“The Matrix” – the film and the real matrix

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I saw a posting with a caption beneath Keanu Reeves photo reading: “Truth is the Matrix was a documentary” Of course the film “The Matrix” was a brilliant and yet simplistic metaphor for how humans are slaves, but not enslaved by AI – we did it to ourselves.

We Are Tools

Truth be told, we have lived in a matrix of our own making since the tech of language evolved or was created – spoken and subsequently written language. It’s likely that ego and language evolved in tandem. While computer/internet/VR is a good metaphor for our slavery it is not the cause as AI versus Humans was the cause in the film The Matrix.

The technology of language and a driving ego enabled all of civilization and subsequent technologies to be formed. The process of becoming the tools we were using happened with greater subtlety over millennia. Probably ego was once an acknowledge tool of the self to interface with other humans building agrarian systems and villages, cities and civilizations. Somewhere along the way the self was abandoned for a more exciting life based on ego titillation, a stronger identity and separation from the other – which includes the natural world – like Earth.

This allowed humans to look at plants, animals and the elements of Earth as objects to be manipulated. Humans using the tool of language and ego became objects and tools themselves. As tools within a system of tools – especially this hierarchical system we find ourselves within, namely the patriarchy which in and of itself is a tool.

Slaves to The System

Current power-possessors within the patriarchy are tools of a system of one-upmanship. There are always individuals within this system that are above you and below you. There is no one person at the top because almost everyone is competing for the next top spot no one can stay on-top for very long especially with burgeoning populations. The top tier of power possessors seeks to keep people of the bottom tiers where they are of which some are slaves either overtly or covertly. While the top tier may seem to be free they are slaves to the system and keeping the system in place. The system itself is based on oppression – currently white highly educated males at the top, white educated males in the middle and white males at the bottom tiers of civilization. In. each tier the while male is on top. The system itself reshuffles the oppressed with the oppressors. For instance, the oppressed stage an uprising that becomes a revolution and take power. The oppressed become the oppressors and the cycles resets itself.

The Comforts of Slavery and the Tech of Disconnection

The underlying slavery that goes beyond the hierarchical system is a slave to habit and the mechanization that the ego likes so much. It gives us the luxury of sleep and “to go on automatic”. In this state of near constant sleep is disconnection from others. We take this to mean that in order to connect with another we must use a tool or tools to forge a connection. The proliferation of connection technology is vast. At the most disconnected end of tech for connection could be social media or platforms for writing for example. The most connected way of connecting could be making-love: love without words combined with a biological / sexual release is shared with another. The next tier in connection is 1 to 1 / in-person activity combined with verbal communication. Between making love without words and face to face verbal communication are light-years from one another in terms of connection. Connection without the tech of words may be connection to Being as practiced through meditation for example. “Going within” to discover a connection with “all there is” that has always been there – but has been forgotten by fragmented ego parts. Perhaps in the course of human history in a time before language and ego there wasn’t any problem in feeling connected to others.

Past Advanced Civilizations

It has often been said by spiritualists such as Gurdjieff and Madame Blavatsky that the high point of human civilization was the Lemurian and Atlantean times. The Sanskrit texts of the Yuga cycles of time indicate that the Satya Yuga was a golden age for human kind that last occurred during the Lemurian and Atlantean era. This may have been a time – in its beginning stages where spoken/written language and ego did not exist, where people communicated through empathy and telepathy. Technology as we would perceive it today was much more advanced because it was intrinsic to person and not separated via language and ego.

Modern peoples look at archeological evidence and judge prior humans as being primitive based on recognizable technologies. If they didn’t have computers they were not as advanced as we are today – kind of thinking. That may be a prejudicial judgement based on a narcissistic insular fragmented ego point of view that can not show a larger picture. In other words, our forms of thinking may be a jail in which we are trapped can’t see beyond our current circumstances. We are so trapped we don’t even see the bars in the jail.

