Visualization / Manifestation ~ An Introduction




We begin manifestation with a thought. To give thought force we could add emotion and then the force of our chi, and maybe a dash of earth and divinity.


Complex problems require complex solutions as it is with the new President Elect’s new administration. Since the manifestation process cannot produce a negative due to certain dangers let’s go for healing to begin with and holding the world together as a better place for all.


See the resistance to this President Elect (PE) being effective, in other words see him changing course as a result of the peoples’ voice and see him happy to accept a new course of action that points towards healing.


Next activate your heart chakra with the ‘I-am” exercise. [breathing with your intention on your heart chakra – the breast bone or sternum and think “I” or say “I” silently on the in breath. breath-out and say “am” silently or think “am” on the out breath. Let a resonance of feeling engender in your heart chakra. Once you have such a feeling, make a thread and join it with your thinking over the areas of supporting the resistance and seeing that it has an effect on the gestalt of politics towards healing.


Next activate your 2nd chakra (three fingers below your navel) or your chi energy and project this in a thread to healing the government and the courses of action taken to go in a direction of unity.


Blend thought, heart or feeling and chi together as one.  You could stop here or you could continue.


Ground by sending your grounding core or beam of light down through your root chakra at the base of your spine into crystalline core of earth.


Access spirit from Earth and send a thread out your 2nd chakra to the thought – PE and his cabinet for healing and this thought can be substituted for whatever your working on creating.


Send energy from your crown chakra on top of your head to your higher self and access energy from that place, bring it down and channel it through your third eye to the visualization place.

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