What’s Does It All Mean?

August 11, 2019:  Jupiter Direct, Uranus Retrograde

phases of the moon

[Direct from Retrograde and Retrograde from Direct are optical illusions that occur when a planet’s orbit moves as close to Earth as it will get in the course of its orbit around our Star. As you might surmise the astrological attributes of that planet will become more intense when a planet is closer to Earth or appearing to stand still in relationship to us]

Stats August 11th:

Jupiter Direct at 14 degrees 30 minutes Sagittarius 6:37 am – stationkeeping Aug 9 – 12

Uranus Retrograde at 06 degrees 37 minutes Taurus 7:26 pm PDT– stationkeeping Aug 8 – 14

[stationkeeping means planet is relatively stationary while awaiting apparent change of direction*]


Saturn remains in retrograde in 15 degrees Capricorn

Neptune remains in retrograde in 18 degrees Pisces

Pluto remains in retrograde in 21 degrees Capricorn


Jupiter Direct

I equate Jupiter with the mythos of Santa Claus, the happy (grandiose) planet of our Solar System. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is at home there. So, from August 9th to August 12th the effects of Jupiter (largess on an international scale) will be most intense. Individually the only warning I can think of is talking too much or spending too much money. This can be a feel good GREAT time. Enjoy.


Uranus Retrograde

Uranus is the trickster planet, a planet of evolution and revolution and is the higher octave of Mercury. Uranus goes retrograde a little over 12 hours from when Jupiter goes direct on August 11th. From August 8th through the 14th Uranus will be the most intense. Internationally this could me rioting in the street, financial markets going wild, potential outbreaks of conflict and so on. Personally, it could be disruption, excitement, great flashes of intuition, psychic communication – possibly.


However, since both Jupiter and Uranus are appearing to change direction on the same day there is an extra monkey wrench thrown-in. Be prepared – as much as that is possible – for larger than life disruptions and or excitement good luck to come your way.


Saturn and Pluto are 7 degrees apart in retrograde in Capricorn affecting intuitions, careers, and bones – a struggle for order versus rebuilding from the ashes.


Neptune is at home in Pisces so during retrograde (until late November) stay away from drugs and alcohol and work on your dreams/visions and your spirituality,