GOP’s Tax Plan Ultimate Goal…


Fight and Defeat the GOP tax scam to Preserve Liberty for All and Defeat Tyranny.


The Republicans have designed a tax plan whose long-term aim is simple:

“Destroy the Welfare State”

and bring on

“The Corporate Rule”

They claim they want an unregulated free-market capitalism in the belief that it will restore the American Economy to the glory of the 1950s and 60s. However the tax plan puts into effect regulations that will implement the destruction of the Middle Class and the Poor while elevating the rich and changing the world into an oligarchy by Corporations.

In the short term of the long-term plan as the deficits rise more social programs will be cut. It will be the eventual end of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Real possibilities of California, New York and Massachusetts seceding from The USA may happen.

It will create a world of rich people similar to those in the 1920s that will lead to a Great Depression that will make the last Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

Trump’s vilification and objectification of others that don’t agree with him and/or lavish him with praise is setting a tone and a precedent for treating others that disagree with the people in power as enemies to be eliminated. His xenophobic policies towards immigrants, his objectifications of women his treatment of disaster victims (especially the ones that didn’t vote for him*) is setting a tone and a callous disregard for the middle class and poor.

This tone will be made law via the tax plan and is a code for the destruction of capitalism and democracy for all Americans and ultimately it will destroy what’s left of American democracy for the Middle Class and poor.

World War II was one of the quickest ways for America to rise up out the Great Depression and it has been a prescription for economy recovery – although it is now more expensive because these wars never end. They are the Resource Wars – Iraq and Afghanistan involves the resource of oil, in Vietnam it was metals for manufacturing. When the Middle Class and the Poor are beaten down more and more joining the military is a salvation. The oil resource is dying and renewables are the future – oil lines the pockets of the rich that have the power so its easier to take via war, destruction and death – a profitable industry for the super-rich.

When hope is gone and rage turns to violence many more will be incarcerated both in prison and possibly in prison camps – as political prisoners. Its also possible if not probably, many will leave the USA as refugees for other nations with better economic opportunities.


  • He never visited Northern or Southern Californian Fire Disaster zones and did not give the funding needed to recover.

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