Reality and Nine Dimensions

…notes / musings from a shaman’s perspective

  1. We don’t see our own reality – we only experience a representation of the reality via our senses and the technologies we use to describe them
  2. This representation of reality when broken-through may be experienced with the nine dimensions. (there are many more than 9 dimensions, but only 9 are needed to support a reality of our type of existence).
  3. It may be impossible to experience all 9 dimensions simultaneously. The more one experiences the greater the possibility in the loss of self.
  4. One reason why manifestation may not be so easy – the changing 9 dimensions and our alignment to our right path.


[Aside: I mentioned going to the Void to someone once. She said “I go there all the time.” “What do you experience there?” I asked. “God,” she said. Unless she experienced God as nothing then she was not going to the void. The void is a non-place where everything including the self is taken away and nothing is left. When I go I don’t even remember having been there because there is no “there” to remember. It is the ultimate in cleansing. And it is dangerous to go “there” because one could return catatonic. It is paradoxes like this one that is replete in the nine dimensions that surround and support us in this reality.]


  1. Its interesting that about the time physicists began proposing the 9 dimensions two new chakras opened as significant centers in the 7 chakra system. The two new chakras – 1 is a few inches above the naval and it is “the birth chakra” the 2nd is about 3 to 4 inches below the base of the throat – “the thymic” chakra having to do with will and divine will


More to come…



We are the matrix – and the wider consciousness


We are the matrix

When “The Matrix” is mentioned we automatically are drawn to thinking of AI or machines versus humans. If we realize how the technology of language, the hard-wiring of human neurology and the structures of civilization over time mesh with the human gestalt then we are in a matrix already. Whether you are a billionaire, a pauper, a capitalist, a communist, live in a democracy, an oligarchy or an anarchy we are slaves to the mechanisms that create and define this reality.

I had a brief conversation with a friend about living in the matrix who said we live in a corporate world and that we’re consumerists – our schools don’t teach us to think and while this may be true – it doesn’t matter, because they are systems within reductive matrices. If we were taught to think, the context of that thinking about whatever “-ism” would still fall within the constructs of thought, language and perception, which are constructs of the matrix. Put forward whatever “-ism” you’d like and its still recycled material that forces us to think within the constructs of a commonly perceived reality.

Within the framework of civilization we think that we have and can exercise free will. Free will appears to exist within the context of our lives because we are so immersed within the mechanistic structures we cannot or don’t realize that our actions are mechanized and subject to actions that are habits and beliefs anchored in the past and tied inexorably to our biology. Thus we act as if we have free will when it is an illusion that serves to keep us stuck in the slavery of mechanized actions of the matrix. By ignoring the systems that keep us enslaved and remaining inside a world of mechanization we perpetuate our slavery within the matrix. There is no evil machine outside of us that controls everything. We are the machines.

A working definition of mechanization is that which is happening or done without thought or effort. Mechanized actions streamline how tasks are completed and assist in the formation of habits. For example when we learn how to drive a car especially if the car has a manual transmission we learn a series of actions, which quickly become habit and are forgotten by the conscious mind. The ease of this form of learning is automatically assimilated into all manners of mastering tasks under the rubric of habit. Habits both good and bad allow for many tasks to be completed without conscious thought. Society requires many tasks to be completed in this fashion due to the enormous complexity of its demands. Mechanical doing serves to put us to sleep and is under the cover of illusion. Mechanical actions and subsequent habits are essential for the completion of the tasks within societal systems. As society and civilization grows in its complexity over the eons mechanical actions and habits that put us to sleep also tend to create conditions where dysfunctional lifestyles are formed, reproduce and become increasingly dysfunction as the world grows more complex. The illusion of free will is created when our slavery to the dysfunctional patterns passed on to us by our parents and our own actions and reactions predicated from familial learning is completely repressed. Our egos try always to see the best through the filter of family perceptions and beliefs. It feels familiar, known and good even when the familiar is dysfunctional or negative because its what we know based on what we have learned. Sleep is encouraged as a systemic function of societal systems to allow smooth functioning of the larger world. Sleep precludes free thought or free will because it protects the constructs of ego-consciousness within societal structures.

