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I’m not a Consumer

I’m a free person!

“Yeah, right…”

Add sarcasm here.


This is a simple logic argument with two premises where healthcare and healthcare insurance went from being a service to being a predatory profit high growth business.

Context is required here.

“Greed is good.”

We cannot take healthcare as a service and healthcare insurance out of the context of an insanely profit driven system that puts the health and well-being of 100% of humans’ health at risk. And it isn’t just healthcare its – well everything is at risk. It’s the snake that eats its own tail. And we are all to blame.

In the Oliver Stone film Wall Street, the character Gordon Gekko said “Greed is good.” Stone was tapping into the zeitgeist of America and the origins of predatory capitalism that was building towards the insanity that is now – worldwide.

How it has happened – here are some factors involved (but not all):

  • World-Wide Corporate Power exploded with deregulation under President Reagan.
  • Representative Governments sell-out to Corporate Power
  • The USA Republicans became the tools of Corporate Power under the free-enterprise system
  • The Democrats followed the Republican sell-out model beginning with Bill Clinton’s second term as President
  • The Republicans have been plotting to end the Democratic control of the Country by whatever means necessary – enter Trump the ultimate tool of Corporate Power and corruption
  • The Baby-Boomers – for the most part dropped out of politics for the New Age movement or Spiritual Development at the expensive of political activism for the most part. Other Boomers became millionaires and even billionaires while others just went along with the status quo (“Our leaders will take care of us,” attitude because we elected them and were under the illusion that they represent the people.) Or lost faith in government after Nixon and Watergate. Subsequent generations have just gone along with “the status quo”.


What has been happening and where the Climate aka World-Wide Health Crisis originated (but not all):

  • Free-market capitalism will police itself. Well, only in terms of maximizing profits in the short term. Pollution? What’s that?
  • The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was signed into being by Nixon but was never given real power to effectively stop polluters from polluting.
  • And we – former citizens – made into consumers by the facts of capitalism in its extreme continued passively to accept polluting technologies.
  • No one with maybe one exception has raised the issue of what is a healthy planet – Patch Adams and how the health or non-health of the planet has contributed to human beings’ health.
  • Why healthcare is a human right? Corporations and the citizens / consumers have made blind choices to the worship of money, profit and greed to an increasing toxic world for the sake of increasing comforts and convenience
  • Consumer passivity – who has time for activism when you’re working two jobs and so is your partner to provide for your family. (All part of the oppressive / suppressive oligarchical design aka keep the consumer in-line.)
  • And the upcoming mass extinction event coming to a multiplex near you or maybe too close to you.



The two premises are:

  1. Healthcare Industry is a gambling industry based on the odds that you will not fall ill. Their job is not to pay for your claim regarding your illness if at all possible. Their primary aim is making money, their secondary aim is paying for your partial healthcare costs.
  2. Health does not occur in a vacuum. It’s related to an environmentally balanced world. A planet that receives toxic substances grows increasing unbalanced until its systems require balance. If a number of humans or all the humans are eliminated the planet will seek to rebalance her/him/itself. Thus, the upcoming mass extinction event.


Healthcare as a human right. Water belongs to the people. A Bill of Rights for the Planet. These are antithetical to the world-wide corporate cabal and needed for the survival of the human species on the planet.

Is it too late? Maybe or maybe not. We’ll never know unless we go for it.

When is it ever too late to relieve suffering?

Never is my answer.

All the systems of modern life are synergistically related to human healthcare, the health (toxicity) of the planet etc. income inequality, substandard justice, the USA continually at war, Machiavellian Politics and the use of the scapegoat to name a few. At time where worldwide cooperation is needed to provide community solutions to the Climate Crisis the fomented atmosphere of the US of A is every person for themselves – and blame problems on non-white groups mainly immigrants, LGBTQ, and religious groups such as Muslims. This mentality has infected every element of our culture. Fear, anger, rage and sometimes violence has been promulgated to keep people divided and oppressed. The corporate has secretly promoted an “us versus them” to keep government from doing anything that would assist her citizens.

