the darkness

loveflameEternity-copy2If Hillary Clinton had been elected President the shadow elements of her presidency would be less visible and we would be less likely as a whole to take action against her. I sight her taking money from Monsanto Corp as an example of the darkness political candidates must face to be elected etc.

Donald Trump represents a clear and present danger to democracy – to freedom and justice for all. In 1979 I had felt the cloud of illusion lifting enough for me to see my path or mission for this lifetime – to be on the team that turns it right-side up. The world was (is) upside-down. Freedom and justice exist for only those who have money and great power. Money and great power often insulate them from the suffering of others not just humans but all beings, plants, animals, the elements and Earth. They put these people (and all beings) out of their minds and hearts. Its not just the top One Percent or the Billionaires and those with Great Power – it is all of us. It’s in our nature to exclude in order to feel safe and comfortable we lock our of our thinking and our empathy those that are different. And we extinguish the humanity of others we extinguish the humanity of ourselves. We live within a tissue of irritants that produce anger and cynicism or despair and depression and as a result we become increasingly isolated from ourselves and each other.

The 1981 film My Dinner with Andre elucidated the totalitarian state based on money that we find ourselves in – the dark ages. My joke about driving our cars around in the daytime with our headlights on – is due to the dark ages. Underneath that joke are truths as it is with all jokes. Nevertheless My Dinner with Andre can be seen in its entirety on YouTube or try this clip:

The clear and present danger of Donald Trump forces me to fight and rail against this oppressor because who he is – is a personification of a person cut off from his own compassion etc. He also needs healing as well as those that voted for him and me and you.