Northern California Coastal Vortex – an on-going evolutionary project


Introduction and some history

On Wednesday June 24, I contacted the energies of the Coastal Vortex about 50 miles from my home in the Point Reyes Peninsula and received permission for a visit on Friday.

The advance message: the vortex was seeking to envelop me within the folds of its energies and hold me there for the purposes of “a personal healing”.

When I first visited the site of the vortex, there were three smaller vortexes dancing around each other. One originated in the epoch of early Lemuria, another from the epoch of Atlantis moving back and from that continent into the present. The last of the three was (is) anchored outside of time or appearing to come from the future at times. At other times it included past, present and future or in other words the malleable expanding present or ever expanding Now.

Eventually all three vortexes combined into one, occasionally separating and recombining after a few seconds or minutes. The biggest the vortex had become – we could feel it at least 7 miles out about a mile in diameter.

Sometimes vortexes do not grant permission for access. If vortexes are in public spaces or on a street people passing through them may notice a “specialness”. Due to the stream of consciousness of random associative thought the effect of passing through a vortex without permission or from a sacred place will dramatically decrease the experience.


VortexintheWaveFriday June 26th Vortex Experience

I was immediately taken into the folds of energy within the vortex for the first five minutes and cleansed. I’ve been involved in a physical grief detox process since November of 2019 and the vortex and Guides initiated a cleanse process in me.

About half-way down the hill towards the middle of the vortex I was invited into a journey into the Being Work I had been involved in late May of this year.

The vortex expanded its being interdimensionally to include all of time. [By “going” all the way into “the future” perspective shifts and we find ourselves in the present. By “going” all the way into “the past” perspective shifts and we find ourselves in the present. In other words, time is experienced as an expanded present.] Twenty-four being states separated from the Elohim or twelve dyads were “placed” on Planet Earth while simultaneously Planet Earth was (is) placed with the Twelve Dyads of the Elohim. I was used by the Greater Being to connect the Twelve Dyads (24 Beings) to one another so that those open to Being within their own spiritual practices of Being could feel the connection on infinite and finite (ego) levels as a way to support the epoch-transformation between the failing patriarchy and the new energies of greater cooperation with all beings.

Towards the end of the experience the vortex injected a huge amount of energy into my 2nd chakra or Chi and propelled me out of the vortex – up the hill and through the pain of the arthritic inflammation in my joints.

As I left my friend for the long drive back home I felt a visceral irritation in my body that last for about 8 hours.

I continued in-process of the experience. The vortex was continuing to work through me and I worked to understand and clear the physical effects of childhood wounding by understanding the clearings in my body.








A Father’s Day Tribute

A Good Dad Pic

My Father passed on my 55th birthday. If his body had survived he would have been 100 years old this year going on 101. He’s a better father and friend since he passed than when he was alive.

He was highly intelligent with an incredible vocabulary (which rubbed off on me).  He taught me logic and debating while using these tools to brainwash me into his way of thinking and believing – the conservative mindset. At the same time, he modeled being a free thinker. Well I could be free as long as I thought within his parameters of acceptable thinking and behaviors. Nevertheless he was proud of my intellectual prowess while he occupied his body and I felt this and am grateful.

He was very self-centered and a narcissist. He belittled my mother’s non-rational intuition as if he was admonishing a child. When I was a kid I wanted to defend my mom but didn’t know how. My dad was very fearful all his life and over-compensated by having to be “right” and angry at all costs even if that meant bullying others and “shouting them into submission.”

After he passed the shell of his fragile damaged ego fell away and he became the sweet innocent that I had seen in photographs of his childhood. We share love and occasional communication. He has told me he is proud of me especially after I published my first novel – a fantasy – The Green Man of Destiny.

This is for you Dad as you really are – not some patriarchal definition of a man afraid and always defending himself but a Dad with a boundless curiosity about everything and a dorky sense of humor.

This is for my Dad with a boundless heart and intellect exploring consciousness as a sweet curious boy in the world beyond the corporeal body.

I love you, Dad.

Happy Summer Solstice And Happy Winter Solstice – let’s include every one

person s feet
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This is an Astrological Report.  So, some parts will be labelled “Tech Talk” and others will briefly state about the intensity and refer to the bigger context as a way of managing stress and perhaps turning it into peace and joy.


In California in Pacific Daylight Time the Solstice will occur on 6/20/20 at 2:43 pm.

Eight hours and 58 minutes later a partial Solar Eclipse will occur at 11:42 pm and last for 23 seconds in Ethiopia, Oman and Tibet.


