A Daily Plan

  1. images
  2. The Flush: a ten to fifteen minute rant on Trump, make it funny if possible
  3. Data: gather data on FLIPPING CONGRESS AND THE NATION, PLUS legislation to support or oppose.
  5. ACTION PART ONE: look at legislation to oppose and / or support make 3 phone calls and send emails – 1 member of House of Reps and 2 Senators preferably in your state to start.
  7. ACTION PART TWO: look at budget and who and how much to contribute to candidates (progressive and/or Dems guys*) opposed to GOP agenda and contribute
  9. ACTION PART THREE: make report on social media


* guys – womens, mens, androgynous-es, transgenders, gays, lesbians, genderqueers, asexuals and everybody else.

PS This is not about real soup you eat or slurp. This is about the soup we’re in. Hope that clears things up. Tuff if it doesn’t.


The Logical Extension of The Pro-Life Movement


The Pro-Life Belief is that once conception occurs that the child as fetus is life cannot be terminated without committing an act of murder.

Women’s rights to control over their bodies do not apply in this case because the unborn child is still a child.

Under the sanctity and sacredness of life being so valued Pro-Life supporters need to be:

  • Opposed to Euthanasia
  • Opposed to Suicide
  • Opposed to the Death Penalty and Executions
  • Opposed to War
  • Opposed to Police use of deadly force
  • Opposed to Gun violence, manslaughter and murder
  • Opposed to Pollution
  • Opposed to Oil and Coal
  • Opposed to Prejudice and Bigotry
  • In-Favor of Tolerance and Compassion
  • In-Favor of Gun Control
  • In-Favor of the Vegan Lifestyle
  • In-Favor of Environmental Protections
  • In-Favor of Alternative Energy Production


Pro-Life needs to be equated in all that give life and opposed to all that takes life.

Opposition to euthanasia or ending a persons’ suffering through life termination is against life. Suicide and murder are anti-life. War, police use of deadly force, executions, and manslaughter, gun violence resulting in death is not Pro-Life. Pollution and Climate Change cause all manner of events that threaten and shorten life.

Vigorous support of environmental protection is a Pro-Life lifestyle choice – of life as sacred. Eating hard-boiled chicken eggs is anti-life, as well as eating meat. Veganism is the logical course of action for the Pro-Life Believer. Cannibalism of mammals is against life. Support of Gun Control can help limit gun violence and death. Using tolerance and compassion to include others is one way to support all life. Favoring Alternative Energy – as a renewable energy source is a way of promoting life in its larger context.


If Pro-Life as a movement is followed to its logic conclusions then unwanted babies could be adopted by families in need of children.

Winter Solstice 2017 – December 21 2017 11:28:59 am EST (8:28:59 am PST)

WinterSol17Part One (Part Two – The Summer Solstice 2018 – coming soon…)

Astrologically the winter solstice in the northern hemispheres is the Sun moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Included is the winter solstice chart for Washington DC (see chart above).

This winter solstice is the epitome of the patriarchy both the higher vibrations of the patriarchy and the lowest vibrations.

Capricorn is an earth sign represented by a Mountain Goat, tenuous and tough and very grounded practical and dependable. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Many people who know a smattering about astrology get freaked when a Saturn transit occurs, but Saturn transits are about focus hard work, discipline, constraint and accomplishment.

There is likely to be a delusional and deceptive force at play in injected new life into patriarchal goals.

This winter solstice is the epitome of the patriarchy both the higher vibrations of the patriarchy and the lowest vibrations. Since I set the chart for Washington DC the solstice sun is set in an exalted place for patriarchal accomplishment geared to make money internationally and poised for truth. Saturn and Sun are conjunct meaning their energies are blended. Work and authority will drive the economy to new heights. The danger here is probably obvious – the GOP and Trump’s greed are established in a race to make the most money domestically and internationally. (Venus in Sagittarius – Venus representing money, Sagittarius’s – international focus on money and truth.) Watch for accidental leaks of truth saying during this time. Mercury will be retrograde at the solstice bring intensity to thinking, communication both verbal and written. There are likely to be mistakes. If the GOP Tax scam is passed before Friday at 8:50 pm EST while Mercury is retrograde then the flaws will become evident and possible help dismantle the law.

