The “I-Am” Exercise


Activate your heart chakra with the “I-am” exercise.

This is breathing with your intention on your heart chakra – the breast bone or sternum. On the in-breath or inhalation think “I” or say “I” silently while breathing in. On the breath-out and say “am” silently or think “am” on while exhaling.

Allow a resonance of feeling to arise in your heart.

The heart is the source of emotion. Our cognitive processes (the neocortex) interpret, delineate and name emotions that we feel. Our neocortex also screens love through opinions, beliefs and judgments to box love into a context that our egos can become attached to such as romantic love or a parent’s love of a child for example.

With increased practice the exercise can be done anywhere at any time without anyone knowing. Adept practitioners can do the exercise in the course of a conversation.

Love is the underpinning of all emotion.

The purpose of the “I-Am” exercise is to activate and affirm our emotional presence.

2 thoughts on “The “I-Am” Exercise

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