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The bigger frame: In 2025 a 6,000-year cycle comes to an end; namely the Kali Yuga. This is not an abrupt end like the slamming of a car door. There is a 300-year transition period before the next cycle of 2,700 years begins: The Ascending Dwapara Yuga.

The Kali Yuga named for the Hindu Goddess Kali – she is the Goddess of Time, Power, Destruction and Creation. In her earliest of appearances, she is known as “the destroyer of evil forces” (see link below). Much like Pluto, Greek God of the Underworld representative of the Phoenix – he is a symbol of destruction followed by creation, Kali is similar.

We need only look at the world around us to see the separation and divisive self-centeredness that is current in-control of the world in this dominant hierarchy to realize that we are in the final stages of the Ascending Kali Yuga – a time of destruction before rebirth.

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March 11, 2020 to March 21, 2020 Saturn sits at the last degree of Capricorn 29 degrees

Straight data: Decision making is slow or even frozen with extraordinary time being spent weighing possible actions to take. Negative karma of the patriarchy being stuck in time and erring on the side of inaction could be the norm especially for the United States.

Astro Tech: Saturn in astrology is about time and the constraints of time. Because Saturn is exalted in Capricorn (rules Capricorn) it belongs to the male patriarchal tradition. The constraints of time within the Saturnian frame is the authority for discipline, hard work, focus, and established traditions. There is an implication of judgment, the wisdom of old age implicit in the ways of Saturn as well as austerity especially in terms of economics and money. It has also been termed the planet of karma – lessons, what goes around comes around.

Any planet at 29 degrees is one in a crisis. With Saturn at 29 degrees think of all the negative attributes being crammed into the 29th degree and with regard to Saturn / Capricorn it is the negative karma of the patriarchy being indecisive.

March 19th Spring Equinox

Straight data: A feeling of hope.

Astro Tech: 8:49 pm Sun moves into Aries, Moon (emotion) in Aquarius

On March 21 at 9 pm to July 1st

Straight data: If lockdowns are made worldwide lives will be saved – duh, and once that occurs the Coronavirus may mutate out of existence* and /or allow many humans to develop a natural immunity. The economy will show signs of recovery.

*or may appear to go dormant.

Astro Tech: Saturn moves into Aquarius and returns to Capricorn on July 1, 2020:

First Week of July to December 16th

Straight data: look for civil unrest. Populist movements could butt heads and challenge government authority. A mutant strain of Coronavirus could portend a 2nd outbreak.

Astro Tech: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn play tag by blending energies. Uranus supports revolt.


NOTE: Kali




How Astrology Works

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Fractal Geometry is analogous to one way Shamans see



I view astrology lightly. It’s one tool amongst many for navigating through life’s challenges and accentuating the blessings. Besides astrology I use many of the following for navigating life’s passages:

  • Aims and Goals (an aim is a goal without an end such as “relieving suffering”)
  • My will
  • Inner or spiritual practices
  • My gut (intuition)
  • Intellect
  • Empathy – Emotional Maturity
  • Somatic Knowing
  • Shaman practices


The Three Explanations of “why” astrology works (theories)

Astrology deals in parameters.

If we filter astrology parameters through negative / fear screens the parameters become limiting. If we look at the filters without a positive or negative bent – with neutrality then caution may be exercised. I often experiment with positive astrological parameters to see how a result might manifest between extremes – the results are surprising in a good way.

Explanation One – Astrology Correlates

When the ancient astronomers- also astrologers observed the planets and the moon they noticed the relationships of various movements with seasons of earth: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Phases of the moon. Planets and stars were then associated with the mythology of spring, winter and so on. Other visible planets were tracked out to Saturn and brought into the mythology. Astronomy and astrology have long ago been separated.

Explanation Two – Physics Causalities

Both the gravitational force or fields (GF) and the electromagnetic field (EMF) around planets, moons, the sun, asteroids, comets and other debris in our solar system have been measured by astrophysicists and studied. The entire solar system has a discernible field. It only makes sense that the astrophysics of the community of planets within the sun’s gravitational field along with the EMF and the GF has subtle effects between planets as suggested by astrology.

