Liberals and Conservatives – the short answers



Why Liberals Exist?

Short Answer: Liberals exist to remind everyone to be compassionate towards one another, to protect and nurture those that aren’t able to because of an unfair or imbalanced socio-political system. Liberals create laws for people to work together because fear and greed get in the way.

Why Conservatives Exist?

Short Answer: Conservatives believe in the simplicity of smaller government as a way to promote individual freedoms and opportunities for anyone to have the American Dream. Conservatives create fiscally responsible laws that keep government out of the way of freedom, independence and for its citizens to make money to support themselves.


What Liberals Claim that Conservatives Can’t See:

Conservatives are blind to their own privilege. They are living in a world of the past and from that assumption believe authority as in Big Government are stripping away their freedoms to provide for themselves. In their fear they have become ravenously greedy and want it all because they know best.

What Conservatives Claim that Liberals Can’t See:

Liberals want to give away the American Dream to people unwilling to work for it. They have created a massive Welfare State where lazy people are on the take. They believe that most people can’t think for themselves they don’t trust individual freedoms and have to make laws to insure freedom where it already exists. They make things complicated when they are simple.



Liberals and Conservatives used to govern in the past. In other words they sat down and discussed issues openly and reached compromises that were deemed fair.



Conservatives (mainly initiated by Newt Gingrich) have made liberals the enemy. (The Kochs and others want the government to do nothing that supports mutually beneficial legislation for the people. They support the “liberals are enemy” philosophy.) They meet in secret; they limit debate that would lead to real compromise. Liberals operate under fairness (a then philosophy) and have not developed a strategy to deal with this polarization of government as lead by Conservatives.


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