Work of the Heart

I am a man of the mind – my origins.  When I was 29 I came to the realization that I needed to work on the opening of my heart.  A week after this realization my first astrology reading indicated the same.  It made me laugh heartily.

As I have worked to open my heart over these 30 years or so I have found that there have been heartbreaking wounds that have wrenched my being apart.  And the healing continues.  To open to the compassionate heart has been and continues to be painful and richly rewarding.

Love is its own reward.

In my work with mental health clients who have been homeless I find that the compassion never seems to stop even when they screw their lives up and come back for more help.  Like I said – Love and compassion have their rewards.

I used to think that if people were inspired they could lift themselves up from an economic bottom rung and live free of inner demons. While inspiration is a great gift it does not necessarily sustain a person nor can it be regenerated without a good self-esteem grounded in self-love. I see that offering a person love and compassion that may or may not reach them is never wasted. They may feel it or not feel it. If they feel it – it is the connective tissue of caring. If not: It is one’s choice to receive love and compassion in the midst of suffering. That choice when honored is a gift and honors the person as with integrity as an equal.

Comfort from suffering can happen in small doses and love and compassion is the fire that fuels this comfort.

I work to open my heart remembering that it automatically closes for protection from being overwhelmed and ineffectual in the face of humanity’s suffering. The choice to open’s one’s heart is one of inclusion rather than exclusion.

Love is the connective tissue that allows all beings to be connected.


Originally published in December 13, 2009


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