a grounding exercise / practice


Find a quiet place to sit on a chair, couch, floor or ground.

Notice your breath and the weight of your body. Direct your attention to compassionately let go of any tension you are holding. You may not be able to release all the tension you have and that is okay.

Next direct your attention to your Root Chakra near the base of your spine.

Imagine a beam of light or a grounding cord descending through all the layers of Earth.

If you are utilizing imagery of a grounding cord you may want to see an anchor attached to the cord and falling away through all the layers of Earth like a knife cutting soft butter. Allow your cord to connect with crystalline core of Earth.

Or see the beam of light connecting to a spot in the iron ore crystal at Earth’s heart or center.

Allow yourself to feel the connection.

[I have done this exercise daily for over 20 years and I feel a close connection to my friend and mother — Earth. Once more of us do this / feel the connection and work in our own ways to affect our world then harmony with Earth can happen.]

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