Recently there have been those that have said we are living a virtual reality created by people in the future or AI. Given that both the future and the past don’t exist except as theoretic constructs of an invention – linear time; a virtual reality superimposed over an existing matrix is superfluous.


According to Sri Aurobindo human beings are not the originators of thoughts only the organizer of thoughts. Thoughts exist interdependently of humans and are constantly being recycled according to the dysfunctional patterns passed on from previous generations. These patterns are the thoughts get trapped in loops due to likes and dislikes, identifications, judgments and the whims of ego and this is our self-concept. Thoughts themselves are constructs that need the modes of language to be expressed. Language can be words, pictures or a combination of both. If we can conceptualize the matrix that is both outside of us and inside us then the flow of thought that binds humans together also keeps us in the confines of slavery.

The flow of mechanized thought occurs within a system.

The patterns of thought are further confined by the limits of perception. These perceptions are projections which are already inside our neurological structure imposed on “the outside world” creating the reality we are perceiving.

Once we begin to recognize these mechanical actions we can begin a path of mastery that can help us find a way out of the slavery to freedom. The problem inherent in recognizing mechanical actions is a circular proposition. There is no facility within us that can see the mechanical actions because mechanic actions are made in finding other mechanized actions. This is a good analogy of the loop in mechanical thinking: Often times teachers have said – define a word without using the word you are trying to define. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines attention: “1b -a condition of readiness for such attention especially a selective narrowing of consciousness and receptivity.”

To recognize mechanical actions we must recognize that we exist in a sea of them. Intermediary steps need to be initiated to begin to build a bridge to the essence – under developed by almost everyone, to form the Witness within (more on this later).

Turning to Sri Aurobindo – who informs us that inspiration comes when the mind is quieted allowing for the portion of a thought outside the streams of recycled thinking that have been around us for eons to enter into consciousness. Through this we can infer that thoughts outside the stream of thoughts are real because they stick with us while the dysfunctional and /or negative thoughts seem unreal due to our repetition of them. Part of how negative thinking gets stuck in us connects with our earliest beginnings. Expectations of negativity and the associated fears that reinforce negativity originate when we lived in caves as hunters and the hunted. Fear and expectation of negative outcomes helped guarantee survival. Why? Fear is about recoiling and protecting what you already have obtained – the knowable. Fear of the tiger that enters your cave at three am correlates to hormonal cycles in men that often awakens men at this hour in modern life. If the tiger is attacking you while you sleep in the cave awakening at 3 am can allow a better defense. Fear when correlated with an identifiable danger allows a fight or flight response to be activated. When a past unconscious association triggers fear usually we are automatically drawn to a familiar negative reaction. Our brain is hard wired to react to fears indiscriminately whether the fears are knowable or unknowable dangers.

Recognizing that we are the matrix and some next steps…

It could be that healers (especially those that rely on interdimensional modes of healing), shamans, Spiritual Masters, Masters of Wisdom and others have the capability to see beyond the dysfunctional patterns of thought that has defined and trapped humanity in the Matrix and perceive a wider consciousness. This also may have been true of those that approached psychedelics such as LSD, Peyote, Mushrooms, etc. from a reverence of the spiritual journey into consciousness. Spiritual traditions that speak to reincarnation especially those like the Fourteenth Dali Lama have a bigger more inclusive self that exists beyond ego. Perception from a wider perspective arises from a core or developed essence that transcends ego.

G. I. Gurdjieff spoke of a person’s Kesdjan or Light Body. A specific kind of conscious work makes light (and energy) that coats the light body. This kind of work enables this temporary body to deposit its light into the Soul’s Body after the husk of the physical is thrown off as in the death process. When enough light is made and the Soul’s Body is completed the individual has choice whether or not to return to the Earth Plain.