Astrology is about the parameters of experience. It’s analogous to a tortilla or pizza crust. It can be made from corn or wheat or other gluten free materials left in a circle or cut in strips or squares etc. It is the form of our experience. What we but in our burrito or on our pizza is the contents of our experience.


The Solstice and Partial Solar Eclipse

During this solstice the parameters reflect what is going on in our world. Much of what was happening at the founding of the United States considered by many as July 4th 1776 around 5:10 pm in Philadelphia – the signing of the Declaration of Independence, similar conditions that happened then are repeating themselves now. The King of England (Trump) is working to exert his influence and bring the colonies under control of the Monarch. The Colonists (BlackLivesMatter, Progressives, and those advocating for change in the face of the Climate Crisis) feeling we have nothing left to lose – living in serfdom and /or slavery to the Monarch; we are protesting. Astrologically revolution of 1776 is repeating itself now. But you already know this most likely. Our role – do we side with the loyalists – the oppressor or revolt and form a government by the people and for the people (meaning all the people – not just white people)?


Our biological imperative in the Northern Hemispheres during the Summer months and the Summer Solstice is about opening up. Literally our bodies are responding to the changing season and have a relationship to our star – the Sun to expand physically and emotionally into the galas of summer.  Another reason for “opening-up” under the failed leadership of Trump who has ignored that the pandemic has not flattened and the economy is being held up as more important than life itself.

Today is the day 6/20 – the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and conversely to our fellow human beings, plants, animals and elements in the Southern Hemisphere – the Winter Solstice or shortest day of the year.

How do we find our way through the madness?

VOTE. Even though Biden may not be close to your choice, think of it as a harm-reduction measure unless you’re supporting the oppressor and you’d be voting for a dictator-wannabe.

Write letters / postcards and /or emails for candidates and causes. Join a phone tree in campaigns for progressive candidates. I find its pointless to enter into a dialog with a Trump supporter as most if not all are focused on Fox-News related manufactured minutia or circular conspiracy theories when the logic of the discourse backs them into an untenable position.


In times of intensity such as now of course it may seem like too much and we desire to retreat from it. I suggest a middle way. Observe the intensity let yourself feel it from the stay-at-home protocols (if you have a home). Wherever you find yourself with a few free moments try doing the “I-AM” exercise to affirm your emotional presence and bathe yourself with the only emotion that the heart makes: Love. (The brain and our egos subvert love through prejudices, biases, beliefs and judgements into other emotions).

The “I-AM” Practice (or listen to the audio file):

With your eyes open from a seated position – breath-in focusing your attention on your heart chakra at your sternum or breast bone between your breasts or pecs. Say “I” silently to yourself on the in-breath. Still keeping your attention on your sternum or breast bone say silently to yourself “AM” on the out-breath. Repeat this cycle for 7 to 12 times. You may notice a resonance or special feeling developing in your heart.  This could be a powerful emotion-based affirmation of presence.


About nine hours after the solstice is a new moon particle Solar Eclipse. The astronomical action of a solar eclipse is the Moon blocks the rays of the sun on a portion of Earth (see below as to where). Astrologically shadow elements are being released. In this case it’s the karmic sins of the past – sins of the excesses of the patriarchy being brought to the fore for us to witness and release in the following three ways:


  1. Look at the parts of yourself that you feel uncomfortable with and work accept them within your persona. And conversely look at someone in your circle or in your community (this could be your neighborhood or your social network) that you might feel uncomfortable with and include them in your heart, and socially even if it feels uncomfortable.
  2. Look at the continuous wars the USA have been involved in and vow to take a different stance of peace within that is has integrity with your choices in the political arena – this may include supporting candidates that don’t vote with the herd. Politics is not an either /or proposition as we have been conditioned to believe. Social and political change may take a long time – try to make a commitment to supporting long term change. This will put you in-front of very uncomfortable feelings. Wouldn’t it be better to confront and work with these feelings and make actionable changes than to retreat and let somebody else take up the fight?
  3. Begin to take a look in how you spend or invest your money. Work to spend in ways that don’t direct support the Military-Industrial Complex even if its only a gesture.

Nurture yourself and send out nurturing feelings to others – not just humans, but trees, plants, animals, bodies of water, sky / air and so on.

If you choose to read on but don’t want to read all the Astrology Tech Talk – go to the paragraph above the bi-wheel chart and read it.

Astrology Tech Talk

See Three Charts – Solstice Chart, Solar Eclipse Chart and Sibley Birth Chart of the US in a bi-wheel with the solstice chart below.


