Remembering the Future

timeOr As Linear Time Dissolves…

Remember is a word that is derived in the Old English and the Latin – forceful mindfulness.

In our culture remembering involves events that have already happened so remembering the future is an oxymoron.

To remember the future besides being impossible from a linear time mindset sounds more like science fiction or magic. I have written about linear time, ego and the structure of language supporting the reality of past, present and future and how to step out of that headspace. It’s not easy explaining how linear time could dissolve from the structures of the written word. Ego is definable and reductive creating a sense of self that narrows the concept of time in a past – future dynamic.

Stepping out of Ego, or releasing ego allows Being to emerge. I have written about Being and Being – Time in other blog postings (see notes at the end of this piece). Ego is attached and identifies with “stuff”. Being exists without our attachment to “stuff”. Being-Time expands and encompasses all of the past and all of the future making past and future meaningless. One could include the beginning and the end in one present moment, all lives lived in the past and all lives lived in the future.

For example:   In late November 2001 a friend had introduced me to her Quantum Xeroid machine – measuring and exploring electro-static fields around the body. I arrived at her place around the corner at 4 pm.

“Do you want to do past lives, Ontario?” She asked me – many people called me by my last name at that time.

“Sure,” I said and readied myself to experience a past life.

Instead I “flew-over” ten thousand past lives I had experienced on Earth and then found myself inside a composite Being of 23 others (24 in all including myself) or 12 couples in male-female pairs. I observed Planet Earth being formed physically and this being supervising the process of planet building as well as anchoring higher vibrational filaments to the planet. It was an expansive and uplifting experience.

I left planet Earth and traveled to a rogue planetoid with its own light-heat source that from a distance looked like a luminous atmosphere. I occupied the body I had left there: a being resembling a horse with wide eyes and multiple irises, scales and hooves in a body about 9 feet tall. The forward hooves had small tentacles with delicate hand-like structures. Our major method of communication was telepathy.

I lived with seven others in partially open huts / structures. Twenty foot tall beings with no discernible faces with legs resembling spiders but different were our Guardians living within our homes.

Millennia in the past, the elders had called on a group of volunteers to save the planet from an ecological disaster that would have destroyed our world. Four hundred forty four of us released the light / heat source that ran along the axis of the planet and that divided our world into separate realities. One reality for the 12,000 or so individuals that lived with the lighting and heating source that ran through the axis and our reality with an empty axis and a gas cloud or light surrounding the planet.

The Guardians informed us that we must raise the separate realities of Earth to a higher vibration in order to heal our peoples into one once again.

I decided to use the tech to go further into the past. The path took me into the future of humankind and back to my starting place.


No past, no future, only now.


My friend was saying something. She repeated a word again and again. I realized the word was my last name. When I opened my eyes she said:

“I called your name nearly twenty times,” she said. “You were out there.”

I nodded.

It was around nine pm when I walked home. Fog permeated the streets threatening to obscure the street lamps. Wisps of current events feathered across my mind – the attacks on the World Trade Center, the inconsequential notion of human consciousness in the vastness of consciousness itself and me – infinitesimally small lost in the streams of light agog within the circle of time.


My life has been punctuated by significant events that have seemed more textually real than other mundane events. I have felt that the being within me represents an aspect of future society in the present. This could be related to a skew in both my genetic and societal identity as a man, meaning that I have an atypical identity that stands between male and female – an identity shaped in the future.

In my 20s and 30s I would tell people that I came from the future to talk about the fundamental differences in society and culture as a way to point a direction to take to embody the future now. I began by embracing the principles of the Women’s Liberation Movement. It was selfish – I would begin because women’s liberation would mean men’s liberation, that men would consciously wish to let go of their privileged status in culture and live as equals with women…

I began by saying that I both “saw” and felt there would be a time when a child, woman or man could walk down any street in the world in the dark or daylight without any fear.

During that period I felt a new world in the making, as I do now, as I have in my own small way contributed to changing the world from an “upside-down” paradigm to a “right-side up” or balanced paradigm.

Imagine a world where the all the people promote community, where there is little to no oppression, where there is equal opportunity where fears, prejudices, biases and elitism are melted by compassionate action.

Imagine a world where our economy is community based instead of survival based. In other words when we work to make a livelihood we include how it will effect community and include community both in a micro (local) way and in a macro (world-wide) way. Currently we live in a survival based economy of making money from a fear base, disregarding the greater good (or at least the greater good is an afterthought in most cases) [See notes for more], In a survival economy making money leads to wanting more money, finding ways to protect income, to greed all of which stems from fear and does not benefit community – only the self. Perhaps deciding we feel secure is a choice and not necessarily based on how much money we have or possess. However there is change occurring here – there is movement from a survivalist culture (economy) to a community based economy.

Climate change is a community-based issue that requires the cooperation of communities (nations) to solve.

Imagine a world where Earth is loved and honored as a cherished friend or relative; and is thereby included in a community-based economy.


The fabric of consciousness is interesting as it is replete with islands of synchronicity as lifted from a divine book that is my life. Here are some examples (not a complete list):


  1. Feb 1st 1973 – Suicide Attempt – out of coma on Sunday Feb 4th 1973
  2. Feb 5th 1990 – Asking “God what am I suppose to do with my life” – Next morning – an experience and helped save a woman from taking her life.         


  1. After having completed an autobiographical novel (not yet published) I saw a film (Midnight Special 2016) [] that helped awaken a memory of who I am:


  1. I recently saw the film Arrival [] and the alien beings look exactly like the Guardians written about in this piece holding time as one present moment with no past or future.



Being is and as such is eternal. Doing belongs to Ego and a linear-time line, thus Being and Doing:

Ego’s idea of eternity could be heaven in perpetuity. Eternal Life exists in every moment, thus Ego Life versus Eternal Life:

Shared Consciousness, Past Lives or Both:



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