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I am pleased to announce that my new book is nearly ready to go to my editor after a second draft. (I began the first draft in October 2019 and finished it in February of 2020.)

The new book is a memoir based on my rather strange life and evolution as a healer. Even though it is a non-fiction account of the salient points in my life of evolving consciousness and struggle in life’s trenches it reads in a stranger than fiction manner.

There will be a print book with a small number of photographs scattered in the text. There will be an e-book (following the print book very closely) with links and the possibility of an audio book too. Formatted – it is slightly over 200 pages.

Suggestions for further readings from other works of fiction and non-fiction as well as selections from this blog will be included fairly soon.


The works of Ken Wilber

Entering The Circle by Olga Kharatidi, Psychiatrist – entering the invisible world of Belldovia aka Shambhalla

Articles from my blog: Psychesweather:

The-Locus-Of-Consciousness does consciousness originate in the brain or elsewhere.






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