Thinking and Slavery

Thinking is worshiped because it is right in front of us. Thinking seems to follow into the rational. The currency of our daily reality is associative thinking* that through the so-called rational all other realities are obfuscated.

(*Associative thought is all we have – that is putting one thought next to another thought. A good example of associative thinking is – travel from one place to another. We cannot think of the whole trip at once – sure we can look at a map which is a symbol – map of the whole trip. We think I’ll drive or walk down this street, turn right on this street get on the freeway take this exit etc. Associative thinking is thinking of the steps one after another contiguously but or minds can not hold all the steps at once.)


Think about it.


Here I am asking you by telling you to focus your attention with thoughts about how our reality is constructed. We are taught to focus our attention on what is in front of us.


Start with school:

Rectangular classrooms, desks in rows and columns, teacher at the head of the class, eyes forward and a phrase or two for reinforcement:

“I want your undivided attention.**”

This is the Prussian military model adapted to education.

Roads and automobile travel requires as to look straight ahead.

Movies and television mesmerize our attention to the front.


When our attention is always focused where we look then we miss the gestalt of our experience. The tension is always focused on the next thing.

What will I get?

What is my goal?

I want that, etc.


The beginning of a richer life is working on being present.

Relax.  Soften the focus.  What else is there?


Focus need not be so pointed. Focus is both a receptive and an active technology involving perception, emotion, intuition and so on.


** What’s wrong with a divided attention?

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