During the Solstice the following planets will be riding on maximum intensity due to their apparent retrograde motion:

  • Mercury – 6/17 to 7/12
  • Venus – 5/12 to 6/24
  • Jupiter – 5/14 to 9/12*
  • Pluto – 4/25 to 10/4*
  • Saturn – 5/10 to 9/28
  • And
  • Neptune – at Station Keeping (appearing to stand still in relationship to Earth – only moving by seconds) from 6/20 to 6/22 when it retrogrades until 11/13

If any of these planets are in retrograde in your Birth (Natal) Chart you may have an easier time during this period. (to find out if you have retrograde planets in your birth chart contact me in the comments section).

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn having blended energies traveling less than 1 degree apart from one another in alignment with Earth all through June. Jupiter and Pluto are near to conjunct for the entire month of June and will be exact conjunct on June 29th.

Jupiter is the planet of excess and expansion while Pluto is the planet of destruction to create something new. Jupiter and Pluto are in Capricorn the sign of authority and the epochal institutions of the patriarchy. The evidence of economic and governmental upheaval is clearly evident.

Venus (in Gemini – strain to pose opposite ideas with Saturn on the cusp of Aquarius about to re-enter Capricorn) being trine each other.

Venus in retrograde makes love and the art of making money very intense as it harmonizes with shifting authority, Saturn through the 2nd of July when Saturn retrogrades into Capricorn.

As Saturn moves into Capricorn traditional values including austerity may begin to take route but as Venus moves out of retrograde (6/24) money may flow more freely to the needs of the people at least if generated by Congress before July 2nd.

With Neptune stationing to go retrograde there may be additional confusion with regards to Neptune sextile Jupiter and Pluto making transformations either highly spiritual and/or confusing until 6/22. Neptune will also be squaring the Solstice Moon in Gemini either creating instantaneous connections and / or confusing and conflicting emotional states along with possible oppositional decision making.

In the Solar Eclipse the north node at 29 degrees Sagittarius is opposite the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer creating opportunities to release karmic patterns of excess with predatory capitalism world-wide.


As you can see in the comparison between the solstice and the USA Sibley (Birth) Chart Pluto in Capricorn has returned after 240 years posing the question: Will democracy be completely destroyed while America then becomes a third world country?  Or will the people formerly called citizens rise up from the ashes and re-create a participatory democracy based on what people want instead of white male corporate power?


I dislike the idea that Northern Hemisphere Nations are on top and Southern Hemisphere nations are on the bottom. The Bucky Fuller approach to the world as One World Island is so much more appealing:

one world
One-World-Island Dymaxion Map by Buckminster Fuller







“The Endless Call” — a Washington Post piece, I mean WTF Why does it have to be “endless”?

The Endless Call” an article from the Washington Post by David Montgomery — it’s by-line reads: “Demands for racial equality and justice have always been a part of the American Story…” though well written BTW and aptly enraging and heart wrenchingly awful at the same time is not the whole story.

I mean, WTF — Why does it have to be endless? Is this piece keeping us all trapped in the f — king system of racism, in the world of White Male Father Knows Best? Is this the best way to frame a solution? Really? “The Endless Call”?

doesn’t endless mean – keep the struggle going forever?

Are we all complicit in this crazy-ass system?

The following could be a small example of what we need to start to change the system one-person at a time (not that, that’s the only way, of course): In the 1980s I was involved in one of these new-age BS personal growth courses where one person showed-up a few minutes late. The “facilitator” dude (F-D) asked us all of us to sit down while he singled out the late guy. For some crazy-ass reason I remained standing. The “facilitator” aka autocratic leader dude made this guy “an example” of the importance of being on-time and was ready to boot him from the course.

“Get out!” The F-D, drunk on power, commanded the guy to leave.

“No,” I said countering his power with equal force — at least in my voice.

“Frank, sit down. This isn’t about you,” F-D soothed with his voice.

“Sit-down, you’re wasting time,” a cat call from the group — by another guy.

“I stand for George,” I said. “ When are we going to take responsibility for our community? When are we going to stand for what’s right? When are we going to allow for a mistake? When are we going to be inclusive instead of exclusive? What does kicking-him-out say about our community, say about us? Are we a community that excludes one person, for a mistake? In my mind that is not a community, that’s a dictatorship.” and other people behind me started to stand with me.

“Okay, George you can stay.” Then F-D launched into a brief statement about being on-time — a good value, but without compassion — useless.