Explanation Three – Shaman’s Holistic Perspective

The Shaman’s reality combines correlates, astrophysics causalities and a Living Being – The Solar Community of our local star into a personalized knowing of relationships in a wider context. It’s possible that ancient astrologers / astronomers like the three Magi, that followed a star or comet to bring gifts to the newborn Christ were shamans.

Shamans have the ability to “see” / experience reality in macro and micro perspectives through an inclusion principle. In other words, shamans may experience the solar system either in their physical bodies or in their electromagnetic fields produced by their bodies. This is analogous to fractal geometry – as above/so below.



Mercury Retrograde 2nd cycle of 2020

June 17th – July 12th length of retrograde period when Mercury will be as close to the Earth during its orbit around the Sun.

the planet Mercury

From Jyotish (Hindu) Interpretation of Retrograding Planets – the attributes of Mercury mainly those of thought, communication, contracts, travel, machinery – will be intensely affected. Western astrologers would have us believe that retrograde means a turning inward of energies when there is no correlative evidence to support this, rather the close proximity of Mercury to the Earth increases the intensity for creating opportunities to meet the challenge of the “retrograde motion” in three ways:

  • Actively rising to the challenge of Mercurial attributes
  • Receptively observing the attributes of Mercury
  • Remaining Neutral or in a Witness State in the face the effects of Mercury

Other astrological events during this cycle of Mercury Retrograde:

Pluto begins to blend energies with The US Birth Chart of 7/4/1776 and will be exact on 2/20/2022 meaning that from now until October of 2023 altogether-it will be blending. The experiment of American Democracy may come to an end and something else may arise from its ashes or Democracy may be reborn. This promises to be a time of death and rebirth.

It will be a particularly intense Mercury in Retrograde due to Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all in retrograde and close to blending energies. Remember Pluto in Capricorn represents large institutions like government and corporations as well as patriarchal values – with Jupiter – think expansion / grandiosity will mostly like make the crisis bigger or add hope and may portend an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity and Saturn -authority constrain, accomplishment in the patriarch showing signs of promise as it moves into Aquarius and then retrogrades back into Capricorn cleaning up patriarchy karma in the excesses of capitalism with regard to democracy and climate change.

Look for intensity in June, July and August.

Add to this that on July 4th there will be a penumbra (partial) Lunar Eclipse – although it will only be 35% visible. On a meta level shadow material of Capricorn – the patriarchy will be released on the 244th year of the birth of the USA. So shadow material of the birth of the US will also be released.

When a planet appears to change direction it slows down and appears to virtually stand still only moving in minutes or seconds – this is called stationing. Mercury stations for up to a day or less in both it’s “turn” to go retrograde and then direct. Outer planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto station retrograde and direct for as many as 15 days. When a planet stations it is more intense than when it goes retrograde or direct.

Below is the Mercury Retrograde chart for the 2nd cycle:



Full and New Moons of 2020


Also included Lunar and Solar Eclipses as well as Equinoxes and Solstices

There are 13 Full Moons in 2020, three Super Full Moons, four Partial Lunar Eclipses, a Harvest and a Blue Moon.

There are 12 New Moons in 2020, One Partial Solar Eclipses (with ring of light around the moon) and one Total Solar Eclipse.


Tracking Full Moons of 2020

01-2020-Full-Moons* A Super Full Moon is one that is closest to Earth during her orbit

Tracking Lunar Eclipses of 2020

2020 Lunar Eclipses



Tracking New Moons of 2020



Tracking Solar Eclipses of 2020

2020 Solar Eclipses


Equinoxes and Solstices (with Moons) of 2020

2020b Equinixes & Solstice






Tracking Planets in Retrograde and Direction Motion in 2020

Each year I track the parameters of planetary retrograde and direct motion that is both an astronomical and an astrological phenomenon.

In astrology a retrograde planet (meaning all planets – mercury to Pluto go retrograde except Earth, Earth’s Moon Eris is excluded because it is too far way and stays in retrograde far longer than Pluto to Mercury) go retrograde and then direct.

Contrary to popular lore a retrograde planet does not literally move backwards against the Zodiac or background star constellations.  This is an appearance or “optical illusion”. Astronomically a retrograding planet when retrograding is as close to Earth as will happen during its orbit.

