2.22.22 Fantastical Day

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Day of Mastery

2.22.22 is a Day of Mastery on many levels from the mundane to the sublime. Mastering a project. A personal breakthrough, breaking out of binary thinking modes, spiritual completion; these are some of the high points.

February 22, 2022 though technically not a palindrome when we include the “20” but when we see it as:

2.22.22 it becomes a palindrome that which reads the same forwards and backwards.

In Pacific Standard Time – West Coast of the US, part of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico and a slice of Canada at 2 pm or 22 hours UT (Universal Time) – now there’s a lot of “2”s.

2+2+2+2+2 = 10 1+0=1 (2.22.22) or

2+2+2+2+0+2+2 = 12 1+2=3 (2.22.2022) or

2+2+2+2+0+2+2+2+2+2 = 18 1+8=9 (2.22.2022 2 pm PST and 22 UT – Universal Time)

The Master Numbers in Numerology

22 is a Master Number. If you were born on the 22nd of the month, for example your personality may manifest on:

the low end: bossy, self-important, perhaps with narcissistic tendencies
the middle: confident with good leadership skills, warm and loving
the high end: inspires self and others from place of light. Could be a Spiritual Master, Master Craftsperson, or Master Artist

2 + 2 = 4
Four is a number of laying a solid foundation for a structure or new beginning. It is a gathering space for a beginning new venture with leadership skills…

12 Is the Number for Making Sacred Space
2+2+2+2+0+2+2 = 12 (2.22.2022)

Twelve is the number of cycles and cycles making circles and spheres. Twelve holds and makes sacred space. Sacred space is needed for manifestation of higher vibrations and relationships along divine paths and purpose.

1 + 2 = 3

3 Is part of the Law of Three (see above)
18 is the next set of numbers above the first level of the law of 3 (3-6-9)
2+2+2+2+0+2+2+2+2+2 = 18 (2.22.2022 2 pm PST and 22 UT – Universal Time)

1 + 8 = 9
Nine is the number of completion. It belongs to finite and infinite completion processes. Projects and goals are finite. The transformation of releasing the body for the spirit to go on is an infinite completion process.

3 is the positive, negative, and neutral at work and in turn makes everything else work. Three is the affirming or positive force of the triad.
6 is part of the law of three and represents the negative or receptivity in the law of the three. It is the receptive coming together of all other processes of the triad (positive and neutral). It is community and togetherness.
9 is the culmination of the 3 and the 6 – it is the neutral. All parts of the triad are contained in the culmination which creates the completion.

The Day Tuesday, February 22, 2022

If Your Tuesday falls in Pacific Standard Time at 2 pm or at 2200 hours Universal Time you are in the spiritual completion zone. If you’re not reconfigure your time zone to PT at 2 pm and you will have whatever time synced to 22 UT. In Eastern Standard Time US 2200 hours UT is 5:00 pm, In Paris, France or in Central European Time at 11 pm is 2200 hours UT – making this time zone a Spiritual Completion Zone and so on…

Or send your consciousness to any spot within the 2pm PST zone to coordinate time. Or if you are already a lightworker you may be able to go outside time and access the linear space-time coordinates.

Prepare for transformative experiences. If you do nothing then you may get nothing. If you do something especially at 2 pm PST or 11 pm CET (Central European Time) then completion of a spiritual epoch within your experience could be initiated or completed in some manner.

“Supposed to Be-s – Whim or What?

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I have friends that may have turned over their will to their Higher Self via the “Supposed To Be” Clause.

“I was taking my supplements and a extra one came out of the bottle because I was supposed to take one more.”

“My friend that I hadn’t heard from in months called me because it was supposed to happen.”

“Maybe the shaman was right and I should move to Arizona. It could be what I suppose to do,” she said.

I asked: “What do you want?”

Has our beliefs in the New Age allowed us to throw reason out the window for desperately wanting magic in our lives? If most things are governed by “supposed to be”s does that mean we have turned our lives over to God or Superstition? Part of life is about having a strong sense of will so we can release it. By making space for the unexpected or accidents we allow a space for the divine to enter – maybe. But when we begin to think that accidents are supposed to be events that happen because we’re automatically entitled mistaking happenstance for divine providence how are we to learn?