By couching this article in The Post as “The Endless Call” doesn’t that frame the article as a never-ending fight against racism and systemic racism? It may be a good rallying cry though — maybe that was the point.

I saw this liberal — and very well written piece of the injustices and heart-wrenching crimes against black people who remain slaves in the supposed home of the free etc. piece as one way to keep the struggle going forever and encapsulated in an acceptable frame. Keep the fight going — its graphic (plus music) and sells more copy. Though this is probably an unconscious bias of Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post and most people seeking normative ground. If we take it out of the immediate drama then the injustice of systemic racism belongs to a bigger picture of the crushing blows of predatory capitalism and the oligarchical US Government teetering on the edge of full-blown fascism.

The patriarchy needs a scapegoat. It’s a top-down hierarchical power-over based system where white educated males are on-top. By keeping the debate out of the kitchen of white male power and forcing the verbal and physical altercations to the living room and bedrooms then very little will get done.

Towards solutions (damage control or harm reduction):

Vote Biden in office

Vote McConnell out.

Flip the Senate to Democrats

Hold the House to Democrats

Defund the DNC from corporate money-base power — re-write the by-laws for the people.

And Drive the GOP into Oblivion. Of course, they will re-organize; hopefully into a party that is sane and bases itself on governing with cooperation.

The Washington Post piece link:

How the End of Racism could mean the End of the Patriarchy

The Patriarchy and Capitalism as a function of Exclusion

black chain
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The function of the patriarchy is to provide a system that will do the most good for the majority of the people, but not all the people especially with the demographics changing from an all-white majority to a non-white majority. This is especially clear in the capitalistic economic system.

The current iteration of capitalism is all about making the most money possible and everything else from manufacturing to services are secondary to profit. Capitalism like its parent – the patriarchy has subsets of the population that are excluded from the engine of profit. These exclusions are called surplus populations. They include:

  • Children from ages 0 to 16 (this age range varies for agricultural employment and for nations without child-labor laws)
  • Most mothers from child-bearing to caring for infants (though childcare for those that can afford it can lessen the time mothers care for infants) Stay-at-home fathers and/or parents can also alter this demographic
  • Those that are incarcerated from juvenile detention to prison terms
  • Adults in Higher Education including undergraduate to graduate degrees
  • Economic Classifications that often exclude non-whites from opportunities of owning property, assets, stocks and bonds, in short an exclusion from participation in generational wealth as one way of keeping non-whites; namely blacks in economic slavery
  • Unemployment
  • Non-employed (During the Nixon Administration statistics kept on people that exceeded unemployment benefits were no longer counted for as unemployed or longer term unemployed or unemployable – the original measure created by President Johnson’s program “The Great Society”)
  • Those in military service

And more recent surplus populations:

  • Those with debilitating auto-immune diseases that prohibit employment
  • Veterans whose military insurance does not cover diseases contracted while in military service from having been exposed to hazardous chemicals and other agents.
  • Those with diseases that require prolonged treatment, recovery and prohibit employment
  • Those who are under-employed with multiple part-time jobs, have no health insurance or other benefits due to automation and out-sourcing (out-sourcing used to be called “layoffs”)
  • Elderly populations – collecting SSI and Medicare fall deeper into poverty.
  • Increased Senior / Elderly populations where SSI/Medicare doesn’t cover expenses. Some are retired – and do not work, while others need to work full or part-time.


These surplus populations allow profits to be maximized for the top management, CEOs and CFOs as well as shareholders while reducing wages and salaries for the laborers of the corporations. Since the time of Reagan and his union busting of the Air Traffic Controllers, union members and unions have shrunk dramatically allowing those players at the top to benefit (CEOs and shareholders) at the cost of a diminishing middle class.


It’s clear that the epoch of the patriarchy is in the throes of resisting its inevitable collapse and destruction. By looking at the two 2020 Presidential candidates for president we can clearly see both the structural systemic patriarchy (Biden) and the evils of logical endings of the patriarchy as characterized by greed and racism as an individual representation of the patriarch (Trump). The upcoming election could be characterized as a harm-reduction vote for Biden.


The heartbreaking deaths and subjugation of black people throughout history is an integral part of the patriarchy. The resent death of George Floyd is not just about defunding the police but is about transforming the patriarchy when we remove the isolating constraints of merely defunding the police and strictly limiting discriminatory policies that prevent black people from upward mobility. I’m not saying that defunding the police and limiting discriminating policies aren’t good steps to liberating the long-term constrains of blacks as slaves. But it can’t stop there. Everything is up for review and transformation.


