A Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy for Sleep and/or Relaxation

A Hot Soothing Nighttime Beveragescreen800x500



(…While awaiting Santa Claus toasting in front of the fire… – your other fireplace is for Santa’s descent…)


You’ll need:

Pero – contains Barley, Malted Barley, Chicory and Rye may be substituted with Cafix, or Postum

Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea (Celestial Seasons)

Vanilla Soy Milk (Vanilla – anything Milk)


A favorite mug or two (or more)


Boil enough water for one or two (or more)


Place about half a teaspoon of Pero in your mug and add 1 Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea bag. Pour over steaming hot water leaving about ½ to ¾s of an inch room for some shaken cold Vanilla Soy Milk.




Leave the teabag in or take it out.


This is a drink with the body of coffee without any caffeine – the soothing relaxing nature of chamomile with hints of vanilla and honey and a soothing cap off of Vanilla Soy Milk.

shallow focus photo of orange ceramic mug on white saucer
Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com

Yum. Prepare to go to bed within an hour or less of drinking your Soothing Toddy or you may dose off where you are.

The perfect wind-down beverage in winter or summer…

You can add this remedy:

for stiff or sore muscles



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