Releasing Spirits – cleansing spaces (or Ghostbusting)

If you have no ghosts and wish to cleanse your space this surpasses smudging with white sage or copal.  It leaves a crisp homey feel to your home or space.



CLEARING SPACES – The secret in clearing or cleansing spaces (getting rid of ghosts) is healing the energies that anchor spirits to attachments and /or unfinished business on the earth plain. The negative, evil and/or attached energy is separated from spirit and the spirit is released. The process itself is simple, the only danger is that the negative /ghost /entity could get attached to the practitioner, so if you feel squeamish stop here and either hire me or ask for a local shaman to assist you.



  • a shovel
  • land around the space you’re planning to clear that’s easy to dig holes in
  • Native American tobacco (I use American Spirit tobacco)
  • aluminum disposable pie plates
  • rock salt
  • rubbing alcohol
  • a trivet
  • a wet towel
  • a long nose lighter
  • a crystal for yourself and other residents in your space (The crystal creates a protective space around you while engage in the activity.)



  1. The night before I take a clear quartz crystal or crystals (or more than 1 person in the house while its being cleared) and put the crystal(s) point down in the sea salt (table salt is okay).  The next morning I take the crystal out of the salt and put it under running water, dry it off and put it in my pocket. If there are more people in the house I give them a crystal as well.


  1. I dig a hole or series of holes if you think you will need more than one to fit all the salt from each burn in your space in your yard with the shovel.  Using a few pinches of the American Spirit Tobacco I invite Great Spirit to sanctify the ground that is to receive the salt.


  1. I disable the smoke detectors in the house as a precaution.


  1. I set up aluminum pie plates with a layer a rock salt barely enough to fill the bottom of the pie plate and pour just enough rubbing alcohol over the rock salt.  I put the completed pie plates on trivets in two or three of the rooms I am to clear. I usually put the pie plates – on trivets in the center of each room. I take a wet towel with me into the each room as a precaution to extinguish the flame if it gets too high or is endangering the space, though I have only used it once in when I first started the process.  I use the long nose sparker to light the rubbing alcohol in the pie plate and stand with the wet towel near the flames to make sure.  If it looks like the flame is too wild or getting to big I will use the wet towel to smother the flame.  This is usually not necessary by using the minimum amount of rubbing alcohol. I wait for the fire to burn out.  Concurrent with the burn I visualize the Spirit releasing to the light by visualizing a tunnel of light. The action of the flame grounds all negativity/distress/attachment into the rock salt.


  1. I leave the pie plate and go to the next room and repeat the process (step #4). After finishing in the next room I return to the previous room, the pie plate will have been cooled enough.  I take the rock salt and dump it in the hole outside, clean of the pie plate and put it into the recycling.


  1. When I am done and all the rock salt are in the holes I sprinkle the American Spirit Tobacco in each hole and ask Great Spirit to sanctify the ground.  I use the shovel the cover the salt for all the holes.


  1. I reconnect all the smoke detectors either load the materials into my car or return the trivets to their place. I collect the crystal(s) and bring them home and repeat the cleansing process listed at the beginning of these instructions.


Working with entities is tricky and there are no formulaic solutions so if you feel uncomfortable consider hiring your local shaman or contact me

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