If a person lives on the planet from a place of fear and / or anger they may not have enough light for the Kesdjan Body to pass to the realm of life after death. I encountered this when my Father was about to pass. My Guides informed me though not in English or through written or spoken language that my Father did not have enough light to pass to the realm beyond. Would I give him an infusion of light? I did and infused his light body (personal auric field) with sufficient light. The essence light that flows through the pranic tube along the spine is a different frequency than the auric field. When the tissues of the physical body lose their life force the frequency of the essence makes contact with the auric field or Light Body and creates “the tunnel of light” that individuals have described in NDE (Near Death Experiences). Growing our Essences allow us wider perspectives that transcend not only the traditional perceptual filters and sometimes human perceptions themselves.

A Wider Consciousness

Moving beyond the Matrix which is us and civilization into free will and free thought can carry us to the potential human and to a consciousness beyond the human experience. Ordinarily when we think of consciousness we think Human Consciousness and this is a matrix effect. As humans we are mired with the tech of language as a way to define consciousness.

time lapse photo of stars on night

Explaining a wider cosmic consciousness defeats to the purpose of an experience of a wider cosmic consciousness. Nevertheless we strive for higher consciousness. In my experiences of higher consciousness I know that consciousness exists with or without human participation. If the Human Species were to expire on Earth, consciousness will continue to exist and evolve [humans have survived extinction events in the past sometimes with the help of higher vibrational humans from invisible realms woven into the being of Earth].

Shamans both touch and enter wider consciousness that transcends the human realm. This is elementary. All life has consciousness – plants, trees, animals, air, stone, water and Earth. The connective tissue of all consciousness is light and there are many frequencies and harmonics of light. Light is the connective tissue of oneness in which we live, it is only our egos that deny this love through the wages of fear. Light is synonymous with love.


In 1984 I was in leadership training. Our group was team building on a Ropes Course near Woodland, California. One of our teammates was up in the trees preparing to jump onto a wobbly platform, supported in a safety hares by two burly fellows on the ground and two support people in the trees. Our support consisted of us yelling like rabid cheerleaders at her. It made no sense to me so I projected the supportiveness of my heart energy into the trees and towards her.

Something happened that I hadn’t expected.

I saw light coursing through the trunks and branches of the trees. The fear she felt blocked the light from completion through her to her destination. Looking at the light streaming so quickly through the trees was intense.

I looked down. I looked at the ground and then at the bare skin on my left arm.

I saw inside my arm. Where blood was pumping through the arteries and veins I saw light pulsing. I felt alarmed.

Was I going crazy?

I was standing between the tree and a four foot high green leafy bush who had a soft white light all around it. The light extended down and covered my arm.

I closed my eyes…


A few months later I had fourth spontaneous experience of all Earth and Space beings as one.

Below is a link to the movie “Lucy”. About 1 min 42 seconds into the clip Lucy sees a tree with light moving through it – similar to my experience.

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Alchemical Magic – Part Two


A Kauai – Sonoma Bridge

In 1995 I had taken my healing/seeing practice full time mode.  I was conducting a channeling group called Tender Spirit Evening – it was a once a month group. I had two places to conduct my groups, one in Napa and one in Santa Rosa.  I had been looking for a place in Sonoma.

About a week after my return from Kauai (Hawaii) I had a dream:

I was in the waiting room of an office suite. The front of the office was near the beach in Kapaa – Hawaii. The back of the office was in Sonoma.  The office was being set up so there were a number of desks and other pieces of furniture in the room including an old-fashioned school desk. Lawyer and doctors were taking the bigger desks out of the waiting room.  A person entered.

“Hi,” I greeted her. “Are you here as a friend or a client?”

“Both,” she said and grinned. She sat down on the old fashioned school desk chair and told me that she was ready.

I woke from the dream.

In 1995 I lived on a mountain in Glen Ellen. Once a week I traveled into Sonoma along Highway 12, which was also West Napa Street.  I saw a sign from a realty agency of an office suite for rent or lease.  Each time I passed the sign I felt drawn to the property, which could not be seen from the street.  I called the realtor and made an appointment to look at it.  The place had the feel of the dream, a feel of Hawaii in Sonoma.  There were three or four offices and a large waiting room. He wanted nearly $4,000 a month for it.  Clearly that was not going to happen, I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment.

Though I let it go, it lingered.

I was visiting my friend Bob who was excited about the first art show of the Sonoma Collage Collective in his backyard on the corner of Patton and 3rd Street East.