Is there not a responsibility to have a strong sense of self, a strong ego with good self-esteem and boundaries so its clear that when we release it in the present that there is the possibility of divine intervention or maybe not: It seems that accident plays a role in luck and the mystery of the divine and that supposed to be events are the hanky-panky of ego creating an illusion so we can have artificial safety.

Prisons – the list

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Prisons (parameters or states) from Bottom to Top:

  1. Eons
  2. Epochs
  3. The physical body (from birth on…)
  4. Emotions
  5. Thinking
  6. Language and Ego
  7. Sense of Self/ Sense of Other
  8. Eras (for example Yugas see 09.1.1 through 09.1.5 below)
  9. 1.1 Satya
    • Satya – Clan

09.1.3 Treta – Recovery phase

09.1.4 Treta/Dwapara – Matriarchal

09.1.5 Kali – Patriarchal Patriarchal – Kings/Lords Kings, Royalty Oligarchies Dictatorships/Democracies Democracies/Oligarchies Commerce/Capitalism

10.1 Death of the Body (Afterlife)…

10.2 Reincarnation

When humans as spirits complete their prison terms they are freed to move on. This may include evolving to a higher level of consciousness or return to Earth as Bodhisattvas. There are other options:

  1. Spirit and Body are eaten by light.
  2. Entire Human species except those that die evolve over a matter of months to a Higher Vibrational Realm

Super Full Moon on 5/26/21 in Sagittarius

Moon at 5 degrees Sagittarius 26 minutes at 4:15 am PDT

Super Full Moon

Super Full Moons are also know for greater gravitational pulls as they are closer to Earth. Look for possible earthquakes off the coast near Los Angeles and up the coast with possible tsunami conditions however slight withing 24 to 48 hours of the exact Full Moon. Also the transformational conundrums of this Super Full Moon (SFM) could either solidly secure the electorate in California for Governor Newsom or make for a a sudden death round for funding. The fate of the nation is at stake. On the other hand the past grandiosities of the Trump ruled GOP could fall to a sudden death via past scandals ensuring a victory for Newsom. It’s neck in neck.

The physical largess of Jupiter (in Pisces) could be the arbitrator between talking it out reasonable and compromising in House and Senate struggles for a reasoned but albeit intense solutions or solutions especially with Mercury retrograding in Gemini on Saturday 5/29. Follow the money.

On a wider world perspective the Super Full Moon supports international talks, actions nurtured through group coalitions and conflict resolution in the details. This in turn is supported by the intensity of communications via Mercury retrograde on Saturday.

Over all an exciting week with resolving conflicts and negotiations galore.

Auspicious New Moon in Taurus

05-11-2021 at 11:59 am PDT | 6:59 pm GMT

from void… ©2021 F. K. Ontario

The New Moon and Sun, and Black Moon Lilith are at 22 degrees Taurus. A tiny digression into numerology – 11 is a Master Number as in May 11th, and 22 is also a Master Number.

Black Moon Lilith is a point representing void. When the Moon’s orbit is the farthest in distance from Earth it is Black Moon Lilith.

Taurus Glyph ©2021 F. K. Ontario

New Moon’s are about planting seeds both metaphorically and literally. Literally the ground is soft and frosts are gone in the Northern Hemisphere for planting gardens. In the Matriarchy, Taurus was the beginning of the Zodiac and was a symbol of the womb with the Fallopian tubes on top (not the bull). Increasingly the Matriarchy was thought to have originated in the Mediterranean region so Taurus as a womb for giving birth to crops and children seems organic. In the Southern Hemisphere the Autumn Equinox is just a month away so its about root crops. Farmers have long known about the effects of gravity during a Taurus New Moon – pulling roots down into the soil literally.

Traditionally the New Moon has been about the birth of new projects. With Black Moon Lilith it is the light of feeling (love) and complete thoughtforms igniting a flame to produce something new. However, we must surrender into void all the blocks we wish to be washed clean. You don’t have to use your analytical mind to surrender the this or that, just call out to the Multiverse with the intention of releasing all blocks and trust that your intention is fulfilled.

All births are messy and sticky as we emerge from conflicts with Saturn and move towards the Santa Claus-ian jolly Jupiter teetering between grandiose exuberance and wondrous generosity of spirit. Jupiter will enter Pisces on May 13 at 3:35 pm PDT meaning this New Moon will pull in enormous amounts of optimism, community spirit and the beginnings of a worlds-wide spiritual and physical transformational movement (recovery from economical collapse from COVID) at least until Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius at the end of July this year.