Transformational energies of networks and institutions are likely to be amplified.

The placement of Neptune – spirituality and cosmic consciousness may seem to magically fuel the American economy as defined by the Stock Market and international corporate investment (Sun Saturn), but through secret agendas and murky plots – i.e. cover-ups. There is likely to be a delusional and deceptive force at play in injected new life into patriarchal goals.

Uranus – revolution-evolution, trickster, disruptor energy blended with fighting for justice and/or the oppressed (asteroid Pallas Athena) is part of this winter solstice

High trickster energy may enter to disrupt and /or augment the greed and money making rush. There will probably be an emotional conflict of secretive actions versus doing the right thing for all. Transformational energies of networks and institutions are likely to be amplified.

On an individual basis beginning a new project may succeed based on hard work – so what else is new – and as long as that hard work is aligned with a spiritual “right path” then there is a greater chance of success.

The movement for truth and the transition team to takes us peacefully from patriarchy to the forming partnership paradigm can also be seen in the winter solstice chart. (Uranus – revolution-evolution, trickster, disruptor energy blended with fighting for justice and/or the oppressed is part of this winter solstice).

A Code of Conduct for Men with Women, Children and Other Men


Or Equality Hugging


Men are in a position of power in this culture because of their gender and that has been invisible for the most part to them. Women have known about the abuses of men’s power positions for as long as the patriarch is old. It’s becoming more visible now, thankfully and has a long way to go. Men have set many precedents to treat women and others as objects to be subjugated and this has remained acceptable and even hailed as “good” amongst men and some women.

Men who have been victims of sexual crimes such as rape, sexual assault, violations, incest and ritualized sexual abuse as children and feel to be victims / survivors are keenly aware of men’s power than those men acting as perpetrators.

A Possible Code of Conduct

When I was recovering from memories of having been raped as a child I began to create boundaries. Many people men and women make a tacit assumption – it is okay to hug. Amongst my friends and acquaintances I had to stop people from hugging me. I asked them to ask me if was okay to hug me.

Some men employ the bear-hug. This is a clamping down on the hugee to a point where the hugee is crushed by the hugger. Most hugs are unequal. There is a hugger and a hugee. The hugger gives a hug or is the aggressive hugger – even if gentle. The receiver of the hug does just that – receives without choice in the matter. Most hugs are not shared they are given and received. An aggressive hugger can “get-off” sexually on the hug without any seeming impropriety. The best a receiver of a hug may be able to do is the A-Frame Hug. They lean into the giver’s hug with their head and shoulders. Only the very top of their chests may be in contact with the other.


The Code of Conduct is Simple

Step One:

“May I give you a hug?”

“Yes.”     Or      “No.”


Step Two:

Or you could re-frame the experience:

“May I give you a hug?” Could be met with:

“No, but I will share a hug with you.”

“Same difference,” the hug perpetrator could say.

Response – Walk away

Or they could say: “What does that mean?”

If its said sarcastically its probably best to refuse all together and walk away.


In sharing a hug –

Each hugger gives and receives the hug equally.

Explanation and practice required.


Am I splitting hairs? Maybe, but I don’t think so…


The Backwards Life and What Else


A client once asked me: “You must have to travel out there pretty far to see what you see, right?’

“No, I just include,” my answer was immediate.

“How does that work?”

I would answer my non-answer answer: “All life is One. That’s how it works.”

Language, Ego and time – most notably linear time – hold us prisoner to our separateness.

It doesn’t explain how it works from a linear time perspective.

Ego, language, time, science and self are predicated on “the me” and “the not-me”.

By being expanded self and time that includes our current lifetime and all past and future lifetimes “the me” and “the not-me” are included as one.


All Life is One.