A Way to be Free

A 19th century metaphor is sometimes used to describe the slavery of an individual:

This is the story of the horse, carriage, driver and passenger inside the carriage. The horse represents the whim of the ego (or uncontrolled emotion or desire). The carriage which is in disrepair, rusting and generally not well maintained is the physical body. The driver is the ego and they are drunk, letting the horse go wherever it wants to go. The passenger inside the carriage is the sleeping Master. The passenger needs to be awakened. The Master helps the driver get sober. The driver attends to the horse – putting blinders on, repairs the carriage and brings it into working order making sure the reigns work to guide the horse. Slowly the driver becomes the steward of the carriage and the Master within. And the work continues…

  • By acknowledging that we are slaves to habit and past belief systems (See: “Free Will Does Not Exist” https://psychesweather.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/free-will-does-not-exist/
  • Finding a teacher to assist on the path to Mastery
  • A willingness to work on oneself daily and face all the aspects of one self dispassionately, without mercy and judgement towards freedom.

These are the beginning steps. Many people will say that this is what they want and some will try for a short time but cannot maintain the work. They fall back into the comfort of illusion thinking they are free.

The Twelve Fully Manifest: At the Tipping Point – Resplendent Reality

The Guides known as The Twelve have been revealed and are at the ready for the manifestation of a new magnificent world.

Photo by Maris Rhamdani on Pexels.com

The Twelve is a group that I have channeled and is composed of:

  1. Elohim
  2. Elijah
  3. Mother Mary
  4. Archangel Michael
  5. Archangel Raphael
  6. Archangel Gabriel
  7. Isis
  8. Quan Yin
  9. Mary Magdalene
  10. Ka-Tun from The First People
  11. Moolena from Lemuria
  12. Ecktasha-ha from Shambhalla

Speakers for The Twelve:

The Elohim

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Elohim meaning “Gods” in Hebrew were sent as demiurgic intelligence from Creation to form a series of planets across many galaxies where access to free will and higher states of consciousness could be achieved. The Elohim are a group of twelve etheric beings or dyads (24 beings in total) or the Instrumentators surrounded by the Etheric Higher Consciousness Light within the body of the Elohim.. The Elohim helped form the physical or corporeal Earth, anchored the human vibration and assisted in fostering free will as an access pathway to higher consciousness.

Elijah is a messenger from Creation and an individual spokesperson for the demiurgic Elohim. He is a prophet – assisting humans in reopening the path to free will and higher consciousness. He sometimes appears to people in spheres of light or as angelic figure or as a flesh and blood human to deliver messages.

Mother Mary is healing maternal love and the Holy Mother of Jesus. She is the feminine vessel of birth for divine consciousness love and compassion to be transformed into the human form and be made manifest.

The Archangels:

Photo by Alex Kozlov on Pexels.com

The Law of Three or the Trinity: the three principles that hold all multiverses in balance: – affirming/yang/active, denying/yin/receptive and neutralizing/middle force.

Michael is a projector, discerner and fierce defender / fighter against the forces of darkness. He is representative of the affirming/yang/active force.

Raphael is a uniter of the trinity of the three Archangels, himself, Michael and Gabriel. A protector and facilitator of healing within the law of three (Law of Three is the force that holds this universe together and prevents annihilation of matter. The first force is affirming actions and holds a positive + charge. The second force is denying or receptivity and holds a negative – charge. The third force is neutral and hold no charge or 0 – zero without this no-charge-action, positive and negative charges would annihilate each other.) Rafael is the fulcrum or neutralizing force. He balances the forces of active and receptive.

Gabriel is a healer, binder, a conduit of visions and diffuser of dark forces. As healer and conduit of visions he allows humans to identify dark forces and call on Archangels to diffuse the dark and represents denying/yin/receptive energies in the law of three.

The Goddesses:

Photo by Whicdhemein One on Pexels.com

Isis – Egyptian Goddess is the power behind the transformative power of resurrection and the passage into the worlds beyond the body. She is closely associated with Creation and equal to or greater than the Elohim. She has elements of Creation Consciousness and Being Consciousness. Kind and compassionate as Mother and a fierce protector of husband Osiris and son Horus.