“Come with me to the dump, I’ve got to pick-up some doors for the show,” He smiled bouncing with humor and enthusiasm.

We arrived at the dump where Recycle-town was located. While he negotiated for twenty interior doors from the foreman of the area I pursued the inventory and was drawn to twelve school desks.

“Hey Bob, get a load of these desks!”  I laughed.

“I want them for my Calligraphy classes.”  He bought them and we took them back to his house.  They wouldn’t all fit into his garage.

“Why not put two or three of them out in the yard? People could sit down and write an impromptu poem at your art salon.”

“Good idea.”  So we positioned a few around the backyard.


On the day of the art show I happened to be standing by one of the desks near the garage when a friend, Donna was breezing through.

She stopped at the desk and said it was exactly what she was seeking for her new office space.  I asked if she wanted to hear my dream and the rest of the story.  She said yes – and I relayed it to her.

“What do you suppose it means?”

“You’re supposed to teach classes in my waiting room.”

She went on to tell me that when she found out from my friend Michael about my dream (with whom I had told about the dream). She had to act fast to rent the office before I did.


I had a space for my Tender Spirit Evenings on one Friday each month. On the 12th meeting there the group of Guides known as The Twelve did trance channeling through me and established me as a bridge between worlds for the benefit of all.


Alchemical Magic – Part One

Bridges to Kauai


Its in the journey…

Many years ago – inspired by a graduate student in social geography I came up with the Quest-ions Project. The project was for travelers who had both imagination and an ability to write descriptively. I based the questions on their destinations asking them to answer a question on the top of an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper after opening the business sized envelope at the proper time (there were instructions on when to open it).  Some of the questions were generic such as describe how a sunset makes you feel. However most of the questions were designed to the person’s relationship to place – mainly the destinations of their travels. The first person hitchhiked across the USA through the badlands. Another person was a waitress who reported that the questions supported her through her loneliness in relocating from Sonoma, CA to Spokane, WA and back again. A friend who went to Morocco and the Azores wrote fantastically descriptive prose that transported to a mystical forest there. The most interesting Questions project began with a friend and her Mother who took a cruise to Hawaii.

When she returned she dropped two of the three unopened Kauai questions on my kitchen table and said: “These questions are for you.” She explained that the cruise ship did not have docking privileges, so they anchored off shore. The plan had been to take skiffs ashore but the seas were too rough from a recent storm. The ship sat offshore for three days and they just looked at the island.

I had always wanted to go to Hawaii but put it off for years. So within three weeks I had plane reservations and a plan: backpacking – camping for four days, and staying at a motel and a Youth Hostel a day each and a Bed & Breakfast for a day. I was bumped into seat number three in first class on the way there.

I had to wait several hours for my backpack to catch-up with me at the airport before hitching into a motel for the first night. It was June of 1995. The air outside of baggage claim was hot, humid and immersed in the perfume of tropical flowers. The breezes off the ocean created a profound peace of being held by the goddess mother. So easy to smile, so sweet…

A woman who worked for one of the big hotels in Poipu with her husband picked me up. They had lived in a neighboring county – Marin before relocating to Kauai. I smiled and laughed. She asked me about my plan. I told her that I had planned to go to Polihale State Park. She advised against it, very hot there humid over 100 degrees. She advised going north to Hanalei. I thanked her as she dropped me off at Motor Court outside Lihue, which probably no longer exists.

The woman at the front desk checked me in. She looked at me as if I was insane when I answered her question about my rental car – “I don’t have one.”

That night I opened the first question:

Make contact with the Menehune and ask them for permission to contact the Lemurian world on Kauai.  I meditated for a while and decided to go to sleep. The day’s travel had been arduous.

I awoke to a raucous running and giggling in the room. I was about to turn on the light, when a strong impression of a voice came to me commanding me to stop and be still. The voice said:

You have it!

He meant permission to contact the Lemurians. In the morning the rocking chair was on its side where the Menehune had knocked it over the night before. I checked out the next morning and walked to the county seat where I bought a permit for camping at the Hanea Beach Park.