We are bound by the invention of time. Language, Ego and time – most notably linear time – hold us prisoner to our separateness. It is the wordless language of the heart that frees us from linear time into boundless world of Love, Compassion, and Oneness.

In the beginning we were One.

Inclusivity (the urge to include) may be the bridge between ego / linear time and the infinite of Love and Light.

In the beginning we were One. As we grew and learned to speak and think Oneness began to erode into “the me” and “the not-me”.  A child learns to say “NO!”

The rest of life seems to be a battle between defining “the me” and “the not-me” and feeling the Oneness. The “me and the “not-me” are illusions in a big drama to reconnect with the feeling of Oneness only to loose it so we reconnect with it repeatedly.

There are a number of philosophies of being. Two philosophies battle for authority.


  • A – One philosophy says we are strong hard-working people, believing in the strength and independence of the individual and freedom as paramount to all else. Opportunity abounds in a competitive culture of equal opportunity and is there for the taking if we are strong, powerful individuals, working to take it.


  • B – Another philosophy says we are strong hard-working people living interdependently in community. Freedom and justice are partners in a web of interconnectivity where we all prosper in the spirit of love, cooperation and compassion. In this environment everybody wins.

Philosophy A is based on the power of the individual righteousness and a worldview of winners and losers. This is a fear-based system where greed is necessary. Competition in this framework sets up an environment of ultimate collapse followed by re-building.

Philosophy B seems to be based Philosophy A but is not. B sees individuals in the context of community, which allows finite competitiveness in a playful setting to weave with others in cooperation for prosperity for all. It allows for supportive measures to given to others that haven’t benefited from competitive capitalism until community inclusiveness can fully function.


All Life is One

Every Being is Holy

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Plants, Animals and Humans

We bless All Life

Resolving by Our Work

To Pay the Debt of Our Existence.


The Other Side of Gratefulness


Part of this season of giving thanks is a reminder to feel humbled and grateful for the blessings in our lives. This could be gratefulness to friends, to food, to shelter, to a thankfulness that the roof stays over the head and doesn’t fall down.

I think we’re all aware of feeling irritated, frustrated, infuriated by the injustices…

The other side of gratefulness is to be thankful for all that is irritating and produces feelings of frustration and anger. Feelings of gratefulness to loss through “breaking-up”, loss from death of a family members, spouse, and/or best friend. You may think these are strange feelings and happenstances to feel grateful.

This kind of gratefulness brings my attention to basic underlying questions of my existence on the planet. While its great to feel grateful for what I think I have or how I relate I automatically exclude all that is unpleasant, irritating and infuriating. When I feel grateful to the pain in some bones of my left foot my attention is drawn there. I’m paying attention to something I might ordinarily forget and then I’m entering into a form of sleep.

Its easier to fight the injustices I perceive when I am grateful to the people that are eliciting unpleasant responses in me.

I think we’re all aware of feeling irritated, frustrated, infuriated by the injustices we perceive in the world around us, but when we are reminded to feel grateful we exclude those unpleasantries, because their unpleasant. When I include all those unpleasant feelings and I allow myself to feel grateful for these feelings something extraordinary abet subtle unfolds. My heart softens towards those situations and people that triggers the irritation in me. Intellectually I begin to understand their point of view even though I voraciously disagreed with them. My awareness expands and I include their beingness while continuing to disagree.

When I make room in my life for irritation and the like more people are included in the tissues of interconnectivity.

Its easier to fight the injustices I perceive when I am grateful to the people that are eliciting unpleasant responses in me. It reminds me that I am a flawed imperfect being and that other human citizens are as flawed as I am. This teaches me to “not take the issues in contention not so personally”. Of course I do – I do take the issues I interpret as injustices personally.

I tell myself to expand my gratefulness practice to include, that which is easy, and that which is tough to practice on a daily basis – and I forget to do this. I often remember that the other person isn’t perfect and I am trying to include them by releasing my irritation and softening my heart to include them in friendship. This works sometimes.