Quan Yin– Asian Goddess She is the embodiment of compassion and unconditional love. Like the Elohim she works from a place of being consciousness

Mary Magdalene – was Jesus Christ’s Spiritual companion who embodied His Mission of Unconditional Love and Witness to the Crucifixion and the transformational resurrection. She teaches through beingness as does the Elohim and Quan Yin.

Three Earth Keepers:

The three indigenous ones as they were first known to me revealed themselves in late September 2019 as Ka-Tun, Ecktasha-ha and Moolena.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ka-Tun – The First People

An asexual geneticist from the Sirius System helping to create indigenous life from the first amino acids and proteins. The Earth Vibration allowed his genderless being to become female for an extension of life for a period of 13 months while other members of the Sirius Expedition became male.  He returned to an asexual being and is skillful in precise thinking, telepathic communication and telekinesis. Ka-Tun is a stocky individual with a wide body (like a football player with padding) about 5 foot 5 inches tall.

Ecktasha-ha – Shambhalla

He, a male of about 12 feet tall, is closely associated with all trees and plant life on Earth and throughout earth’s dimensional worlds. He is from Shambhalla and works with communities of trees especially the Redwoods as a conduit for teaching and co-created healing partnerships. He is a protector. He has a dark olive complexion. A rainbow comb structure emerges from his head with multi-colored hairs. The rest of his hair is a deep dark brown.

Moolena – Lemuria

Moolena, a female vibrational light being was the first to attain a corporeal state and hold it for 9 months after which she reverted to a rainbow light streamer. After 900 years she reverted to corporal form for many thousands of years before evolving to the higher invisible realms of Lemuria. She has goddess energy and imbues the healing energies of channeled unconditional love. She is slender and about seven feet tall.

Predatory Citizenship: ———— a treat-us on Opposition

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Having grown-up in the 60s and 70s in Connecticut thus being raised by Yankees who were both wise investors and simultaneously cheap I followed a similar set of behaviors.

Of course, in them their olden times we were still considered citizens instead of doing our part as consumers. As hungry vampire-like consumers we and everybody else did our duty by buying stuff. We forgot we were citizens, but I won’t go into the boring-tale-of-woe lecture about the reasons.

As a cheap Yankee I learned strategies for repelling products that were maybe good ones advertised on tv. Now with products that are click bait that intrigue me I actually use a writing tool, wow — I mean a pen or pencil to write down the name of the product. I put it somewhere, where I might find it again. I might even think about said product -if i really need it and blah, blah, blah, apply other egghead type criteria like being an AI camera examining the “product” from every possible angle, etc. Okay — a tad nerdy too. I don’t use Google anymore to do research, ’cause the way i figure it — since they’re using predatory capitalism on me, I’m defending myself from their BS by using predatory citizenship on them.

I use Duck-Duck-Go to research stuff because the browser isn’t supposed to track you like Google does. I found a product on YouTube that looked bogus — an immersion toothbrush. Put your teeth in it and it’s supposed to brush your teeth super-fast. Ordinarily I don’t fall for this kind of crap, but I had some thoughts about future products. One of them was a form that a dental hygienist would put in your mouth, made from a mold of your mouth — silly (not that other kind of mold — ew). They’d inject this specially programmed nanite paste-mix into the molded frame for your mouth and gums. 20 minutes later deep cleaning of plaque above and below the gum line. Eventually it would be made for home use (coming to a dentist near you in 5–10 years) and home to you after your insurance has bled you dry. The review on the immersion toothbrush by a non-profit reported that the product was bogus and no one had made an immersion toothbrush that worked — yet.

By the way my dad accidentally taught me how to repel advertising. We were watching TV when an ad comes on (no TiVo, no mute and no remote) so we watched it because we either not bright enough to turn it off or just lazy. My dad remarked — “That might be a good product, but I would never buy it.” “Why not?’ I ask. He launched right into it on and on and finally because: “Advertisers lie to get you to sell their product. So, I’m not to buy a product even if I think it might be good because they’re lying and trying to get me to spend my money.”

And since it was the 60s and questioning authority was hip, for a few minutes I thought my dad was cool for bucking the system. He was cool until I bucked his authority and it was the 60s.

