Reality and Nine Dimensions

…notes / musings from a shaman’s perspective

  1. We don’t see our own reality – we only experience a representation of the reality via our senses and the technologies we use to describe them
  2. This representation of reality when broken-through may be experienced with the nine dimensions. (there are many more than 9 dimensions, but only 9 are needed to support a reality of our type of existence).
  3. It may be impossible to experience all 9 dimensions simultaneously. The more one experiences the greater the possibility in the loss of self.
  4. One reason why manifestation may not be so easy – the changing 9 dimensions and our alignment to our right path.


[Aside: I mentioned going to the Void to someone once. She said “I go there all the time.” “What do you experience there?” I asked. “God,” she said. Unless she experienced God as nothing then she was not going to the void. The void is a non-place where everything including the self is taken away and nothing is left. When I go I don’t even remember having been there because there is no “there” to remember. It is the ultimate in cleansing. And it is dangerous to go “there” because one could return catatonic. It is paradoxes like this one that is replete in the nine dimensions that surround and support us in this reality.]


  1. Its interesting that about the time physicists began proposing the 9 dimensions two new chakras opened as significant centers in the 7 chakra system. The two new chakras – 1 is a few inches above the naval and it is “the birth chakra” the 2nd is about 3 to 4 inches below the base of the throat – “the thymic” chakra having to do with will and divine will


More to come…



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