Bringing Light to The Darkness




These are challenging times where the darkness manifested by the President Elect (PE) of the United States is obvious. The darkness has been with us for a longer time growing more powerful and under the veil of complacency.

There may be a tendency to fall asleep and drift off to insulate our selves in the cocoon of comfort while crimes against humanity and earth are perpetuated. I urge you not to do this.

There is spiritual action and political action.

Spiritual Action:

Meditation and Manifestation

There are many forms of Spiritual Action. Begin with calming the body, mind and emotions and “seeing” peace and healing worldwide is a good first step.

Here is a link for further manifestation on a real world level:

Political Action:

There are three forms of actions that occur today. The use of social media to protest and direct protests that are peaceful as in rallies, marches, etc.

Consider contributing money to causes even if it is a small amount – encourage your friends to do same – to causes.

Calling your representative (write out something beforehand as a guide. You may talk to a real person or a phone messaging system). Using your pone to call is better than emailing especially if you continue on a bi-annual, monthly or weekly basis. Urge your friends who live in states where there are more conservative representatives to urge them to do the same.


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