Link for piece on future inventions and human advancements: https://psychesweather.wordpress.com/2020/10/23/visions-inventions-and-transformations/

The purpose of suffering part one

Most suffering is pointless, in other words it is involuntary suffering. The function of the human being along the path of mastery is to give purpose to suffering. Suffering is a consequence of having a corporeal body in a finite world and happens through injury and through entropy.

Conscious suffering is not masochistic. Conscious suffering is releasing attachment to suffering and creating energy. Although it seems like a simple enough process it is not. (Due to the complexities of the topic of conscious suffering I choose not to elaborate here – see part two – coming soon.)

All objects/beings produce electromagnetic fields EM or EMFs whether they are biological or non-biological – in short everything. Animal EMFs run at higher frequencies than plant EMFs. All human plant communication occurs through a slower EMF patterning. Some humans (plant or tree whisperers – I suppose. Human egos love titles, BTW) have the patience and training to feel/sense/hear the slower frequencies of trees and other plants. Shared love seems to be the primary emotion of trees and some plants.

If trees and plants are capable of sharing love with humans then they will experience pain as a part of their survival in a finite world of biology.

The majority of current humans are so fragmented they deal in their so-called “rational” or cognitive functions of the prefrontal cortex and are divorced from all else – such as conscious emotions and somatic impulses. These tragic creatures are divorced from Earth as a being and as a friend. Its no wonder the current world is such a mess. But it wasn’t always this way.

Humans were once integrated into Earth’s body and soul and could easily communicate and feel what all plants, animals, elements and Earth know and feel / emote. In short humans and plants, animals and Earth communicated with one another at the highest evolutionary states of consciousness.

Inexpensive Good Spiced Apple Butter – the Lazy Way

Spices needed for Apple Butter – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice

Spices for Apple Butter – Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

I use Eden’s Organic Apple Butter as a base for the modicum of spices that I add. I recommend – if you have the time, and access to an apple tree or small orchard to make your own apple butter from source. It can be a family endeavor.

Or with no access to organic apples I use these:

One full spiced Apple Butter jar and One ready to receive

There are some Apple Butters that are already spiced – some a commercial nationwide non-organic Apple Butter.  Some locally made organic apple butters that come in small jars, also spiced but secretive in their ingredients. They don’t print on the label because that would make it way too easy for anybody to duplicate it.

I use Eden Organic Apple Butter. If you like plain well sourced organic Apple Butter this is the ticket. It comes in jars – as you can see from the photograph – 17 ounces or 482 grams of Apple Butter.

The first time I made it I scooped it into a bowl and added all organic spices:

  1. Two to Three teaspoons of cinnamon (to taste). Cinnamon, of course is a natural sweetener but no sugar.
  2. One pinch of nutmeg (you can sprinkle some out on your cutting board and pick up a pinch between your thumb and forefinger) or tap a small bit into the butter
  3. One pinch or tap of allspice (using same method as above)
  4. One to Two pinches or taps of ground cloves

Mix with a wooden spoon or a fork thoroughly.

Put the mixture back into the jar.

The next time you make: open the next full jar add a few spoonful’s (I use tablespoons) of the new Apple Butter in the bottom of the cleaned-out jar.

Next, I add 1 or ½ teaspoon of cinnamon – mix. Add another couple of spoonful’s of the new apple butter. I add the nutmeg, allspice and cloves and with another tablespoon of the apple butter I mix it in.

Then with my clean one-time-only-teaspoon I taste it.

Does it need more cinnamon? If so…

One more tablespoon of the apple butter and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix thoroughly and taste again.  Add remaining apple butter from the new jar.


Oatmeal Brunch Saga

Oatmeal is a grain – duh. Of course, it is.

My mother did not know how to cook.

She found a way to not cook oatmeal when I was young. There would be lumps of uncooked balls of oatmeal surrounded by the mush of cooked rolled oats. The milk had made the uncooked lumps even more unpalatable. This produced a very unpleasant response in my throat. I tried eating her oatmeal a few more times with identical results. I switched to cold cereal and an occasional bowl of Malt-O-Meal which, apparently was impossible to make lumpy and it was good.

