Being and Doing

There is great confusion in our culture between Being and Doing.

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We are a Do-Do culture translating Being into Doing. Language itself is a doing-tool or technology. The discussion of Being is problematic because the doing-ness of language is itself an obstacle to Being.

Being is.

Being does nothing.

Being exists outside of ordinary time.

Being is not definable.

It could be said that Being is the context of life where as doing concerns itself with the content of experience.


We are born with Being. The growth of Being is sacrificed for the growth of doing. Being is imbued with enlightenment and happiness. Being is the essential core of the self.

The growth of Being includes ego, but when ego claims Being – being is lost.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ——” from the Declaration of Independence.

“the pursuit of Happiness” is reflective of a doing culture and puts happiness into a future and could reflect happiness as a commodity.

Meditation is one way to begin to access and cultivate Being. I’ve practiced Vipassana Meditation, though a deceptively easy technique – very difficult to maintain. The word “Vipassana” means insight into the true nature of reality. The technique is sitting in a chair or cross-legged on the floor / pillow with eyes closed, the mind focused on the effects of the breath on the body as one breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth.

What happens as the technique is practiced are interruptions from our stream of consciousness, verbal or image thoughts which are on-going whether we pay attention to them or not. Meditation or other spiritual practices help to quiet the content of the mind to allow Being to emerge.

Being allows emotions that are inherent to spiritual lives within our physical bodies to emerge so that we may experience what has always been there often buried by the temporary whims of ego based emotions based on doing and having. Love, compassion, peace and enlightenment are our Being-Birthrights. Even negative emotions when experienced from Being-Consciousness are treated with compassionate neutrality.

Healing Trapped Spirits – Cleansing Spaces (or Ghostbusting)

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a clean, pure space

The instructions can also be used in cleansing a space that surpasses using white sage and/or copal.

Ghosts: the three sources

People who die sometimes don’t know they’re dead and become attached to the “seemingly” corporeal plane of existence.

People become attached and have unfinished business so that they live in an in-between zone – between life and passing to an all-pervasive higher consciousness realm (APHCR).

People in their lifetime live from a place of chronic fear and/or anger and don’t have enough light to pass to the APHCR.

Sometimes people who die a particularly violent death may be ghosts with telekinetic abilities sometimes referred to as poltergeists. Ghosts with multiple psi abilities may hold great darkness or evil within them and may be very dangerous poltergeist entities.


The Technique / Process

If you have no ghosts and wish to cleanse your space this surpasses smudging with white sage or copal.  It leaves a crisp homey feel to your home or space.



CLEARING SPACES – The secret in clearing or cleansing spaces (healing and releasing ghosts ghosts) is healing the energies that anchor spirits to attachments and /or unfinished business on the earth plane. The negative, evil and/or attached energy is separated from spirit and the spirit is released. The process itself is simple, so by following the instructions your space can be cleansed.


  • a shovel (or trowel)
  • land around the space you’re planning to clear that’s easy to dig holes in
  • Native American tobacco (I use American Spirit tobacco)
  • aluminum disposable pie plates
  • rock salt
  • rubbing alcohol
  • two to five trivet(s) – bricks or flagstones can be used instead of a trivet – or any flat non-flammable surface to protect the floor or rug.
  • a wet towel
  • a long nose lighter
  • a roll of papertowels
  • a crystal for yourself and other residents in your space (The crystal creates a protective space around you while engage in the activity.)

Think and/or look at the spaces you want to cleanse so you know how many pie plates and other materials to buy. This spaces to include are: kitchen, living, dining rooms, den/office, laundry room, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms (open the closet doors in bedrooms and throughout the house. Don’t put pie plates in closets – this is a fire hazard).

If you live in an apartment complex or a house in winter where the ground is frozen and /or you don’t have any dig-able land near you consider using one or many buckets or flower pot filled with potting soil to dump the salt into after following the steps below.


  1. The night before take a clear quartz crystal or crystals (or more than 1 person in the house while its being cleared) and put the crystal(s) point down in the sea salt (table salt is okay).  The next morning I take the crystal out of the salt and put it under running water, dry it off and put it in my pocket (with the point up if possible). If there are more people in the house I give them a crystal as well. If you have animals: cats are okay to remain inside whereas dogs are better away -outside the house. Other pets: birds, rodents, caged animals better they be brought outside. Fish can stay where they are.
  1. Dig a hole or series of holes if you think you will need more than one to fit all the salt from each burn in your space in your yard with the shovel.  Using a few pinches of the American Spirit Tobacco I invite Great Spirit to sanctify the ground that is to receive the salt.
  1. Disable the smoke detectors in the house as a precaution (though none has ever gone off – so if you cannot disable the smoke detectors – don’t worry about it -just make sure your flame is not too high by adding too much rubbing alcohol).
  1. Set-up aluminum pie plates with a layer a rock salt barely enough to fill the bottom of the pie plate and pour just enough rubbing alcohol over the rock salt.*  I put the completed pie plates on trivets in two or three of the rooms I am to clear. I usually put the pie plates – on trivets in the center of each room. I take a wet towel with me into the each room as a precaution to extinguish the flame if it gets too high or is endangering the space, though I have only used it once in when I first started the process.  I use the long nose sparker to light the rubbing alcohol in the pie plate and stand with the wet towel near the flames to make sure.  If it looks like the flame is too wild or getting to big I will use the wet towel to smother the flame.  This is usually not necessary by using the minimum amount of rubbing alcohol. I wait for the fire to burn out.  Concurrent with the burn I visualize the Spirit releasing to the light by visualizing a tunnel of light. The action of the flame grounds all negativity/distress/attachment into the rock salt.

