Struggle – its not what you think


If this is something that you don’t like to do

or think is difficult,

think again.

95 to 99% of your struggles today

have been occurred successfully

and therefore have been effective.

Getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, eating breakfast, brushing your teeth, showering and grooming. Getting in your car to go to work.   Making eye contact. Listening. Talking. Smiling. Working, having lunch, driving home, making and eating dinner, are effective struggles that you may have completed today.

But you may not think of these activities

as struggles because they may have been easy!

The 5% of your struggles are one’s you dislike doing so you may avoid, postpone or minimize them.  When forced into doing something you have to do you may tense up your body and not struggle very successful to complete your task. You may be struggling against yourself to avoid the activity and impair your performance without realizing your handicap. Then struggle becomes something odious.


All struggles are the battle between

“Yes I am doing something.”


“No I am not doing something.”

When we challenge ourselves to face struggles we don’t like we can use the battle between Yes and No to create energy for inner work.

First we need to know what are the struggles we dislike.

This can be done through Autogenic Training.

This is a form of observing oneself and marks the beginning of cultivating the Witness Self.

More to come on Autogenic Training…

2 thoughts on “Struggle – its not what you think

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