Mercury Retrograde 2nd cycle of 2020

June 17th – July 12th length of retrograde period when Mercury will be as close to the Earth during its orbit around the Sun.

the planet Mercury

From Jyotish (Hindu) Interpretation of Retrograding Planets – the attributes of Mercury mainly those of thought, communication, contracts, travel, machinery – will be intensely affected. Western astrologers would have us believe that retrograde means a turning inward of energies when there is no correlative evidence to support this, rather the close proximity of Mercury to the Earth increases the intensity for creating opportunities to meet the challenge of the “retrograde motion” in three ways:

  • Actively rising to the challenge of Mercurial attributes
  • Receptively observing the attributes of Mercury
  • Remaining Neutral or in a Witness State in the face the effects of Mercury

Other astrological events during this cycle of Mercury Retrograde:

Pluto begins to blend energies with The US Birth Chart of 7/4/1776 and will be exact on 2/20/2022 meaning that from now until October of 2023 altogether-it will be blending. The experiment of American Democracy may come to an end and something else may arise from its ashes or Democracy may be reborn. This promises to be a time of death and rebirth.

It will be a particularly intense Mercury in Retrograde due to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all in retrograde and close to blending energies. Remember Pluto in Capricorn represents large institutions like government and corporations as well as patriarchal values – with Jupiter – think expansion / grandiosity will mostly like make the crisis bigger or add hope and may portend an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity and Saturn -authority constrain, accomplishment in the patriarch showing signs of promise as it moves into Aquarius and then retrogrades back into Capricorn cleaning up patriarchy karma in the excesses of capitalism with regard to democracy and climate change.

Look for intensity in June, July and August.

Add to this that on July 4th there will be a penumbra (partial) Lunar Eclipse – although it will only be 35% visible. On a meta level shadow material of Capricorn – the patriarchy will be released on the 244th year of the birth of the USA. So shadow material of the birth of the US will also be released.

When a planet appears to change direction it slows down and appears to virtually stand still only moving in minutes or seconds – this is called stationing. Mercury stations for up to a day or less in both it’s “turn” to go retrograde and then direct. Outer planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto station retrograde and direct for as many as 15 days. When a planet stations it is more intense than when it goes retrograde or direct.

Below is the Mercury Retrograde chart for the 2nd cycle:



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