The Biggest Nonsensical Solution /Hoax to COVID19 prevention and cure

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It’s Blow-Drying your nose.  Really?

The YouTube Video I saw made sense in the narrowest of parameters (and has been taken down by YouTube btw).

The video claimed that viruses can be killed through high heat at 133 ˚ F. While this may be true there are a number of fallacies at work here.

  • When you breathe in through your nose or mouth viruses are inhaled into your lungs. THEY DON’T STAY IN YOUR NOSE – Oh yeah, we’re just waiting our turn to get into your lungs. Really?
  • You can’t blow-dry your nose 24/7
  • What about your mouth? Many people breathe in through the mouth and/or nose.
  • Touching surfaces and transfer the virus into your eyes – the mucus membrane of your eyes. The eyes could get infected through aerosol carrying viruses contacting the eyes.
  • Blow drying your mouth & eyes seem – well – stupid. And dangerous to the eyes.
  • Isn’t this an excuse to sell hair driers to people that don’t already have them?


All things that seem reasonable at first glance hit our fear buttons and encourage us to skip our common sense.  If you see a claim that seems reasonable don’t jump on it immediately. Don’t let you fear be your guide. Our bodies may feel the fear while our emotions are bypassed and we jump on a solution.

Here logic is your friend.

First – allow yourself to calm down so you can think through the “solution”. In the case of the Blow-Dryer – the fact that it was taken down – says something. Second check with the CDC website, or other websites that don’t spout conspiracy theories.  Wait a day or two and re-visit the information.

Think about the Blow-Drier in a broader context. If all the viruses were hanging out in your nose before they crept into your nasal passages down your throat into your body, then sure use the blow-dryer. But if you’re breathing the Blow Dryer while it might kill off a few its not going to get most of them.

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