Faint unexpected luck and/or opportunity lurks in the wings – so be on the look-out for the disruptive trickster Uranus surprising you with magical opportunities.

Plant your creative seeds and roll up your sleeves as your creative juices flow and GO!

In Prisons

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We may feel that we been in prison with COVID19 due to the lockdowns. And while that is certainly true the prison mindset goes deeply into the structures of modern culture and even to the bedrock of the matriarchal and patriarchal epochs. We believe we are free when this is an illusion of both the horizontal and vertical hierarchies that were established thousands of years ago.

Using set theory we can examine the illusions of freedom based on our ancestry corresponding to the mental, emotional, genetic and cultural actions, habits and beliefs both conscious and subconscious that have become increasingly obvious in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

This is a mere teaser of what is to come…


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Now is all there is.

I choose Love.

Love includes all emotions positive and the so-called negative. Without the so-called negative the positives would not be known as such. The negatives and the positives are part of the bigger vast cosmos of higher consciousness.

Release, relax, surrender into the Oneness.


A Little Ditty on the Spring Equinox 2021

In the USA the emphasis is definitely on a new beginning for the nation as a community for all. Individuals are important in the context of community and although somewhat obscured by the greater good dreams/visions, thoughts and communications as well as art and money are focused by individuals on a greater good.

Many behind the scenes wheeling and dealing for the greater good are in play as well as transformations of government and mega corporations

Markets, aka the Stock Market remains volatile – ups and downs.  More energy /money is focused on carbon neutral goals both on corporate levels and individually.

Moods may be buoyant as we face futures and actions towards these futures with multifaceted glee that includes a meeting-of-the-minds. These present actions and moods may tend to balance out an international grandiosity with local rebuilding of a mindful trust. What is a mindful trust? It is simply, gathering all the information towards holding a unity based on all pertinent information and ideas that will be put into action.

These are some of the themes we will be working on for the next 6 months.

UBI Universal Basic Income – One Solution for Changing Times

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Universal Basic Income could replace Social Security as we now know it. Wouldn’t UBI really be about social security? The idea of Social Security Income at age 60 or so is no longer enough because of stagnating wages and income inequality. Retirement

When we consider how Multi-National Corporations and the Super Rich have taken control of government, out-sourced jobs (used to be called “lay-offs”) and are currently automating many jobs with robots our lives and our incomes have drastically changed. Not for the better.

The Corporate-Government Complex no longer represents 99% of the former citizens – now called “consumers” of the United States of America its no wonder that extremism has flourished. Is it any surprise that we’re called consumers? As consumers – serfs – slaves we represent a small indispensable cog to the greed of capitalism. We can’t be citizens any longer because citizens have a say in government. Government representatives don’t work as our representatives any longer because they have been bought by left and right leaning corporate interests. Our democracy is gone now folks and we have an oligarchy.

UBI is both a small and a large step towards reclaiming our rights as citizens and represents a social net for everyone. UBI goes hand in hand with universal healthcare. Is this socialism? No, this is community democracy, or community members caring about one another socially and economically. It is a requirement for a civilized society, otherwise are we not serfs and /or slaves to the rich?

Eventually UBI might look like this:

  1. Parents living together would get a higher rate of UBI with one or more children.
  2. Single parents with one or more children would get a higher rate for one or more children (higher than 2 parents living together).
  3. Children entering Pre-School at age 4 would get UBI for expenses and /or held in trust with close to prime interest rates until the age of 25. Children remaining as dependents of parents after the age of 18 to 25 would get a smaller UBI tied to work. Parents with dependent children living at home up to the age of 25 would receive higher UBI.
  4. Everyone ages 18 and older would receive the baseline of UBI until disability or death.
  5. Universal Health Care would take of the medical costs.
  6. Eligibility for UBI would begin starting at 18 years old making $55,000 or less per year; a figure may/can be adjusted based on cost-of-living and inflation.
  7. All working members of the population would pay a tax based on a graduated scale. employers would deduct from gross wages as it is now with the exception on SSI deductions being translated into UBI. Individuals making $1,000,000 or more would have an extra tax to support the program. Large Corporations would pay a tax to support the program.