I hitched up the coast to the Youth Hostel in Kapaa for companionship and to gather supplies for my camping trip. We shared the cost for a veggie chili meal. I ate with the group played some fierce Ping-Pong and met a sweet young French woman.

hawaii hut nature paradise

I hitched north and had two good long rides. One was a guy with an open jeep. I was rained on – the downpour soaked me but it was refreshing. He was a pot smoker who had wanted to sell me some weed, but I didn’t smoke. The next ride was an Asian woman and her young teenage daughter who was in Catholic School and was busy playing and winning golf tournaments.  I later saw her on the TV show 60 minutes as a 17 year old golf pro. They took me as far as Princeville. I got another ride to Hanalei and walked to the campground.

The first day was great. Then local Hawaiians came in – enforce for a luau. It was nonstop noise 24 hours a day – I stuck it out for three days. I went snorkeling at Ke’e Beach. I mediated by waterfalls.

In a trance I was taken back in time to the early Lemurian times and saw a prince and princess blend their spirits in love. It was a blessing.

 The luau was loud and sleep at the campground was impossible. I left one day early hitched back and spent another night at the Kapaa Youth Hostel before getting a ride to the Bed & Breakfast in the jungles west of Kapaa.  It was a geodesic dome on top, a small building housing the rooms for the B&B with a lanai and two canvas yurts on wooden platforms 30 feet in diameter.

After a beautiful night under a canopy of stars and a sweet romantic kiss there was a sweet breakfast of strawberry papaya.

I received two homemade leis at the airport one from Angel manager of the B&B and now friend , one from the young French woman Lavigne.  Both leis were homemade by Lavigne. Taking the leis home was taking the slower life of Kauai back to California.

For more see part two:


Who are The Twelve (Updated):

time lapse photo of stars on night
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Speakers for The Twelve: Elohim, Elijah and Mother Mary
Three Archangels:  Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel
Three Goddesses: Mary Magdalene, Isis and Quan Yin
Three Earth Keepers: The Force of a Trinity – Ka-Tun from The First People, Moolena from Lemuria and Ecktasha-ha from Shambhalla,
purple and brown colored planet
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The Elohim meaning “Gods” in Hebrew were sent by the demiurgic intelligence to form a series of planets across many galaxies where access to free will and higher states of consciousness could be achieved. The Elohim are a group of twelve etheric beings or dyads (24 beings in total) or the Instrumentators surrounded by the Etheric Higher Consciousness Light within the body of the Elohim.. The Elohim helped form the physical or corporeal Earth, anchored the human vibration and assisted in fostering free will as an access pathway to higher consciousness.



Elijah is a prophet – messenger from the Elohim to assist in reopening the path to free will and higher consciousness. Elijah is a direct messenger to individuals of importance in corporeal form on Earth. He sometimes appears to people and delivers messages.


Mother Mary (Hannah)

Mother Mary is the feminine vessel of birth for divine consciousness and love to be transformed into the human form and be made manifest.

Three Earth Keepers:

Ka-Tun from The First People

An asexual geneticist from the Sirius System helping to create indigenous life from the first amino acids and proteins. The Earth Vibration allowed his genderless being to become female for an extension of life for a period of 13 months while other members became male.  He returned to an asexual being and is skillful in telepathic communication and telekinesis. Kat-Tun is a stocky individual with a wide body (like a football player with padding) about 5 foot 11 inches tall.

Ecktasha-ha – from Shambhalla

Ecktasha-ha, a male of about 12 feet tall is closely associated with all trees and plant life on Earth and throughout earth’s dimensional worlds. He is from Shambhalla and works with communities of trees especially the Redwoods as a conduit for teaching and co-created healing partnerships. He is a protector.

Moolena from Lemuria

Moolena, a female vibrational light being was the first to attain a corporeal state and hold it for 9 months. She has goddess energy and imbues the healing energies of channeled unconditional love. She is slender and about seven feet tall.


More about The Three Goddess will be revealed when The Twelve releases the information.


Why “The Twelve”?

Twelve is the perfect number. Esoteric knowing states that twelve present individuals are required to hold sacred or divine space in which healing can be miraculously channeled.

