Abuses of Male Sexual Power & Astrology

or the Astrological Correlatives of the Abuses of Male Sexual Power / Why now?



The Context:

Uranus Trine Saturn – revolution/evolution impacts authority and forces disruption and change. For context we can look to 1966 when Uranus was opposing Saturn (180 degrees) and the upheaval of the 1960s – Civil Rights, Ending the war in Vietnam and exposing government corruption via Watergate. Oppositions are akin to “Mexican Stand-Offs” or gunslingers’ draw and shoot-outs. When oppositions are resolved much energy is released.

On the low side it’s about brash self-service, destructive revolution.

Now there is fighting happening within systems of government to bring about change through the political systems via some of the old ways – marches and protests as well as supporting candidates writing and calling our representatives. Marches and protests have the context of previous Saturn-Uranus cycles as it was in the 1960s – most recently.

Uranus represents electricity and electromagnetic energies that manifest as trickster energy, disruption, freedom, evolution, and networking – as characterized by the media, electronics and the Internet. Saturn represents hard work, discipline, time constraints, and authority as well as recognition for quality work (the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize and the Oscars are examples of Saturnine rewards).

…realizing truth on a global scale and coming from a generous and magnanimous place about working with truth.

Uranus is traversing the Aries constellation. Aries is about bold yang (male) linear leadership, fighting for what is right. Aries is a fire sign and as such represents all that is quick, impulsive and volatile. Uranus in Aries is leading the new evolution and revolution in bold ways on the high side. On the low side it’s about brash self-service, destructive revolution. Whatever way Uranian energies are expressed low or high they cannot be ignored and change will happen and shaped by Saturn authorities.

Saturn is traversing the Sagittarius Constellation / Nebulae. Sag is a fire sign as well and represents truth and blurting out truths, generosity, grandiosity and global thinking. On the high side of Saturn in Sag is working towards realizing truth on a global scale and coming from a generous and magnanimous place about working with truth. On the low side of Saturn is Sag is becoming dogmatic with perceived truths expressing opinions without careful thought in a grandiose fashion.

Uranus and Saturn or Revolution / Evolutionary leadership and the hard work of truths are working harmoniously (trine aspect of 120 degrees) to find a solution. For example working through the systems of government – through the GOP philosophy or progressive philosophies to find what works.


The Correlatives:

Uranus Conjunct (blended with) Pallas-Athena – revolution of the underdog, justice, karma of men

Pallas-Athena is an asteroid of 512 kilometers in diameter (310 miles) with an elongated orbit whose astrological meaning is derived from Greek Mythos – wisdom, creative intelligence, skill, courage, fighter for the underdog, justice and father-daughter relations. Early in 2017 and going into next year (2018) Pallas Athena has been traveling direct and retrograde through Aries and Taurus. It has passed forward and back from 29 degrees Aries. The 29th degree of any planet in a sign represents karma of that sign both paying back and receiving payment. Pallas-Athena clearly is revolutionizing the karmic debt incurred by powerful/lust men in relations with women and /or anyone in a normal weaker / one-down position such as a child or subordinate. The 29th degree of Aries (Aries being the sign that rules Mars – male or yang energy and the god of War) Pallas brings justice from a karmic perspective to the excesses of patriarchal energies through the revolution of Uranus.

Pallas-Athena Trine Saturn– Goddess energies bring justice through truth.


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