The Holidaze

Here in California snow is treated differently than in New England where I spent the first 30 odd years of my life.

In New England, snow and cold icy weather was a fact of life where we navigated as school children dropping books in the snow, making snow angels and snowball fights.  Christmas was almost always white – well until global warming when Christmas was cold and wet and maybe no snow. Later driving in snow and icy before anti-lock brakes was filled with skids and spins and learning to steer out of them.

One of the reasons I thought to move to California was the elimination of snow. It seems now snow is a distant memory.  Those that want snow drive to it, get their fill of it and return to rain and /or sun.  Snowboarding or even cutting a Christmas tree in the snow and other romantic notions makes snow into a “something”  like gold or silver to buy or sell.  Like surfs up for the weekend.

Christmas songs still talk about snow, movies have snow in them.  Its entertainment unless of course your slogging through it.

So it seems ironic to me that on a Christmas night we huddle by the fire and hear the rain on the roof and wake to a 50 to 60 degree day and no snow.

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