When I make room in my life for irritation and the like more people are included in the tissues of interconnectivity. Debating with these individuals makes more sense when I am grateful for the irritations that connect us because I am working on taking this less personally.

GOP’s Tax Plan Ultimate Goal…


Fight and Defeat the GOP tax scam to Preserve Liberty for All and Defeat Tyranny.


The Republicans have designed a tax plan whose long-term aim is simple:

“Destroy the Welfare State”

and bring on

“The Corporate Rule”

They claim they want an unregulated free-market capitalism in the belief that it will restore the American Economy to the glory of the 1950s and 60s. However the tax plan puts into effect regulations that will implement the destruction of the Middle Class and the Poor while elevating the rich and changing the world into an oligarchy by Corporations.

In the short term of the long-term plan as the deficits rise more social programs will be cut. It will be the eventual end of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Real possibilities of California, New York and Massachusetts seceding from The USA may happen.

It will create a world of rich people similar to those in the 1920s that will lead to a Great Depression that will make the last Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

Trump’s vilification and objectification of others that don’t agree with him and/or lavish him with praise is setting a tone and a precedent for treating others that disagree with the people in power as enemies to be eliminated. His xenophobic policies towards immigrants, his objectifications of women his treatment of disaster victims (especially the ones that didn’t vote for him*) is setting a tone and a callous disregard for the middle class and poor.

This tone will be made law via the tax plan and is a code for the destruction of capitalism and democracy for all Americans and ultimately it will destroy what’s left of American democracy for the Middle Class and poor.

World War II was one of the quickest ways for America to rise up out the Great Depression and it has been a prescription for economy recovery – although it is now more expensive because these wars never end. They are the Resource Wars – Iraq and Afghanistan involves the resource of oil, in Vietnam it was metals for manufacturing. When the Middle Class and the Poor are beaten down more and more joining the military is a salvation. The oil resource is dying and renewables are the future – oil lines the pockets of the rich that have the power so its easier to take via war, destruction and death – a profitable industry for the super-rich.

When hope is gone and rage turns to violence many more will be incarcerated both in prison and possibly in prison camps – as political prisoners. Its also possible if not probably, many will leave the USA as refugees for other nations with better economic opportunities.


  • He never visited Northern or Southern Californian Fire Disaster zones and did not give the funding needed to recover.

the short list – fax your senator defeat the GOP Tax/Ponzi Scheme

earth grids1

Senators who voted against the repeal of the ACA – Obamacare

McCain of Arizona

Murkowski of Alaska

Alexander of Tennessee

Collins of Maine

Capito of West Virginia
(Feel free to send fax to as many Senators you feel will benefit)

Free faxes to Senators – https://faxzero.com/fax_senate.php

One page fax (or write your own)

[ Cut and paste into / Word Dox, Google Dox, or PDF – Fax form – see link above]

Save Democracy & Capitalism – ON THE TAX CUT PLAN

  • Tying the elimination of the ACA to this tax cut plan is the most pernicious act of all considering that your constituency has repeatedly spoken against eliminating the ACA. (You have voted against the repeal of the ACA as well.) VOTE NO!


  • A tax cut mainly benefiting the wealthy and claiming that “trickle-down” economics works to grow the economy has historically failed –it succeeds in fueling the economy for the rich but not for everyone and represents a switch from democracy to a total plutocracy where corporations rule and the middle class are more on their way to be serfs and slaves. This tax cut is unacceptable. VOTE NO!


  • Those making between $10,000 and $75,000 per year will have to pay more taxes and by 2025 those making over $75,000 even those tax cuts will be gone. Tax cuts to corporations will be permanent. (Most large corporations don’t pay taxes now because they store their money in offshore accounts or are based in other nations.) VOTE NO!


  • When trickle-down doesn’t stimulate the economy its only logical that Social Security and Medicare will be cut due to the projected 1 trillion dollar deficit… This is unacceptable. VOTE NO!


  • How are these tax cuts for the wealthy, and increase in Defense Spending effecting the deficit? In the past many GOP were concerned about lowering the deficit. Now that is off the agenda. THIS DOES NOT MAKE FISCAL SENSE. VOTE NO!