Western astrologers assert that the energy of a retrograding planet makes the energy of said planet turn inward – fouling up communications, thinking, travel and contracts. It makes more sense from a Vedic or Jyotish (Eastern or Hindu Astrology) rubric that the energy of the planet is more intense because it’s closest to Earth.  Our reactions to a retrograding planet can force screw-ups or present challenges to overcome. If we fall victim to “inward” stuff then it’s easier to blame Mercury retrograde than it is taking responsibility for one’s actions.

What follows are three charts of Retrograding and Direct “Motion” of planets (in a Western Astrological format):

01 Mercury & Venus Motion plus Key

figure 1 Mercury and Venus


In figure 1 – above. The first of each month is used as a referent point to show where each planet is and it’s motion (D in blue indicates Direct Motion. R in red indicates Retrograde Motion).

Station Direct refers to a planet moving in “direct motion as a transition to moving retrograde”. Station refers to a phenomena of a planet standing virtually still in relationship to Earth. It appears to be standing still.  It’s only moving by forward by seconds.  A planet’s location is denoted in degrees of a background constellation. For instance on January 10th Mercury is at 19 degrees Capricorn 20 minutes (and some seconds – not shown in the chart above. (see figure 4.1 for an example of Mercury going from Station Direct (SD) to Station Retrograde (SR) ).

Station Retrograde refers to a planet moving in “retrograde motion as a transition to moving direct”. Station refers to a phenomena of a planet standing virtually still in relationship to Earth. It appears to be standing still.  It’s only moving in the case of retrograde by backward by seconds.  A planet’s location is denoted in degrees of a background constellation. For instance on March 9th Mercury is at 12 degrees Pisces 53 minutes (and some seconds – not shown in the chart above. (see figure 4.2 for an example of Mercury going from Station Direct (SD) to Station Retrograde (SR)).

Each SD (Station Direct) to SR (Station Direct) and vice versa exists in a window. Mercury windows are relatively short up to 12 hours on each side, but these are variable. Pluto stationing, both SD and SR are much longer and can last up to 20 days (see figure 5). When a planet is in a stationing window whether it is Station Direct or Station Retrograde the intensity of the energies are magnified more than in the Retrograde window.

What follows are figure 2 – Mars, Saturn and Jupiter motion, followed by figure 3 – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Motion:


02 Mars, Jupiter & Saturn Motion


December 31, 2020 is added as a referent point in figure 3 below.

03 Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Motion


Examples of Station Direct and Station Retrogrades for one Mercury cycle (4a and 4b) and for Uranus (5.1 and 5.2):

4a Mercury stationing

4.1 – Mercury D to R and R to D – 4.2



2020 Uranus to Direct
5.1 Uranus stationing Retrograde to go Direct

2020 Uranius to retro
5.2 Uranus stationing Direct to go Retrograde


What’s Does It All Mean?

August 11, 2019:  Jupiter Direct, Uranus Retrograde

phases of the moon

[Direct from Retrograde and Retrograde from Direct are optical illusions that occur when a planet’s orbit moves as close to Earth as it will get in the course of its orbit around our Star. As you might surmise the astrological attributes of that planet will become more intense when a planet is closer to Earth or appearing to stand still in relationship to us]

Stats August 11th:

Jupiter Direct at 14 degrees 30 minutes Sagittarius 6:37 am – stationkeeping Aug 9 – 12

Uranus Retrograde at 06 degrees 37 minutes Taurus 7:26 pm PDT– stationkeeping Aug 8 – 14

[stationkeeping means planet is relatively stationary while awaiting apparent change of direction*]


Saturn remains in retrograde in 15 degrees Capricorn

Neptune remains in retrograde in 18 degrees Pisces

Pluto remains in retrograde in 21 degrees Capricorn


Jupiter Direct

I equate Jupiter with the mythos of Santa Claus, the happy (grandiose) planet of our Solar System. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is at home there. So, from August 9th to August 12th the effects of Jupiter (largess on an international scale) will be most intense. Individually the only warning I can think of is talking too much or spending too much money. This can be a feel good GREAT time. Enjoy.


Uranus Retrograde

Uranus is the trickster planet, a planet of evolution and revolution and is the higher octave of Mercury. Uranus goes retrograde a little over 12 hours from when Jupiter goes direct on August 11th. From August 8th through the 14th Uranus will be the most intense. Internationally this could me rioting in the street, financial markets going wild, potential outbreaks of conflict and so on. Personally, it could be disruption, excitement, great flashes of intuition, psychic communication – possibly.