More on the number 12:



Goddess Isis – Wikipedia


Quan Yin:

Quan Yin- Goddess of Mercy and Compassion





A Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy for Sleep and/or Relaxation

A Hot Soothing Nighttime Beveragescreen800x500



(…While awaiting Santa Claus toasting in front of the fire… – your other fireplace is for Santa’s descent…)


You’ll need:

Pero – contains Barley, Malted Barley, Chicory and Rye may be substituted with Cafix, or Postum

Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea (Celestial Seasons)

Vanilla Soy Milk (Vanilla – anything Milk)


A favorite mug or two (or more)


Boil enough water for one or two (or more)


Place about half a teaspoon of Pero in your mug and add 1 Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea bag. Pour over steaming hot water leaving about ½ to ¾s of an inch room for some shaken cold Vanilla Soy Milk.




Leave the teabag in or take it out.


This is a drink with the body of coffee without any caffeine – the soothing relaxing nature of chamomile with hints of vanilla and honey and a soothing cap off of Vanilla Soy Milk.

shallow focus photo of orange ceramic mug on white saucer
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Yum. Prepare to go to bed within an hour or less of drinking your Soothing Toddy or you may dose off where you are.

The perfect wind-down beverage in winter or summer…

You can add this remedy:

for stiff or sore muscles



Bringing Light to The Darkness




These are challenging times where the darkness manifested by the President Elect (PE) of the United States is obvious. The darkness has been with us for a longer time growing more powerful and under the veil of complacency.

There may be a tendency to fall asleep and drift off to insulate our selves in the cocoon of comfort while crimes against humanity and earth are perpetuated. I urge you not to do this.

There is spiritual action and political action.

Spiritual Action:

Meditation and Manifestation

There are many forms of Spiritual Action. Begin with calming the body, mind and emotions and “seeing” peace and healing worldwide is a good first step.

Here is a link for further manifestation on a real world level:

Political Action:

There are three forms of actions that occur today. The use of social media to protest and direct protests that are peaceful as in rallies, marches, etc.

Consider contributing money to causes even if it is a small amount – encourage your friends to do same – to causes.

Calling your representative (write out something beforehand as a guide. You may talk to a real person or a phone messaging system). Using your pone to call is better than emailing especially if you continue on a bi-annual, monthly or weekly basis. Urge your friends who live in states where there are more conservative representatives to urge them to do the same.


Visualization / Manifestation ~ An Introduction

astrology astronomy atmosphere dark

1 Introduction

We begin manifestation with a thought. To give thought force add emotion, the power of our chi, and a connection to Earth and Spirit.


Complex problems require complex solutions as with many manifestations in our current world. Since the manifestation process cannot produce a negative remember to keep intentions for manifestation positive. Should a stray negative thought arise, bless it and release it in a bubble of firm boundaries and safety either to be recycled through the transformative fire of molten core of earth or the sun. Thought alone without the resonance of love we can produce from our hearts and the power of our body is not enough for manifestation; all three must be present.

2 The Exercise of Manifestation

Choose something you wish to manifest. Remember this something is already near you energetically but is not yet manifest into the plain of existence where we can experience it fully. Use a piece of paper and a pen to write it down much as you would write an affirmation making sure you are writing it in the present tense as what you manifesting is currently occurring in the now. Fix the thoughts and intention of this manifestation in your 3rd Eye (the spot about 1/4 inch above and between your eyebrows).

the resonance of love

Next activate your heart chakra with the ‘I-am” exercise. [breathing with your intention on your heart chakra – the breast bone or sternum and think “I” or say “I” silently on the in breath. breath-out and say “am” silently or think “am” on the out breath. Let a resonance of feeling engender in your heart chakra. You can feel the resonance without naming it or you can name it as “Love”. Once you have such a feeling, make a thread outside your body and join it with your thinking in your 3rd eye .

chi energy

Next activate your 2nd chakra (three fingers below your navel) or your chi or life-force energy and project this in a thread to your third eye and blend it with your third eye energy and your heart chakra energy. If you don’t feel this area touch the area with your fingers and/or walk around using your hips as your center of gravity to active your chi in your 2nd chakra.

co-create with the multiverse

Blend thought, heart or feeling and chi together as one and project them towards the state or process you seek to co-create with the multiverse through your 3rd eye, your heart chakra and your 2nd chakra.  You could stop here or you could continue.