Movements like BlackLivesMatter are a part of this movement not just to end racism but to transform the entire system.



The Structure of the Patriarchy – Excludes


The patriarch is an epoch based on a vertical organization (top-down) that is father / male oriented. Previous to the patriarchal epoch was the matriarchy. The matriarchy was seemingly a horizontal based hierarchy dedicated to the common good as directed by the mother / female. The matriarchy was a horizontal hierarchy based on egalitarian principles where the role of each individual was essentially equal. The only difference was that the goddess and women of the goddess believed that the Divine worked through men to deliver the seed to the womb of the mother. Other than small riding parties and hunters there were no organized armies for defense. Thus, Mediterranean matriarch cultures were easily overcome by the Asian Huns raping and pillaging from the east.


Following a logical thread of male rebellion against the Goddess the patriarchy grew and took women as slaves to be owned by men for the purpose of bearing sons so that male lineage could be passed from generation to generation cementing the male power structure. Women that were married gave up their family names, could not own property, could not be educated nor could they vote as when democracies first appeared. Ownership of slaves began and were at some point transferred to those with black skin. This is all part of the patriarchy hierarchical dominate structure with a Supreme White Male God the Father at the top. Given the subjugation of women – even to this day, the creation of slaves and lower classes with the mercantile ruling class of white males with all power we have the mess of drunk power lording over Earth and those lower in the pecking order. Every person is a consumer plugged into the capitalistic engine of profit at the expense of middle- and lower-class rights. This has created a tradition of keeping people that are non-whites and women enslaved and treating the resources of the planet as unlimited objects for use only to be discarded. This has created a world of garbage and waste on many levels.


Not everyone can be on-top. The patriarchal system is designed to have lower classes and slavery as part of the system of its dominance. The well-organized Republican Party of the United States has perceived the changing demographic of Hispanics, men and women of color and other immigrant groups as a threat to white male power. What the majority of people want in the United States is a country like so many other nations in the industrialized world: a nationalized health care system, an economic system that provides upward mobility for every citizen and a government that represents the people and not corporations.


The Republican Party has seen the changes and have been using all of their white male power to include Corporations while excluding the growing majority in the nation by loopholes in the law and through illegalities of voter suppression and campaigns of misinformation by crying out “double-think” platitudes. The conservative GOP wants to cement their power for as long as possible while masquerading as democracy instead of the oligarchy it has become that is now teetering on the edge of fascism.



A Way Forward


The challenge of the climate crisis has already made itself evident. It requires a massive transformation of the systems of how our culture is structured. In my opinion the people already feel the need for cooperative measures on all fronts to begin to effect the changes. Perhaps climate change cannot be reversed but it can be slowed so that a portion of the human species survives.


The structures emerge out of the progressive movements of Bernie Sanders and these movements must beat-back into submission the Republican Party so that it begins to serve all the people. Otherwise the way forward may be one where we destroy one another in resource-based wars hastening the demise of humans through human-made disasters and the climate crisis.



Our Place in Systemic Racism (emphasis – being white)

hotrod die cast model on board
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What is it?

Systemic Racism clearly exists but as a white male living in a mostly white, small city I have known this kind of racism exists. Because, currently I have no black friends, one Asian-American acquaintance; I am not confronted by systemic racism daily so I haven’t felt it, until recently. But I am a part of white male privilege and I have used compartmentalization to screen out the privileged system I am a part so I don’t feel its affects until recent events: the brutal murder of George Floyd. And the constant barrage of bigotry against people of color, non-Christians, Hispanics and so on.

This makes me a racist.

I am part of the system and up until now I have only been tacitly fighting against the systemic injustices (monthly donations to the SPLC, ACLU etc.). I have not used my privilege to help level the playing field. Inaction while pleading ignorance is inaction, indifference and systemic racism.

Anyone who is different is often shunned by their community and/or persecuted.

Most white people don’t think they’re racists when they are; because of prejudices of an exclusion mentality (us and them). On an individual basis of meeting a black man, woman, an Asian man or woman, or an indigenous American there is a kindness that may exist and treating people as equals in-person (taken out-of-context of “privilege”). As a group whether the people are thought of as different or consigned to a lesser-than position than another group then this is part of systemic racism and is most likely an unconscious response.

