Home Remedies for Stiff or Sore Muscles

  1. You will need a sock – long tube socks or knee-highs are good.  If you are going to treat a larger area -like your back you may want to consider a pillow slip – and in this case its good to sew channels or baffles in the pillow slip to keep the uncooked rice or beans from bunching up.


  1. Uncooked rice, garbanzo beans, pinto beans or split peas or lentils are good.


Fill the sock or socks with the materials from #2. Remember to leave enough room so you can tie off the sock so the rice or beans won’t spill out. If you’re using a pillowslip sew the slip in advance and then fill with rice or beans, carefully fold it over before the next step.

Once your pillowslip or sock(s) are filled with uncooked rice, lentils, peas or beans and close off put them in the microwave oven and heat from 1 to 2 minutes. If your microwave is more powerful start with a lower time and work up…

If your neck is sore or tense put the sock underneath you neck as you sit in a chair or lie down on your bed.  Lay the pillowslip down flat on your bed and lie face up positioning your back on the heated pillow slip.

It helps.

September 14, 2015 original date of publication on the old blog

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