By the way the internet aka Social Media provides the illusion of immediate solutions the same way people solved all the problems of the world in coffeehouses by just talking about it. So many of us go ballistic when politics doesn’t keep pace with what we want. We’ve been lured into an either / or dynamic of seemingly quick change. A change in politics takes a long time, although when our money is effected voting patterns foster seeming changes.





What is: slapped in the face by the climate crisis

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One Earth / One Home – our home and the eviction process has begun

We don’t have to read another article or post on social media to know the world’s fucked-up right now. Of course, it’s been fucked up for some time especially here in the USA but we’ve been too busy working our asses off and getting nowhere to notice.

The question is how do we fix it? This is a complex issue in big part due to governmental co-called representatives both Republicans and Democrats that have been bought off by special interests. Mostly they represent corporations and don’t respond to the needs of us citizens. There are a few exceptions. You know who most likely. The GOP and the Dems are as divided in polar opposite camps just as most everybody else seems at war with the other guy. Everybody for themselves? Isn’t that what the American Dream has become. More money breeds the need for more money and so on… There is sadness and grief in that both from the greed and lust for money and power – the panting of a thirsty/ravenous dog, and those of us terrorized by the dog.

Part of the problem is that beginning in the 1970s corporations stop making good products and providing excellent service to citizens and started making products for money. Money, CEOs, shareholders – planned obsolescence, dividing products and services into smaller pieces for more money and oh – by the way screwing the workers by – out-sourcing (it used to be called layoffs), cutting benefits, Union busting, wage concessions and so on.

There are the two worlds: The top 1% or the Rich and everyone else – slaves to the rich. Next introduce the Climate Crisis which in-turn produces unpredictable events. Maybe you’ve experienced some or all of them: fires, floods, rising sea levels, prolonged sub-zero weather, droughts, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes all with greater frequency and of course pandemics – the Covid19 being first to cover the world. I say the first because who knows if some ancient virus exposed through the melting permafrost couldn’t make matters worse.

The best bet to work to bring people together in search of new ideas and new solutions for all of us will mean sacrifices for everyone. The Rich don’t see a need to sacrifice in any equitable way to make a way for everyone to thrive and work to save the planet at the same time. The Middle Class, the Working Poor and the Poor already know sacrifice because they have been doing it for years, the sacrifices will come in a different way.


We need a middle way.

I like the heavily regulated system of universal health care system that the Japanese have crafted because it includes health insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, providers and citizens as opposed to government run programs which excludes commerce. This is something most Americans could get behind because it is inclusive on both sides of the aisle and is more closely related to the spirit and ingenuity of American leadership and creativity. Also, part of government’s responsibility is to check Corporations, not to give them free reign to make money while screwing the majority of people. For more on the Japanese Health Care System: Better than Medicare-for-all – Japanese Style Universal Health Care.

The bigger issue, bigger than healthcare is the Climate Crisis. Climate Crisis – includes health care – duh. Here are the options:

  1. Follow the Trump Free-For-All – is not really a plan unless you believe that rolling back environmental protections in favor of profits doesn’t endanger – the planet and vis à vis all biological life including humans.
  2. Don’t believe Climate Change is caused by humans and accept it is real and continue on as if nothing has changed. In the words of a relative (without children): “We’ll be dead by then.”
  3. Believe it is real and it’s too late to do anything about it. Give up.
  4. Believe it is real and science and technology can fix it so we can return to “normalcy”.
  5. Believe it is real and the we must go all out to remedy it including the principles of “The Green New Deal” revolutionize healthcare, see that Corporations pay taxes and penalties as the major contributors of Climate Change, de fund and quickly phase out fossil fuels in favor of increasingly cleaner alternatives. Use and find new sources of green energy
  6. Believe it is real and it’s too late to fix the world and save us. Try with all our might anyway – following the precepts of #5 and working to relieve suffering in hopes that a new kind of humanity will emerge.