One reason we may not be aware of as members of a white privileged class is one of systemic laws that arise out of the Jim Crow Laws after the Civil War to redlining (economic denial of people of color based on segregation and location for private sector benefits as well as government benefits thus keeping people of color — mainly blacks — in economic slavery). In 2013 the Supreme Court struck down part of The Voting Rights Act of 1965 on the assumption that racism had been eliminated and as a result opening up states’ rights to discriminate against blacks and people of color. This along with gerrymandering to keep politicians in power — mainly Republicans currently. These are examples of systemic racism — and have been hidden from well-meaning liberals by Mainstream Media. Once again, here is the out-of-sight / out-of-mind rubric at work. It’s easier for privileged whites and white males to say they are not racist because of the body of laws that exist systemically to keep black people and people of color enslaved are hidden from public view.

“pull yourself up by your bootstraps”

Anyone who is different is often shunned by their community and/or persecuted. They may take up positions of isolation to feel safe. This is a two-tiered process of racism at work. Isolation in more obvious examples lead to segregation. Those who are shunned from the white communities are put in positions of “out-of-sight / out-of-mind”. However black people have contact with white people in the course of daily life. Due to many hundreds of years of oppression / slavery from injustices related to: economic, educational, social, police harassment, brutality and death and the (in)justice system including needless incarcerations of young black males, voting rights prejudices, bias and bigotry (written into law) are some of the examples of systemic racism.

If you were born into white middle- and upper-class culture you and I are a part of systemic racism whether we admit it or not. The first step in resolving a problem is admitting there is one.


The “Pull-Yourself-Up-By-Your-Bootstraps” Metaphor

What does this mean?

If it were so simple that’s what people with profound depression, or people of color would easily do if circumstances were fair or the playing field was all equal and level. The “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” metaphor is usually spoken offhandedly by those that consider themselves strong individualists often from white middle class or upper-class families (or disenfranchised white male members of Right-Wing or Neo-Nazi radicalized groups). They are firm believers in the American Dream: work hard and achieve your dreams. They have no idea that the American Dream is only available to those with privilege and wannabes (see end notes on wannabes). Being so entrenched or enamored with(in) the system of privilege they deny their place in it.

I didn’t want to give up the privilege of wearing a man’s body

So, they make idiotic, cavalier statements without understanding their so-called “superior” status in the world of privilege and dismiss others without it who often find themselves in positions of slavery.


Privilege and Exploitation

We shun or are afraid of others for their differences most times unconsciously. It has been my choice to isolate and privilege has allowed that option. From privilege comes advantage. From advantage comes exploitation.

Let somebody else do it.

Privilege, advantage and exploitation can easily be rationalized away as a racist stance by power-possessors and those who have money and the power that massive accumulations of money create. The bubble of Republicans before and after Trump has been one of male white power in a world being transformed by an influx of non-whites in numbers to the United States. Fear, prejudice and bigotry have been and are being manipulated by many Republicans to hold onto their power. Blame the Blacks, Hispanics, the Muslims, the Asian-Americans, the immigrants, the other to foment racist furor in those afraid of the changes.


Money and Transformation

And yet everyone who has some money would like to hang-on to it even if it means depriving others that may need it. The thought is – let the rich pay for the changes needed for economic transformation. Let somebody else do it. And so everyone thinks the same way whether its economic justice for all or remedying the climate crisis.

There may be an unconscious element at work in electing a president and other representatives. When we elect them, we trust them to do the right thing much the same as a child trusts a parent. We the people often leave the practice of democracy to others to our elected representatives and activists rather than joining with activists in a truly participatory democracy. After all we have had a marvelous tool to help us in participating in democracy computers and the Internet – but again for the privileged who can afford it.

If everything isn’t addressed at once from my pocketbook and yours. By everything I mean:

  • Replacing Privilege with the Public Good
  • Economic equity and justice
  • Healthcare for all administered by Government through heavily regulated Insurance, Big Pharma, the AMA.
  • Justice for All (especially for those that can’t pay for it)
  • Prison Transformation
  • Investments in Public Education
  • Investments in the Postal service
  • Investments in Public Infrastructure
  • Balancing Police and Defense Spending with Public Investment
  • Investments in Methods that Save the Planet from the Shortsightedness of Predatory Capitalism from industry and consumer/citizens point of view
  • Replacing Predatory Capitalism and its singular focus on profit to the expense of all else, to a longer-term system based on human and planetary health.
  • And more… (I’m sure I’m leaving something out.)


Let’s not leave anybody out because we cannot embrace our shadow and own the darker elements of our psyche.  The first step in solving a problem is the admission that we have one.