However, since both Jupiter and Uranus are appearing to change direction on the same day there is an extra monkey wrench thrown-in. Be prepared – as much as that is possible – for larger than life disruptions and or excitement good luck to come your way.


Saturn and Pluto are 7 degrees apart in retrograde in Capricorn affecting intuitions, careers, and bones – a struggle for order versus rebuilding from the ashes.


Neptune is at home in Pisces so during retrograde (until late November) stay away from drugs and alcohol and work on your dreams/visions and your spirituality,


Sunday – The Gateway 7-28-19


The inconjunct or quincunx is a 150 degree angle. When two inconjunct angles focus on a planet or asteroid approaching from opposite directions and joined by a sextile angle of 60 degrees. This is called a Yod. When multiple Yods are configured in a chart in a certain manner a Star of David can manifest. This is an uncommon event. Below is a Star of David absent one sextile of a 5 basic triangular yods (duplicated x1 to make 6 yods).

A star of david- almost
Figure 1 almost a “Star of David”



Mars / Juno and Moon inconjunct Saturn

Social/Political – Yod or a “finger of god” fated aspect of great power, could represent a power struggle of an explosive nature that is both passionate and stubborn with breakthrough elements of heart-oriented action

Personal – Yod or a “finger of god” fated aspect of great power could represent a breakthrough in a power struggle at work or in your personal life. Get in-touch with your emotions utilizing passion and balanced emotions to confront authority.


Neptune and Saturn inconjunct Mars / Juno 

Social/Political – Yod or a “finger of god” fated aspect of great power, when the power is balanced great advances can be made, when a controlling obsessive-compulsive is present then the destiny element of this ‘finger of god” may be blocked deception may be used to seize power illicitly. On the higher plain high ideals and authority/accomplishment can motivate actions that combine with partnership energies to breakthrough illusions of deceptions to bring darker or shadowy elements to justice.

Personal – Yod or a “finger of god” fated aspect of great power. Today avoid using mind-altering drugs or alcohol as they may help cement illusions and delusions and allow you to feel deceived by anyone you have ceded power to or are in a struggle with, this could happen between friends or in a close intimate relationship creating strife and conflict on the lower vibrational end. On a higher plane when the energies are balanced then the powers of crisp spiritual mysteries and an ownership of your own story can allow you a feeling of divine safety in actions especially those related to cooperative partnerships.


Neptune and Vesta inconjunct Pallas Athena 

Social/Political – Yod or a “finger of god” fated aspect of great power. On the higher vibrational side this could indicate a spiritual base service coupled with a driving commitment to champion the oppressed and/or vulnerable. On the lower side this could portend use of dark energies with the use of drugs or powerful illusions to punish the oppressed and/or vulnerable peoples in the world.

Personal – Yod or a “finger of god” fated aspect of great power. This a good day to avoid the use of mind altering drugs or alcohol. Practice mindfulness – remember yourself and your breath as you ground and work on being of service to the vulnerable aspects of yourself and others. By applying this sensitivity you can act as an example bringing inspiration to being of service to your higher self. By not doing reality checks – practicing good communication skills you could fall prey to wanting to control indulging in righteous fashion.


Jupiter and Pallas Athena inconjunct Vesta 

Social/Political – Yod or a “finger of god” fated aspect of great power. International beneficent forces and the power of the oppressed unite today to give birth to a new energy of service that could work on multi-levels: 1. Open new financial markets and opportunities for investments; 2. Allow yin and/or feminine service energies to accept help from the international community and create a birth of new powerful movement of empowerment for the oppressed and vulnerable; and 3. Create a new world-wide movement to free expression. The reverse could also be true on a lower vibrational scale – utilizing a power and money to suppress movements towards freedom.

Personal – Yod or a “finger of god” fated aspect of great power. By allowing for inspiration to occur without excessive grandiosity there can be a rebirth in friendships and intimate relationships. On the lower side – identifying and becoming attached to the need to be right, indecisive and rigid is a way to stop communication and put up walls. If you find this happening, go within and find the core of your innocent, remind yourself of what inspires you and how that inspiration is connected to others.

