Love is all around

Unconditional love is all around and within us and without us all the time.

We are separated from this love by our perception that we have boundaries. We then tend to define everything from within and without our boundaries. This is me, this is not me or a dialectical of us and them leading to sets and exclusion. Our egos blind us to unconditional love because we expect to experience love in a certain way.

When we ask God for help and expect God to answer us in English or a language we recognize.

I remember a woman that broke up with me in 2001. Though I felt sad I also felt nurtured by the love that was all around me and realized that seeking love through someone else that was not easily forthcoming was a trap. I looked out the backdoor of my house and felt the love. I rejoiced in it. It may have been unconditional but as soon as I felt it I defined it in some way and it fell from unconditional into some other kind of grand love.

The two peak experiences I had had on Cape Cod in 1966 and then again in 1968 put me in touch with an ineffable joy of the world as one and it was then I touched unconditional love.