*Wannabes – are people who live outside the American dream who may or may not be privileged. They are often NOT people of color. They believe so strongly in The American Dream and being the strong individualist that the public good does not enter their rubric of the American Dream. They look to and worship those that – in their eyes have achieved the American Dream and sacrifice all for either worshiping their heroes or amassing more and more money to achieve the Dream. But “More” is never enough.

what i am working on now

multicolored abstract painting
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Will Humans Survive the Climate Crisis as a Species? How will life be different?

Was there a time when Humans didn’t have an ego? were they primitive or more advanced than we are today?

Grief, Anger, Disability and Racism – privilege in its worst iteration doesn’t see itself as privileged and systemic racism may spring from this.

What can we do now to transform ourselves and allow this transformation to affect others in a way to transform the world?

Why Predatory Capitalism Now?

Was Atlantis and Lemuria the Highest Point of Evolution and its been downhill ever since?



Marketing “Nothing”


AUDIO FILE to listen while you read (with maybe one reading error):

So, it’s come to this?

I started a reading a piece based on a lecture based on book called, you got it: “Doing Nothing”

It had nothing to do with nothing. It was a ploy, a tease, a ruse, a lure to get me to read an article about the meanderings of a creative artist’s mind. I felt irritated – however the artist had some brilliant pieces of art she had photographed and a chuggingly slow river of tangential ideas, images and sensations. I suppose if one weren’t withdrawing from the intoxication of USA productivity and strung-out on random stuff it could seem like nothing relatively speaking. If it wasn’t titled “Doing Nothing” I might have liked it.

But I was anally attached to finding out how to do nothing, which, of course is an oxymoron. And I’m still attached aka stuck in the fucking past obsessing about not finding nothing. Go ahead – smile and feel embarrassed for me. And I’m being serious.

Let’s face it – no can do nothing at any time. But—

If we rule out autonomic functions such as blood pimping around in our arteries and veins or breathing then we have at least pretended we can make a space for maybe doing nothing.

Here’s the thing though – and I know I’m splitting hairs (very hard to do by the way) – as a nation of workers who eschew down-time and laziness the idea of doing nothing seems more Zen and cooler than acting lazy.

Maybe, the closest seemingly non-action state we can take is Za Zen Meditation. If it weren’t connected to the idea of mindfulness it would be an excellent cover for laziness. I mean sit and just “watch” all your thoughts and ideas et cetera coming and going. The one who watches is the mindfulness give-away so it’s not as close to doing nothing as I might imagine.

There’s lots of apps – one of which promotes “doing nothing” for a certain number of minutes – but in reality it’s listening to rain and sounds of nature as a mediation. Anyway, you get the idea.

The idea is that as workaholics who love to work, work, work – even if you love what you do and in your spare time you work and improve yourself – if you’re filling up all your time with stuff to do then you’re never celebrating laziness.  Here’s what I think – Americans love to be busy, even when they’re in downtime. So, when some American says:

“I’ve been doing nothing,”

it really means they are doing something that seems like nothing in comparison to a super busy lifestyle. They need re-grooving in the cognitive think department – unless they are attempting to market “nothing”.  Marketing “nothing” is got to be the perfect scam, because you can make up anything especially if its tangential, has no plan and seems like the positive side of laziness – though I don’t see how doing nothing is more positive than being lazy.

I say celebrate your laziness!  

You lazy ass.

I’m the President of the Lazy Ass Club

Being Is



Being work is difficult to describe because words are separate representations of reality in action or ego related finite mindsets.

Recently I had a powerful encounter with a woman that I had gone to HS with whose FB friendship ended.

My guides advised me to “Go Wide”- meaning go wide as possible to include all beings. With momentary releases of ego in minute fractions of nanoseconds _ was – is shared being with Planet Earth offering love, freedom, peace and consciousness. From ego I have no idea from my little self whether the feelings of Love and Freedom were accepted as offered.

Questions arose from what ego thought of as the creator (God?).

Questions from the Being of Creation arose with: How does Being act or move?

Answer: Being does not act or move. Being is urged into being.

Question: What urges Being?

A: Creation urges Being.

Q: What is Creation? Or, where is Creation?

A: Creation is in the Being of Everything and is everywhere even in anti-matter and dark matter. Creation is the urge that creates Being. Being includes without taking action.

After having experienced a wider perspective and the infinite inclusiveness of Being and having returned to ego I felt profound peace, love / consciousness and freedom that these words are a flimsy representation of the expansive ineffable multiverse in which Being includes. While including could be viewed as a receptive action from ego’s point of view – from Being it is not an action per se. And since it falls out of linear time into no-time there are no words for this Being State.