Overcoming – “The Mercury Retrograde Blame-Game”

Planet Mercury – closest planet to our Sun

What did we all do when we didn’t see the negative, downside of thinking and communicating on Mercury Retrograde? I got a second-hand report that Mercury Retrograde starts affecting everyone 3 days before it actually goes retrograde. There is a phenomenon in astrology and astronomy where a planet appears to stand still in relation to Earth. This is called stationing. That three-day period has nothing to do with Mercury stationing. It has more to do with fueling the Chicken-Little hysteria and “The Blame Mercury Retrograde Game”. You too can play so you can go wild and crazy and up your stress levels. Sounds like fun, right? NOT! The three-day period before Mercury retrograde is usually less than half a day when stationing is in play.


Stationing Explained —–      During the summer solstice the amount of daylight around June 21st only changes by seconds leading up to 6/21 and the same in the days following. It could be up to 20 days of only changes in seconds in the amount of daylight. This is an example of stationing in the Northern Hemisphere near or above the Tropic of Cancer in the continental US and other countries that fall near the Tropic of Cancer. Move further from Earth and stationing becomes longer and seconds moves to minutes and degrees.

Pluto (non-planet, though still considered a planet in astrology) takes a longer time to station than Mercury. Mercury going retrograde on July 7th took 10 hours 7 minutes of stationing before retrograding at 4:15 pm PDT. Pluto stations (appears to stand still beginning on 9/28/19 goes direct – out of retrograde on 10/2 and continues to station until 10/8/19 for eleven days of stationing.

Retrograde Mercury has gotten more bad press than any other retrograding planets. Mercury goes retrograde 3 times a year for 3 weeks.

Pluto and Mercury in retrograde —–      Pluto an outer planet is the transformational planet. Pluto destroys in order to create something new from the ashes. When it transits a planet, a house – such as the ascendant read: personality presented to the world; or mid-heaven read: meaning of life and / or career – work, it wreaks havoc. But, since no one pays much attention this challenge is squandered by most. Pluto has been in retrograde since April 24 and will go direct on October 2, it will affect the greater population and world more intensely and those born in January, November, August and April in the most challenging ways on these dates: 10th through the 16th approximately. Pluto will have been retrograding 5 months, 1 week and 2 days. But, oh yeah, blame all of Pluto retrograding on Mercury. Just kidding.

Part of Being a Change Agent —–      People who know a little folklore about Mercury Retrograde and not much about astrology or other retrograding planets load more importance on Mercury Retrograde rather than take responsibility for their feelings, behaviors and decisively act. Other Western Astrologers get into the fear game too, in my opinion, and many don’t as well. Many Western Astrologers talk about the shadow period after a planet retrogrades and goes direct it covers the degrees it went over while retrograding and this has significance. This is astrologers being influenced by predatory capitalism and sloppy thinking after all a retrograde “motion” is an optical illusion. The only “shadow” experience doesn’t have to do with a shadow at all. When a planet retrogrades, our experiences are one of increased intensity due to the planet’s proximity to Earth. Retrograde is indicative of two factors astronomically: 1. It “appears” to go backwards across the zodiac in relationship to our point of view on Earth (Animation Gif of Retrograding Mars); and 2. The retrograding planet is as close to Earth as it will be in the course of its orbit around our star, the Sun.

Retrogrades are About Intensity  —–      Vedic or Jyotish Astrologers interpret retrograde motion as an increase of intensity of the attributes of the retrograde planet due to its proximity to Earth (as close as it will be in its orbit). Western Astrologers believe that the energies of the planet are turned inward making life difficult and, in my opinion, setting up a victim mind-set. When it goes direct its orbit is farther away from earth, so less intense.

Taking Command during Mercury Retrogrades  —–      Once a belief has been created, perceptual filters formed where like-others and/or community shares a belief then free-floating fears and anxieties become attached to the belief and it is re-enforced. This can be said of any belief.

One example of a Change-Agent is a willingness to examine beliefs especially ones based on fears and anxieties even if they are mild.