*If you put too much rubbing alcohol you’ll get a higher flame – the reason you have that wet towel over your shoulder – if it looks too high or gets caught by a draft you may want to put it out.

  1. Leave the pie plate and go to the next room and repeat the process (step #4). After finishing in the next room I return to the previous room, the pie plate will have cooled enough to pick-up without a potholder. Hold your hand close to the aluminum pie plate to see if its still too hot. If not, then pick it up and take the rock salt and dump it in the hole outside (or flower pot with soil in it), clean off the pie plate off with water and/or papertowels and put it into the recycling. (You’re not going to be able to get the film of rubbing alcohol completely off the pie plate, so do the best you can.)
  1. When I am done and all the rock salt are in the holes I sprinkle the American Spirit Tobacco in each hole over the salt and ask Great Spirit to sanctify the ground.  I use the shovel the cover the salt for all the holes.
  1. I reconnect all the smoke detectors either load the materials into my car or return the trivets to their place. I collect the crystal(s) and bring them home and repeat the cleansing process listed at the beginning of these instructions.
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Two Case Studies

 One: I worked with a realtor that had been developing a property for sale where he also resided. He had some abilities to see and knew his house and property were haunted. He invited me to see what I could do.

The dilapidated barn within a brief walk from the house had a nasty ghost inside, but he was not a poltergeist. He had been the ranch foreman and used a cattle prod to torture animals. I needed extra protection in dealing with him and using “the technique” (see below) I was able to clear him from the barn and release him to the All-Pervasive Higher Consciousness Realm (APHCR).  The cottage in the back of the house had a ghost inside who had been a murder victim – probably killed by the foreman. She had been a maid. She was very grateful to be released – her presence was cleared and sent on to the APHCR.

The former tenant had been an unlicensed healer from Southeast Asia. He traveled with an entourage. Several ghosts attached to the entourage stayed on the property and they were easily cleared and went to bardos to await reincarnation.

In the main house were two portals that contained access from dark realms of reptile aliens. The portals were sealed when the aliens sensed I was coming into the main house.

The house felt wonderful. Soon afterwards the realtor was able to sell the house and grounds etc.


A client from Canada told me about her townhouse not far from me that she and her husband had purchased. Would I clear it? I took a “look” and decided to engage.

The place had an “icky” feeling even in it’s empty state (save for being furnished).  I really couldn’t wait to get the job done and get out of there.

There was an ancient ghost in the house. I followed the procedure including visualizing opening a tunnel of light to the All-Pervasive Higher Consciousness Realm (APHCR) and he was relieved to be released. The place felt clean.

Not only did it feel clean but I wanted to stay there and take up residence because it felt “cozy”. I had to laugh at myself. Nevertheless I left the empty house filled with good energy and a good feeling.

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Health, Work & Money – a meditation


originally posted on the old blog on May 19, 2010

San Martin Caballero – Meditation

San Martin Caballero is the patron saint of health, work and money.

Go to the Hispanic section of your supermarket (or on Amazon) – go there are select The San Martin Caballero Candle. San Martin Caballero is the patron saint of health, work and money.

Burn this candle in the morning or evening on your altar for these things or as a way to augment your work towards your goals. While the candle is burning imagine you have the job and/or income you want. And/or See yourself in Optimal Health!

[NOTE – You must be apply and/or looking for work or opportunities in the world as well as the meditation above. Stating the obvious perhaps…]

Another Full Moon Ritual


A Full Moon Ritual – originally appeared on the old blog – May 27, 2010

Alverto Taxo, an indigenous teacher and healer from Ecuador, suggested this full moon ritual:

At 9 pm go out and look up at the Moon. If it is cloudy look at the brightest spot in the clouds. Give the full moon anger, fears and any emotions positive or negative that stand in the way of gratitude and your dreams coming true.

Then to give to it (the full moon) all of our anger, fears, concerns – anything that stands in the way of this gratitude… anything that stands in the way of imagining your dreams coming true. He said the moon feeds on this energy and in doing so transforms it to something positive. And he said that if we were to give all of our negativity to the moon we would discover something new within us.