We as a species could work to relieve suffering up to the end.

I hope I will be able continue to relieve suffering this until my body or my life gives out.


The Biggest Nonsensical Solution /Hoax to COVID19 prevention and cure

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It’s Blow-Drying your nose.  Really?

The YouTube Video I saw made sense in the narrowest of parameters (and has been taken down by YouTube btw).

The video claimed that viruses can be killed through high heat at 133 ˚ F. While this may be true there are a number of fallacies at work here.

  • When you breathe in through your nose or mouth viruses are inhaled into your lungs. THEY DON’T STAY IN YOUR NOSE – Oh yeah, we’re just waiting our turn to get into your lungs. Really?
  • You can’t blow-dry your nose 24/7
  • What about your mouth? Many people breathe in through the mouth and/or nose.
  • Touching surfaces and transfer the virus into your eyes – the mucus membrane of your eyes. The eyes could get infected through aerosol carrying viruses contacting the eyes.
  • Blow drying your mouth & eyes seem – well – stupid. And dangerous to the eyes.
  • Isn’t this an excuse to sell hair driers to people that don’t already have them?


All things that seem reasonable at first glance hit our fear buttons and encourage us to skip our common sense.  If you see a claim that seems reasonable don’t jump on it immediately. Don’t let you fear be your guide. Our bodies may feel the fear while our emotions are bypassed and we jump on a solution.

Here logic is your friend.

First – allow yourself to calm down so you can think through the “solution”. In the case of the Blow-Dryer – the fact that it was taken down – says something. Second check with the CDC website, or other websites that don’t spout conspiracy theories.  Wait a day or two and re-visit the information.

Think about the Blow-Drier in a broader context. If all the viruses were hanging out in your nose before they crept into your nasal passages down your throat into your body, then sure use the blow-dryer. But if you’re breathing the Blow Dryer while it might kill off a few its not going to get most of them.

Coronavirus, economies – tracking change

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The bigger frame: In 2025 a 6,000-year cycle comes to an end; namely the Kali Yuga. This is not an abrupt end like the slamming of a car door. There is a 300-year transition period before the next cycle of 2,700 years begins: The Ascending Dwapara Yuga.

The Kali Yuga named for the Hindu Goddess Kali – she is the Goddess of Time, Power, Destruction and Creation. In her earliest of appearances, she is known as “the destroyer of evil forces” (see link below). Much like Pluto, Greek God of the Underworld representative of the Phoenix – he is a symbol of destruction followed by creation, Kali is similar.

We need only look at the world around us to see the separation and divisive self-centeredness that is current in-control of the world in this dominant hierarchy to realize that we are in the final stages of the Ascending Kali Yuga – a time of destruction before rebirth.

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March 11, 2020 to March 21, 2020 Saturn sits at the last degree of Capricorn 29 degrees

Straight data: Decision making is slow or even frozen with extraordinary time being spent weighing possible actions to take. Negative karma of the patriarchy being stuck in time and erring on the side of inaction could be the norm especially for the United States.

Astro Tech: Saturn in astrology is about time and the constraints of time. Because Saturn is exalted in Capricorn (rules Capricorn) it belongs to the male patriarchal tradition. The constraints of time within the Saturnian frame is the authority for discipline, hard work, focus, and established traditions. There is an implication of judgment, the wisdom of old age implicit in the ways of Saturn as well as austerity especially in terms of economics and money. It has also been termed the planet of karma – lessons, what goes around comes around.

Any planet at 29 degrees is one in a crisis. With Saturn at 29 degrees think of all the negative attributes being crammed into the 29th degree and with regard to Saturn / Capricorn it is the negative karma of the patriarchy being indecisive.

March 19th Spring Equinox

Straight data: A feeling of hope.

