Conscious Miscarriage and Blocks to Conception

In my work as a shaman I have come across many couples trying to conceive and some women who find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.

The solutions to both these problems are sometimes the same but for different reasons.

Difficulty with conception: Many women who are currently trying to conceive with partners or by other means have often had one or more abortions in the past. What was neglected in those abortions was the release of the spirit of the life that was trying to come through. If this was the case then a ritual to release the spirit of the unborn child must be released. Great care and love must be included in this ritual. This is often enough to allow a pregnancy to be fulfilled with the birth of a child.

Conscious Miscarriage: The spirit of the child during the first or second trimester is more easily released than in the third trimester. By doing a sacred ritual of releasing the spirit of the baby, honoring its life and sending that spirit back to the light, a spontaneous miscarriage often occurs.

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