NOTE: The full moon may look full for two nights.

If the time of the Full Moon occurs between midnight and sunrise the ritual may be done the night before or the night after.

If the time of the Full Moon occurs between sunrise and sunset the ritual may be done the night after the daytime time of the Full Moon.

The other full/new moon cycle ritual:

Prosperity Tools

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A Note and disclaimer – these “tools” are not a guarantee that you will automatically have success. Success is utilizing all the tools at your disposal including old fashioned hard work – but you knew that.  The following rituals are only some of the rituals from the old blog site.

Spice and Silver A Money Flow Incantation with charms – May 14, 2010

A woman – speech pathologist from Bolivia told me this charm for creating money flow.


  1. A glass jar with a cork stopper big enough to fit a quarter. (I found a good source for glass jars is Pier One Imports)
  2. You’ll need corn – as in un-popped pop-corn – yellow corn more of this than the other spices.
  3. Ground and cinnamon sticks – much of this for sweetness
  4. Sprinkles of oregano, sage & thyme
  5. a penny, a nickel, a dime and a quarter
  6. A small piece of paper that you can put under the jar after you write on it.


Copper and Grain

Work to Increase

My Money’s Gain

When you feel you wish to increase your money’s flow shake the bottle with the above 2-5 ingredients in the bottle and say the poem as a chant on paper. Store this bottle with the paper underneath on your altar.


Check Writing Prosperity Abundance – May 14, 2010

This ritual may be done anytime however it may also be combined with the Full – New Moon cycle (charge the check by exposing it to the light of a full moon – can be done safely by putting in a window where moonlight comes in or in the dashboard of your car upside down. Then write on it )

  1. Tear a check from your checkbook
  2. In the place for the date write “8” but lying on its side – the infinity symbol or ∞
  3. Write in the place where it says Pay to the Order of: your name
  4. In the place for the with the box that has the $ sign write: “8” but lying on its side – the infinity symbol or ∞
  5. Write in the line that ends in dollars: “The Law of Prosperity and (in smaller print The Law of Abundance / The Law of Prosperity” (or Paid in Full, paid in full/paid in full
  6. Write in the signature line: “Love from Spirit” or “Love from the Universe” or “Love from Lunar Unconditional Love”*
  7. In the lower left corner there is a memo line where you can write a short line for the project you are working on or you can write: “Because I’m worthy and deserving”

*Use of the Lunar phrase pertains to the use with the Full-New Moon Ritual charge the check under the light of the next full moon (details to be published later)


Moon Cycle Ritual (begin when Full) – May 27, 2010

Full Moon – New Moon Manifestation Ritual


If you’ve been working on a goal that doesn’t seem to be manifesting you may need this kind of help. Rituals are meant to augment what we are already doing on a practical level to fulfill our goals. This ritual by itself is not a magic bullet for success. It is here because it may help you that extra amount towards what you seek.

Emotional receptivity is a precursor to a new way to manifest what we wish to happen. In the new world that began in 1992 (paradigm shift) – a world where every being is in relationship with all others, manifestation takes on a whole new meaning. The motto of this new way is: “Energy first, Manifestation second as aligned with Higher Self and Community at large.” That being said, working with the emotional receptivity of the lunar cycle is the next step. The Full Moon is a way to charge an object with its receiving power. When the papers are charged under the light of the Full Moon a way is made to give birth in the dark of the new moon.

Full Moons are always the opposite of the Sun sign. This ritual is most powerful when your Sun or Moon is in the sign of the current Full Moon or its opposite. Full Moons are doubled in power during a lunar eclipse.

However the following ritual can be beginning with any Full Moon.



Place a new, blank sheet of paper under the light of the Full Moon (see Link above) [outside, in a window, on your dashboard] you’ll be using on the next New Moon. If a Full Moon occurs at dawn for instance you can put your papers out the night before or the night after. Don’t worry if there’s cloud cover under the Full Moon – the luminosity of the Full Moon will still reach the paper. As in all things receptive it is not an exact science, more like an art. So you’ll need to experiment to see which works best for you. IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME WITH THE RITUAL – After having left the paper out at night bring it in and dry out if need be and put it in a safe place or on your altar. You will need to take it out in approximately two weeks at the New Moon.

ON GOING – At each Full Moon after you have written your wishes on the last New Moon you need to sit and see which came to pass and which did not. If a wish did not come to pass – was that wish in alignment with your Highest Good? Does it need editing – re-writing? Or does it need to be put aside or discarded?


Take the blank sheet of paper that you put under the light of the Full Moon from and write down your wishes from 1 to 13. You may only have to wait until the next Full Moon if you align yourself with your wishes. Write the wishes during the night of the new moon (with 24 hours of the beginning of the New Moon) when birth of a new cycle is imminent.