This wish is that everyone could experience this… Being inclusiveness. Word fail.

we did to ourselves


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I’m not a Consumer

I’m a free person!

“Yeah, right…”

Add sarcasm here.


This is a simple logic argument with two premises where healthcare and healthcare insurance went from being a service to being a predatory profit high growth business.

Context is required here.

“Greed is good.”

We cannot take healthcare as a service and healthcare insurance out of the context of an insanely profit driven system that puts the health and well-being of 100% of humans’ health at risk. And it isn’t just healthcare its – well everything is at risk. It’s the snake that eats its own tail. And we are all to blame.

In the Oliver Stone film Wall Street, the character Gordon Gekko said “Greed is good.” Stone was tapping into the zeitgeist of America and the origins of predatory capitalism that was building towards the insanity that is now – worldwide.

How it has happened – here are some factors involved (but not all):

  • World-Wide Corporate Power exploded with deregulation under President Reagan.
  • Representative Governments sell-out to Corporate Power
  • The USA Republicans became the tools of Corporate Power under the free-enterprise system
  • The Democrats followed the Republican sell-out model beginning with Bill Clinton’s second term as President
  • The Republicans have been plotting to end the Democratic control of the Country by whatever means necessary – enter Trump the ultimate tool of Corporate Power and corruption
  • The Baby-Boomers – for the most part dropped out of politics for the New Age movement or Spiritual Development at the expensive of political activism for the most part. Other Boomers became millionaires and even billionaires while others just went along with the status quo (“Our leaders will take care of us,” attitude because we elected them and were under the illusion that they represent the people.) Or lost faith in government after Nixon and Watergate. Subsequent generations have just gone along with “the status quo”.


What has been happening and where the Climate aka World-Wide Health Crisis originated (but not all):

  • Free-market capitalism will police itself. Well, only in terms of maximizing profits in the short term. Pollution? What’s that?
  • The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was signed into being by Nixon but was never given real power to effectively stop polluters from polluting.
  • And we – former citizens – made into consumers by the facts of capitalism in its extreme continued passively to accept polluting technologies.
  • No one with maybe one exception has raised the issue of what is a healthy planet – Patch Adams and how the health or non-health of the planet has contributed to human beings’ health.
  • Why healthcare is a human right? Corporations and the citizens / consumers have made blind choices to the worship of money, profit and greed to an increasing toxic world for the sake of increasing comforts and convenience
  • Consumer passivity – who has time for activism when you’re working two jobs and so is your partner to provide for your family. (All part of the oppressive / suppressive oligarchical design aka keep the consumer in-line.)
  • And the upcoming mass extinction event coming to a multiplex near you or maybe too close to you.



The two premises are:

  1. Healthcare Industry is a gambling industry based on the odds that you will not fall ill. Their job is not to pay for your claim regarding your illness if at all possible. Their primary aim is making money, their secondary aim is paying for your partial healthcare costs.
  2. Health does not occur in a vacuum. It’s related to an environmentally balanced world. A planet that receives toxic substances grows increasing unbalanced until its systems require balance. If a number of humans or all the humans are eliminated the planet will seek to rebalance her/him/itself. Thus, the upcoming mass extinction event.


Healthcare as a human right. Water belongs to the people. A Bill of Rights for the Planet. These are antithetical to the world-wide corporate cabal and needed for the survival of the human species on the planet.

Is it too late? Maybe or maybe not. We’ll never know unless we go for it.

When is it ever too late to relieve suffering?

Never is my answer.

All the systems of modern life are synergistically related to human healthcare, the health (toxicity) of the planet etc. income inequality, substandard justice, the USA continually at war, Machiavellian Politics and the use of the scapegoat to name a few. At time where worldwide cooperation is needed to provide community solutions to the Climate Crisis the fomented atmosphere of the US of A is every person for themselves – and blame problems on non-white groups mainly immigrants, LGBTQ, and religious groups such as Muslims. This mentality has infected every element of our culture. Fear, anger, rage and sometimes violence has been promulgated to keep people divided and oppressed. The corporate has secretly promoted an “us versus them” to keep government from doing anything that would assist her citizens.

By the way the internet aka Social Media provides the illusion of immediate solutions the same way people solved all the problems of the world in coffeehouses by just talking about it. So many of us go ballistic when politics doesn’t keep pace with what we want. We’ve been lured into an either / or dynamic of seemingly quick change. A change in politics takes a long time, although when our money is effected voting patterns foster seeming changes.