Metaphors for Healing – a primer


I had the good fortune to work as a “seer” or (psychic reader) at The New Leaf Bookstore in Larkspur, California from 1995 to 1999 on Saturdays. It was good training for the next step. I began my day around 11 am and closed at 7 pm with a break for lunch.

Many people came for readings after having gone to the movies at the theatre next door. I often “saw” images of those movies in their persona and it gave me an inner laugh.

I guided people through a visualization and looked at the content of each of the seven chakras. Images appeared to me. I never asked what these images meant to the people that had “seen” them in.

One time while looking at a guy’s heart chakra I encountered an unusual image. A man was driving a sports car with the top down up a mountainside along a twisting road. A plume of smoke curled out of the exhaust. I was baffled.

I asked the image – what is your meaning. Spelled out in the white billowing exhaust was the word: “SMOKESCREEN”. What will it take for me to see beyond this distraction? The sense that washed over me was – be humbled. “Let go of your abilities and the pride you possess in “seeing””. I let go and in an instant I was let into a small part of his heart that was tender and vulnerable.

“You don’t let many people see how tender, sensitive and vulnerable you are. You give people distractions and stories so they can’t see your tenderness,” I said.

“Oh my God,” he said nearly falling off his chair. “How did you know that? Its so true. I’m blown away.”

Later as my readership expanded into healing, the visual metaphors have come quickly accompanied by emotional messages, voices – some of them from the divine, intuitive “hits” and so on. In the beginning when an image appeared I’d ask to see it from a variety of angles including from the inside-out. Occasionally I’ve been directed to share the image with my client with astonishing results and peels of laughter..

When permission is given by phone, email or text, it doesn’t matter how distant the person is from me their inner world by virtue of their consent is there for me to view and ascertain. Images, intent, emotional factors are quickly revealed. Sometimes there is an intent to hide and I must enter to tease the situation apart so it can be seen and dealt with.

In many instants the healing occurs very quickly because I am allied with the inherent holism of their natural healing predilections. What sometimes happens are the habits and beliefs of the client based on their fears (some conscious and some unconscious) resets the problem. Re-programming thought and belief are difficult to work with and they can be done.

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