not writing about addiction to opioids, alcohol, methamphetamines or heroin, although these are big problems.

We Americans have a bigger addiction problem and the solutions of Big Pharma, Health Providers and Insurance companies are in part enablers of our addictive patterns due to profit for the most part. Americans in general like popping pills whether that be prescriptions, OTC pills or supplements for aches and pains; and the flu. Some smaller segments of the population have divorced themselves from the Medical Establishment and Big Pharma to pursue alternate health.

The biggest addictions we have as Americans is pursuing an avoidance of — fill-in-the-blank for blind comfort and safety. If we aren’t homeless and work jobs, we pursue comfort through an obsessive-compulsive consumption of:

· Food

· Television and films both through Mainstream Media and Streaming

· Legal stimulants like coffee and energies drinks

· Legal substances — alcohol and marijuana (now legal in many states)

· Buying More stuff

· Sex

· Excessive Exercise

· Internet practices

· Excessive cleanliness

Some of these addictions have increased since the COVID19 pandemic hit.

As a result of the change in habits in both the addictions above and as we shun the out-of-doors we have problems with excessive weight — for example, as a result. All of these stresses effect our immunity.

The Answer has been offered and accepted as more symptoms have been presented and /or manufactured by the public and Big Pharma. It’s the snake that eats its own tail on the way to annihilation.

Taking Responsibility and Making Changes

In September of 2019 I was coasting. In November, a close friend intervened and suggested I engage in a grief process for somatic issues related to childhood trauma. I chose it. As a result of that process many miraculous events happened. And there was the hard work of changing my diet and habits especially with the challenges of the pandemic. I adopted a mostly vegan diet and have lost about 70 pounds.

I haven’t had a blood test for T-Cells to see how my immunity is doing, but I am feeling better.

The challenge is — do we reclaim our immunity or go with Big Pharma to do it for us?

Question Authority – with beginners mind

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The Merrimack-Webster Dictionary defines should as an obligation or a duty that

“History and Etymology

Middle English sholde, from Old English sceolde owed, was obliged to, ought to”

It would appear that the word “Should” is based on belief. Anything owed, is an obligation or a duty comes from a motivation that does not originate with us, so it comes from some outside authority. When we “throw-in” with the outside authority a belief or beliefs form. Since belief is a name we throw at a number of beliefs that are mostly likely unexamined and if they are examined are most often contradictory in nature.

What a mouthful of a preamble!

So instead of “should-ing on myself” I apply a technique of being and doing that may have originated in the 1100s — though I’m guessing. But it did come from Sufism. Coincidentally the method acting technique by Stanislavski is very similar:

In no particular order –

  • Where am I?
  • Who am I (right now)?
  • What do I want?
  • Where am I going?
  • How am I going to get there?

Consider replacing “should” with:

  • Could
  • Can
  • Want
  • Will

Soon “should” will be banished to the hell of guilt, shame, and the obligations of the Blue Soldiers indebted to the Wicked Witch of “The Wizard of Oz” forever singing “Owe-E-Owe, Oh-Oh Owe”.

Side note: Maybe the Wicked Witch’s soldiers/guard were blue because they were sad, or holding their breath or both. When Dorothy throws the bucket of water on the Wicked Witch she melts. Water is a symbol of emotion, throwing the water is a symbol of unattached emotion – flowing. The Wicked Witch is green (with envy) craving and coveting what others have and is stuck. This is related to how we stick ourselves in the past to others’ authority with the tyranny of the should.