Possible steps to overcoming beliefs that block our path towards personal truth:

  1. Observing oneself dispassionately with regard to gathering information. If judgments arise suspend them, differ them and/or soften them. Don’t go into fix-it mode. Observing is the first step. You are gathering information about yourself. (see also Autogenic Training);
  2. Once you have enough data – say for example 9 weeks of periodic observations you made during 3 weeks before, during and after a Mercury Retrograde period. During the next Mercury retrograde period (approximately every 4 months) put in an experiment with actions that counter your normal (9 weeks – 3weeks before, during and after) Mercury Retrograde behaviors with the rubric that the attributes of Mercury are more intense. (the next Mercury Retrograde period is October 31, 2019 and ends on November 20, 2019).
  3. The object of the experiment isn’t necessarily to make your fears associated with Mercury Retrograde “go away”. It is to “test” that if a different way of thinking or acting has any overall effect on your state during Mercury Retrograde. One way of implementing this test could be the following: Anxiety goes up or a fear appears and an immediate thought is Mercury Retrograde. When you catch yourself thinking it’s because of Mercury Retrograde ask yourself – “Is the intensity of the situation right now influencing my feelings, thoughts and actions in any way?” If yes then ask yourself – “What are the challenges I am being presented with right now.” Choose one challenge and with your mind’s eye confront the challenge and overcome it, or soften the challenge with you mind so it doesn’t appear so daunting.

This has been an experiment and is by no-means complete.


A final note: “I get sensitive to Mercury Retrograde”  —–      Inherent in this quote is that sensitivity is not desirable especially during Mercury Retrograde. More likely Person A is feels more sensitive due to the fear’s others have and is sensitive to those fears. Sensitivity has been given a bad rap in our culture.

Once one identifies that sensitivity isn’t a bad thing where one is made to feel a victim for being “too sensitive”. My mother used to project her feelings of upset onto me and I would burst into tears. She would admonish me for being too sensitive and tell me to “act like a man” and be angry with me. Really, I was expressing/acting-out her suppressed feelings of frustration and grief without realizing it. Practice is needed in identifying the emotions of others and building a strong sense of self in dealing with others emotions and my emotion response. Sensitivity is actually a strength when we’re (the sensitive empaths) are not being overcome by others emotions.

This requires skill building and a new mindset to see that sensitivity is a good thing.


Mercury Retrograde – Be a Change-Agent

In other words don’t play the Mercury retrograde blame game

planet Mercury

[This a reprint of an article from 2015 with current events added]

Mercury is retrograde from July 7th through July 31st 2019


As an astrological practitioner I used to think that astrology was a correlative system developed by the ancients to match astronomical phenomena to current Mythos. According to an article by a physicist, astrology is the study of the relationships of electromagnetic fields around planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies. It feels that both are true. However since astrology is a tool, I don’t want to be thought of as just an Astrologer. I work as a Shaman with the tool of astrology in my bag.

Astrology is a tool to help us take charge and be a change-agent especially during the intensity of retrograding planets. Now’s the time, so take charge!

An astrology teacher once advised me not to go backpacking into Desolation Wilderness in the High Sierra of Northern California because of a Saturn transit which indicated a possible fall and broken bones. I told her: “I’ll be careful.” I didn’t fall nor did I break any bones.

I know people that use astrology to justify their fears and stop them selves from doing this or that because of what planet is this way or that way. I call this Victim-Astrology, the use of astrology as a way to curb behaviors as if there were a giant code in the sky that could tell us the right or wrong way to do something.  This could be an example of becoming a tool of astrology rather than using astrology as a tool.

Retrogrades and Mercury Retrograde

The term retrograde is applied to all planetary bodies in our solar system except Earth, the Moon and the Sun.  Retrograde is the apparent motion of a planet that appears to go backwards against the zodiac from the point of view of being on planet Earth.  A retrograding planet is an optical illusion. The planet is not going backwards in the sky (see the link at the end of this report for a visual demonstration and a second link for more information on retrograde motion). During a retrograde motion the planet is as close to the Earth as it will get during its orbit.

Western Astrologers claim that during Mercury retrograding communications become more difficult as if they weren’t already difficult enough. In addition to that thinking, contracts, machinery breakdowns (especially computers and automobiles), and travel snafus are more common during this time. Often times clients will call me to ask if Mercury is in retrograde because communications are off in their lives and more often than not the retrograde is not happening.

The complexity of our culture, the speed in which technology and change occur and the institutions that we once relied on for stability have been for many years have been destabilizing. Climate-change, growth of the power of Corporations, failures of governments are examples of the destabilizing factors. Looking to a phenomena beyond our control is a good way to – at the very least – explain what is happening and at worst is a way to abdicate our sense of responsibility and put the blame on Mercury retrograde.