In 1980 and ’81 I attended a school that served oatmeal everyday for breakfast. My immediate response was panic. I cast my peepers throughout the dining room and saw this burly guy (Gordon) from California eating the Oatmeal without any milk in it whatsoever.  He had dosed his bowl with margarine on top of the steaming hot oatmeal. I tried it and loved it. And no lumps.

Since that time, I ate organic rolled oats and quick oats on and off for breakfast over the years. When the COVID19 pandemic hit people bought up huge quantities of rolled oats. I switched to Steel Cut Oats – organic and the change happened.

I reminded myself that oats are grains, like rice. Rice is a grain with dinner. I began putting other non-tradition foods mixed in with my oatmeal. The first I – added were flax seeds as a digestion aid – and that had already been a staple in my diet since the mid- to late ‘80s.

I began adding a handful of chopped cilantro for flavor, color and greens, some tofu cubed.

This morning – some chopper sweet red pepper and grated zucchini with a few dabs of vegetable  butter – yum. Thus the Oatmeal Brunch is born – yeh!

Why Suffer

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on Pexels.com

Most suffering is pointless, in other words it is involuntary suffering. The function of the human being along the path of mastery is to give purpose to suffering. Suffering is a consequence of having a corporeal body in a finite world and happens through injury and through entropy.

Conscious suffering is not masochistic. Conscious suffering is releasing attachment to suffering and creating energy. Although it seems like a simple enough process it is not. (Due to the complexities of the topic of conscious suffering I choose not to elaborate here.)

All objects/beings produce electromagnetic fields EM or EMFs whether they are biological or non-biological – in short everything. Animal EMFs run at higher frequencies than plant EMFs. All human plant communication occurs through a slower EMF patterning. Some humans (plant or tree whisperers – I suppose. Human egos love titles, BTW) have the patience and training to feel/sense/hear the slower frequencies of trees and other plants. Shared love seems to be the primary emotion of trees and some plants.

If trees and plants are capable of sharing love with humans then they will experience pain as a part of their survival in a finite world of biology.

The majority of current humans are so fragmented they deal in their so-called “rational” or cognitive functions of the prefrontal cortex and are divorced from all else – less conscious emotions and somatic impulses. These tragic creatures are divorced from Earth as a being and as a friend. Its no wonder the current world is such a mess. But it wasn’t always this way. Humans were once integrated into Earth’s body and soul and could easily communicate and feel what all plants, animals, elements and Earth know and feel / emote.

Visions: Inventions and Transformations

Photo by Dana Tentis on Pexels.com

The list (from easily predicted to the wild):

All of these predictions originally arose from visions and were later backed by web-based research – reports of some of the medical innovations work has already begun.

Dental and Medical

  • Teeth that (with stem cells) regrow themselves and that will mean no implants and less drilling 5 to 10 years for widespread human use
  • Teeth cleaning at the dentist’s office administrated by the dental hygienist with a goop of nanites injected into a frame that will clean your teeth and below the gum in 10 to 15 minutes. Coming soon in 10 to 20 years. Later we’ll be replacing our toothbrushes with modified versions of this process for home use, 15 to 20 years.
  • Partially automated and fully automated AI surgeries increasing accuracy, reducing time of lengthy surgeries, increasing safety. A number of modalities will be employed including extensive use of medical and surgical nanites. 10 to 25 years
  • Cloned replacement organs. Each person will have access to organs from stem cells in their current organs to regrow organs in case of replacement. Each person subscribing to this program with have their own mobile organ bank. Shamans will be needed to bring the spirit into each organ while it’s grown so as to minimize or eliminate any possibly for organ rejection. The brain and gastrointestinal system will be the last systems that will be cloned. 13 to 15 years / 25 to 30 years for brain and GI tract.

Existential/Scientific and Political

  • Climate Change will be recognized by the majority of Americans and peoples worldwide with the will to change 5 to 9 years.
  • The relationships between ordinary telecommunications and manufacturing processes; and cancers and autoimmune diseases will become scientifically established while the majority of the people world-wide will shift from alternate facts whether generated by religion, ideology and /or conspiracies to an acceptance of science 4 to 6 years.