3 Invoking the Power of Earth and Spirit

Ground by sending your grounding cord or beam of light down through your root chakra at the base of your spine into crystalline core of earth.

create space for the manifestation to enter

Access Spirit from Earth and send a thread out your 2nd chakra to process or thing you are visualizing with your mind, heart and chi (or body).

Spirit cannot be defined

Next send energy from your crown chakra on top of your head to your higher self and access energy from that place, bring it down and channel it through your third eye to the visualization place. The visualization place is created in the current now as a physical place that exists around your person.

4 The Final Steps

Once you are practiced at manifestation you need only do Step #2 one time. In the beginning you may want to do it once in the morning upon awakening and once at night before going to sleep for one to three times. However each time you do it once or 6 times let it go completely. Don’t expect it will happen at all and move on to something along a linear line of action or something you’re already working on.

its mystery

What this does is create space for the manifestation to enter. If you are crowding it with desire, longing, desperation etc then there may not be space for it to enter. This is part of the mystery of manifestation and cannot nor should not be explained. Spirit cannot be explained because it’s mystery.

5 The Bigger Gestalt

There are lower to higher forms of manifestation. Most of us begin with the lower or ego forms of manifestation such as being in a relationship for example, or getting a raise at work or winning the lottery.

Issues of money for survival are no longer necessary because the multiverse supports us.

The highest form of manifestation comes when we are aligned with our path. In Buddhism this is called right livelihood. Alignment with our path sometimes comes from a process of surrender. We release what the ego claws after from baser emotions of desperation and greed to surrender to a higher sense of purpose.

surrender is a gateway into higher consciousness

The higher sense of purpose originates from divine aspects of ourselves. We are utilizing our gifts to help others including ourselves in some way. From this place of surrendering to our destiny manifesting becomes almost effortless. Issues of money for survival are no longer necessary because the multiverse supports us.

From this gestalt higher purpose is already written and we are surrendering to our part in the story. That surrender is a gateway into higher consciousness. Try not to think of this as a one time proposition. Our ego still has the desires that every other ego has. The surrender as well as the manifestation is a moment by moment choice.

A Primer ~ Autogenic Training

EssenceFlameEternalThe best way to learn Autogenic Training is through a teacher, guide or an instructor (an instructor has been practicing AT for many years but has not yet mastered it). AT without a teacher or instructor can be dangerous because of ego’s desire to meddle and build illusion towards self-aggrandizement.

Think of this piece as a teaser or introduction. Then look for a teacher, guide or an instructor.

Autogenic Training begins with self-observation that builds towards the formation of a Witness Self. The Witness is a cultivated dispassionate observer that can be described as “I was beside myself”, allowing us to perceive our selves with clear neutral pictures (perceptions) without judgment or opinion thus allowing divine compassion to enter and a clear picture of all our selves.

Self-observation is difficult to write about because we have no specific language for its description. Beginners often confuse self-observation with ideas, inferences and get distracted by associations which become mind-games. Self-observation requires participation from the mind, awareness of your body sensations, and your emotional state.


Here is an outline for starting:


  • Pick a simple physical activity to observe such as rinsing a dish, putting your key in the ignition and starting your car, opening a door.


  • Begin by relaxing your body.


  • Choose your pinky finger on your non-dominate hand to begin (I’m right handed, so I choose my left hand, my left pinkie finger.)


  • I allow sensation to gather in my pinkie finger by feeling its weight. This may appear as a warmth, tingling, energy running through the pinkie or an awareness of physical sensation there. Go lightly allow this to happen don’t force it to happen.


  • Once the sensation is established allow ten percent of your attention to rest in your pinkie finger while engaging in the simple physical task.


  • Allow yourself to be aware of your physical, emotional and mental state while performing the task in this way.

Share your observations with your teacher, guide or instructor. Always use first person – present tense when sharing you observations (remember “the past” are memories that exist in the present). For example – I notice…