Are we making a self-fulfilling prophecy when we blame Mercury Retrograde for our problems?  Probably.  If so this is an error in judgment when we blame Mercury retrograde for problems that could happen at any time.  What about all the events that go right during the Mercury retrograde period?  When you look for problems through the filter of Mercury retrograding are you not more likely to find them? Western Astrologers make the problems of Mercury Retrograde worse by playing on our fears. They write about adversity and those wishing to know more feed into these fears and make matter worse. Western Astrology assumes that the energies of a planet in retrograde make the energies go inward. This is deductive logic at work. Communications are difficult as I look for all the examples that make my case.  But logic is does not always reveal truth, for example – if all cops wear blue than if I am wear blue I must be a cop. When we fall victim to astrology, mainly Mercury Retrograde we may unwittingly fall into victim-think. Is it not better to rise to a challenge by meeting it when we feel able to do so, than running away because we are afraid?

Since Mercury is the closest planet to Earth and it is closer still during a retrograde period (usually 3 weeks 3 times per year) it follows that the electromagnetic influences may be more intense than when Mercury appears in direct motion (going forward against the background planets and stars). There seem to be three choices that could be made with regard to Mercury retrograding.

  1. Engage in the intensity
  2. Remain neutral, observing oneself and acting from a neutral base
  3. Retreat, and meditate

I have come to see this as an empowering choice for clients and myself instead of a way to limit our actions due to a certain point of view. And in fact Vedic or Jyotish Astrology interprets retrogrades in the much the same way.

Other Planets Retrograding or going Retrograde / Direct in 2019

Jupiter remains retrograde until August 11 at 6:37am PDT at 14 Sagittarius 30
Uranus goes retrograde August 11 at 7:2 pm at 06 Taurus 37


Saturn remains retrograde until September 18 at 1:47am at 13 Capricorn 55


Pluto remains retrograde until October 2 at 11:39pm PDT at 20 Capricorn 38
Neptune remains retrograde until November 27 at 4:32am 15 Pisces 56


Mercury retrogrades on October 31 at 8:41am PDT at 27 degrees 58 seconds Scorpio

Mercury goes direct on November 20 at 11:12 am PST at 11 degrees 38 minutes Scorpio


An animation for retrograding Mars:

Animation Gif of Retrograding Mars


The Karmic Full Moon in Libra

The Moon with appear full on Thursday 4/19 and Friday 4/19

Any planet at 29 degrees of any sign is karmic because it is represents the penultimate energy of that sign about to complete itself as it moves into the next sign. Most people constrict in fear and trembling when the word karma is mentioned. Most of us associate karma with payback in a negative way. While that may be true there are positive paybacks as well.

Lunar cycles are about emotions. A new moon begins the cycle with planting seeds (when gravity’s pull down into the earth is stronger – especially true when a new moon is in an earth sign – Taurus for spring and summer crops; Virgo for fall and winter crops in the Northern Hemisphere – reversed in the Southern Hemisphere). Planting emotional seeds under a new moon can be harvested during a full moon.

The Full Moon (March 3, 2019 – 9:43 pm EDT in Washington, DC) was at zero degrees Libra and represented the peak of singular relationship with oneself borne of innocence presenting lessons to yang lead relationships, service to a higher ideal, and revolutionary power struggles. Relationships to struggling to expand the battle between yin and yang.

The New Moon occurred on Friday April 5, 2019 at 4:50 am EDT in Washington, DC. the day of planting emotional seeds. This beginning was a time of paying back karma on every level from the patriarch into the new world.

The Full Moon at 29 degrees 07 minutes Libra on Friday April 19, 2019 at 7:12 am EDT in Washington, DC is about yin energy reaching fulfillment and balance in relationships. Its the Goddess energy receiving energy from the old order while being in service to a new way of being in the world. The Goddess energies in women (and men plus all other gendered and non-gendered peoples) are receiving intensely powerful and expansive energies. Emotionally we are being transformed by completion energies and repressed secrets coming to light for a compassionate revolution to occur.  Goddess energies are being fed by receiving debt owed from held secrets made public or held in abeyance.

The transformation energies are impossible to avoid. Embrace them and let them flow through you or their manifestation may be more difficult in the future.