  • An evolution/revolution that has already begun amongst some young people will grow and within 4 to 15 years will affect transformations throughout the world as many others will join them whether or not they are connected empathically or telepathically. 5 to 19 years.
  • This evolution/revolution could rebalance the human contribution to climate change along with all other efforts 10 to 15 years.

notes on being and suffering

Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

Being exists outside time and space. Therefore, it belongs to the infinite. We often think of the infinite from a finite perspective – that the infinite goes on forever like heaven. We may be imagining that the infinite is horizontal. An alternate way to conceive of the infinite is “the infinite in the moment” or in a vertical perspective – something that happens right now in the eternal. Nevertheless, each of these two ways of conceiving the infinite puts them into a form so that we can think about it when it may be too formless to wrap our thinking around it at all.

Human language cannot describe or in any way quantify Being. To begin to understand Being we may surrender to a feeling and a sense of it. It is both vast and can “fit on the head of a pin”. Being is analogous to the quantum world where light is a wave and a particle. Experiences of Being often leads us to flashes of enlightenment. Nevertheless, Being belongs with Mystery.

Is there a purpose to suffering or is it just a random pain in the ass? Let’s suppose it has a purpose. Our spirit – as long as we believe or sense a life separate from the life that begins with birth and ends with death – inhabits our physical body. At death, the body dies and Spirit moves on. Why its called “The Afterlife” seems like an oxymoron to me. It might be re-named to “The Between Life” or “The Life Freed of the Physical”.

Suffering happens through injury and entropy as the body wears out and dies. The injury could be physical, emotional, sexual and /or spiritual or any combinations thereof. Entropy is the finite condition of the body wearing down through use and aging. Since humans will go to great lengths to avoid experiencing suffering including hating it then the purpose of suffering is most likely lost on these people. That pretty much includes almost everyone since a natural proclivity of humans is to resist and/or avoid pain instead of dealing with it directly. This process of not wanting to deal with pain appears to be hard-wired into our biology. Taking suffering on without suffering over suffering can be a way to create energy. The creation of energy could be the purpose of suffering when awareness is applied.

Our suffering over suffering is another way of stating that we become attached to suffering as in “My pain was off the charts today” etc. People with “disease titles” begin to define themselves based on their disease. The catch-22 is that the natural state of humans is to become attached. There can be an additional amount of pain within our attachment to the pain we experience. Buddhism is the study of release from attachment, by the way and has a long history as well as methods – through a variety of spiritual practices to release attachments.

The purpose of suffering when experienced with awareness from a witness place within ourselves can create energy when observed. The mere experience of observing something within ourselves without judgment and from a place of unattached or universal compassion releases some of the attachment – but only in the moment.

In the following conversation between a seeker who is questioning and a guide providing optional answers or the Q/A process:

A Night of Weirdness

Q: Weird for me was that I felt like I was pre-fever, pre-lethargy, my skin felt uncomfortable like I was almost getting sick. It wasn’t fun. 

A: Your night-self [was]detoxing your fears.

Q: Maybe

A: Your fears keep you from seeing / feeling the resplendent radiant you.

Q: I am resplendent! Rarrw!!

A: Better. Now believe it without the theatrics. Your unadulterated presence is a force from your being that – is. Once you fully realize that, then all your dreams will come true via being and less doing.

Q: I’m trying to being. Except my body hurts and I feel like I’ve had something going through me and it feels weird

A: There is no try. Being is. Being doesn’t mean one does not experience pain and /or suffering, joy and ecstasy- Being includes all experience and turns it into transcendental enlightenment, love and compassion for oneself and every being everywhere. Being allows us to release our attachments to pain and suffering (where attachment can be 50% of the suffering for example). This allows the light of the self to embrace the fragile ego in each of us. The light of the self – fills us with love to assist our core self and ego to release attachment to pain and suffering in the moment.

A: I feel the worry / anxiety in you about the weird thing going through you.

A: If you can release the worry etc. and realize the part of yourself that is aware of the thing going through you, with out attachment to the weird and it’s associations then you may be able to experience being.