Astro Tech: 8:49 pm Sun moves into Aries, Moon (emotion) in Aquarius

On March 21 at 9 pm to July 1st

Straight data: If lockdowns are made worldwide lives will be saved – duh, and once that occurs the Coronavirus may mutate out of existence* and /or allow many humans to develop a natural immunity. The economy will show signs of recovery.

*or may appear to go dormant.

Astro Tech: Saturn moves into Aquarius and returns to Capricorn on July 1, 2020:

First Week of July to December 16th

Straight data: look for civil unrest. Populist movements could butt heads and challenge government authority. A mutant strain of Coronavirus could portend a 2nd outbreak.

Astro Tech: Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn play tag by blending energies. Uranus supports revolt.


NOTE: Kali




How Astrology Works

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Fractal Geometry is analogous to one way Shamans see



I view astrology lightly. It’s one tool amongst many for navigating through life’s challenges and accentuating the blessings. Besides astrology I use many of the following for navigating life’s passages:

  • Aims and Goals (an aim is a goal without an end such as “relieving suffering”)
  • My will
  • Inner or spiritual practices
  • My gut (intuition)
  • Intellect
  • Empathy – Emotional Maturity
  • Somatic Knowing
  • Shaman practices


The Three Explanations of “why” astrology works (theories)

Astrology deals in parameters.

If we filter astrology parameters through negative / fear screens the parameters become limiting. If we look at the filters without a positive or negative bent – with neutrality then caution may be exercised. I often experiment with positive astrological parameters to see how a result might manifest between extremes – the results are surprising in a good way.

Explanation One – Astrology Correlates

When the ancient astronomers- also astrologers observed the planets and the moon they noticed the relationships of various movements with seasons of earth: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Phases of the moon. Planets and stars were then associated with the mythology of spring, winter and so on. Other visible planets were tracked out to Saturn and brought into the mythology. Astronomy and astrology have long ago been separated.

Explanation Two – Physics Causalities

Both the gravitational force or fields (GF) and the electromagnetic field (EMF) around planets, moons, the sun, asteroids, comets and other debris in our solar system have been measured by astrophysicists and studied. The entire solar system has a discernible field. It only makes sense that the astrophysics of the community of planets within the sun’s gravitational field along with the EMF and the GF has subtle effects between planets as suggested by astrology.

Explanation Three – Shaman’s Holistic Perspective

The Shaman’s reality combines correlates, astrophysics causalities and a Living Being – The Solar Community of our local star into a personalized knowing of relationships in a wider context. It’s possible that ancient astrologers / astronomers like the three Magi, that followed a star or comet to bring gifts to the newborn Christ were shamans.

Shamans have the ability to “see” / experience reality in macro and micro perspectives through an inclusion principle. In other words, shamans may experience the solar system either in their physical bodies or in their electromagnetic fields produced by their bodies. This is analogous to fractal geometry – as above/so below.



Why the Mueller Report Isn’t that Important and What Is:

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Keep it simple:

  1. While the fight against Trump is important, the focus of the Democrats is in the wrong place. Therefore: All investigations into Trump should be behind closed doors – unavailable to the public and the media until sufficient evidence has been gathered to make a definitive indictment against the President on multiple fronts. (media attention on investigations into Trump serve as a distraction to the focus of the people – what is being done to help and serve the 99%)
  2. A public announcement by Democrats must be made to show that the primary focus of the party will be on what is good for all the people, including the working class, the middle class, the poor, small farmers, women, minorities, Medical for All, Climate Change initiatives – that put people to work, infrastructure -that puts people to work, Education incentives etc.
  3. Continued current legislation will include The Green New Deal, a detailed plan for Medicare for All, Changes in the Tax code (to benefit the 99%).
  4. Public Pressure on the DNC to support progressive platforms to win the presidency on behalf of the 99% people and a future where climate change is being acknowledged and managed.
  5. Support of an outsider amongst the field of Democrats running for President because the people NOT voting believe that its pointless to vote due to the Corporate-Congressional complex that excludes the people in favor of the moneyed interests…