Me, Me, Me… Over Here – Me

I’m remembering when the internet was new and everyone was reviving letter-writing through email. Jokes were being circulated. The medium seemed more intimate. Spam was eventually filtered out, though it appears now and then.

I find I get my local news posted daily, a digest bulletin board posted daily, a weekly blog or two, Facebook was updating me constantly so I stopped that, Medium – daily digest of writing I may or may not read if I have time.

I send emails to see how people are. I call friends on the phone. I text for two reasons – I don’t know if I’m disturbing folks (and I text on my iPad because the buttons are bigger and my fingers don’t hurt as they did with my cell), I have something quick to say, and I don’t feel like talking – okay three reasons…

When I carve out more time maybe I’ll be phone and actually having time to meet with friends. Wow!

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