The exchange was done by texting, between a young woman I consider a daughter – though we are not related through bloodline and used by her permission. Thank-you.

Engaging in a friendly discussion with a Trump Supporter…

Part One How to understand a Trump supporter from any emotional place and working towards bridging a communications gap:

It seems that the climate that supports conspiracy theories amongst “intelligent” people is one of fear. Trump’s election in 2016 is both a symptom of generalized fear in US culture then and now and he is an instigator of fears that cleave the mass of his base to premises grounded in fear — an irrational emotion. This easily feeds itself because fear trumps peaceful rational thought, pun intended.

It is fear of change where we are being confronted now. When people who have been manipulated into wanting simple answers for complex questions then fear can obscure the search for truth. Old fears can be used — as they have been used most recently by Trump and the GOP — to fall back on older seemingly simpler days where SSI, Medicare and the Common Good did NOT exist. It was time about 100 years ago when there was rampant dysfunction perpetrated by the rich on the poor (the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression). It’s easier to go to something that’s known (aka the dysfunctional past) than to face the relative unknown without dealing more effectively with fear. But Trump can’t have it both ways. He needs to use fears to manipulate his base into whipping their fears into a frenzy. 

Trump has been expert in transforming the fears of his base and militant supporters who have been ignored at the fringes of society. The Proud Boys and other white racist supremacist groups have been encouraged and empowered by Trump as he uses their fears to fuel anger, rage and violence. This serves an old-world view to help Trump get re-elected and to create trouble for everyone (including himself). This kind of mob mentality can easily get out of control and backfire on Trump. Dictators and wannabe dictators historically have a limited run. Some of his supporters who are not in such isolated cliques wake-up and rebel. Dictators fall.

The question is: does the wannabe dictator become a dictator in the real world and/or create a precedent for future tyrants? Having been both a product of his rich privileged upbringing, an elitist attitude towards all people who are not him and in the same class as him; and his father’s criminal misdeeds it’s no wonder that he has evolved into a narcissistic brat. Here is a “loser” that never takes responsibility for himself (he calls others losers because he semi-consciously or unconsciously projects the loser he feels within onto others). He blames others, uses fear, bullying and scapegoating on people that historically have little or no power to defend themselves. By using fear (and frustrations and anger) he forces his supporters into smaller isolated cliques which are receptacles for dumping more fear which then creates more anger and violence towards the other. He uses claims of “fake news” to support his position as the bratty rich-boy victim, creates a constantly changing alternate reality based on his “gut” intuition that is predatory bullying by whim. He is the dictator of people in his clique and the MAGA rallies are religious worshiping centers for Lord and Master Trump. Rinse — Repeat. This is an old historical story.

I started a line of non-threatening, open ended questions to a relative of mine who is an ardent Trump supporter without challenging her directly. Instead I asked her questions that helped me see the extent of her logic and the lack of sufficient information for any solution. The topic was homelessness. My questions were of this ilk: “What would you do about homelessness?” Rather than presenting any answers she pointed to a deeper cause. “It’s the lack of family values,” she told me. “What would you do about that?” I asked her. But rather than talk about a solution that might help families retain family values she pointed to a deeper cause. “Family values have gone to hell because so many marriages have ended in divorce.” I asked her: “Why is that?” she didn’t have answer so I stupidly jumped in and asked her again: “What who you do about that?’ She didn’t have an answer so rather than saying “I don’t know” she deflected to an entirely different topic: “Those horrible people who get tattoos.” Clearly a fear and a prejudice. She couldn’t answer — “what do you do about family values that have gone to hell,” because it would go against her ideals of the self-made man or woman and she was basically blaming people for being poor, uneducated and possibly stupid was my impression or she suffered from hubris (excessive pride) and couldn’t admit that she didn’t have an answer.

The two items of her discourse were a desire to complain in general and blame others for the lack of morality in a society of inequality. When she could not come up with an immediate answer or more in-depth background she deflected into prejudicial territory. Holes in logic and a desire to blame someone else.

Part Two — How to open a solution based dialoged with a Trump Supporter the next step. (Coming — when I next have the patience to enter a dialogue with my relative with some verifiable facts on hand.)