  • I am deeply concerned that our democracy is ending. That your acceptance of moneys from people like the Kochs representing large corporations makes you beholding to them and not your constituency. Democrats also are guilty of this practice as well. The founding fathers did not mean for democracy to be corrupted in this way. VOTE NO!


  • 35% of corporations are owned by foreign investors meaning that over the next ten years 700 billion in taxes will be lost to them. VOTE NO!


  • Sneaking measures into the tax plan that defy our founding fathers to separate church and state is unconscionable. Don’t do it. VOTE NO!

Abuses of Male Sexual Power & Astrology

or the Astrological Correlatives of the Abuses of Male Sexual Power / Why now?



The Context:

Uranus Trine Saturn – revolution/evolution impacts authority and forces disruption and change. For context we can look to 1966 when Uranus was opposing Saturn (180 degrees) and the upheaval of the 1960s – Civil Rights, Ending the war in Vietnam and exposing government corruption via Watergate. Oppositions are akin to “Mexican Stand-Offs” or gunslingers’ draw and shoot-outs. When oppositions are resolved much energy is released.

On the low side it’s about brash self-service, destructive revolution.

Now there is fighting happening within systems of government to bring about change through the political systems via some of the old ways – marches and protests as well as supporting candidates writing and calling our representatives. Marches and protests have the context of previous Saturn-Uranus cycles as it was in the 1960s – most recently.

Uranus represents electricity and electromagnetic energies that manifest as trickster energy, disruption, freedom, evolution, and networking – as characterized by the media, electronics and the Internet. Saturn represents hard work, discipline, time constraints, and authority as well as recognition for quality work (the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize and the Oscars are examples of Saturnine rewards).

…realizing truth on a global scale and coming from a generous and magnanimous place about working with truth.

Uranus is traversing the Aries constellation. Aries is about bold yang (male) linear leadership, fighting for what is right. Aries is a fire sign and as such represents all that is quick, impulsive and volatile. Uranus in Aries is leading the new evolution and revolution in bold ways on the high side. On the low side it’s about brash self-service, destructive revolution. Whatever way Uranian energies are expressed low or high they cannot be ignored and change will happen and shaped by Saturn authorities.

Saturn is traversing the Sagittarius Constellation / Nebulae. Sag is a fire sign as well and represents truth and blurting out truths, generosity, grandiosity and global thinking. On the high side of Saturn in Sag is working towards realizing truth on a global scale and coming from a generous and magnanimous place about working with truth. On the low side of Saturn is Sag is becoming dogmatic with perceived truths expressing opinions without careful thought in a grandiose fashion.

Uranus and Saturn or Revolution / Evolutionary leadership and the hard work of truths are working harmoniously (trine aspect of 120 degrees) to find a solution. For example working through the systems of government – through the GOP philosophy or progressive philosophies to find what works.


The Correlatives:

Uranus Conjunct (blended with) Pallas-Athena – revolution of the underdog, justice, karma of men

Pallas-Athena is an asteroid of 512 kilometers in diameter (310 miles) with an elongated orbit whose astrological meaning is derived from Greek Mythos – wisdom, creative intelligence, skill, courage, fighter for the underdog, justice and father-daughter relations. Early in 2017 and going into next year (2018) Pallas Athena has been traveling direct and retrograde through Aries and Taurus. It has passed forward and back from 29 degrees Aries. The 29th degree of any planet in a sign represents karma of that sign both paying back and receiving payment. Pallas-Athena clearly is revolutionizing the karmic debt incurred by powerful/lust men in relations with women and /or anyone in a normal weaker / one-down position such as a child or subordinate. The 29th degree of Aries (Aries being the sign that rules Mars – male or yang energy and the god of War) Pallas brings justice from a karmic perspective to the excesses of patriarchal energies through the revolution of Uranus.

Pallas-Athena Trine Saturn– Goddess energies bring justice through truth.