My Father’s Logic and The Dilemma

CypressGrove5x The long road of the heart

When I was in my early teens my father would bait me into discussions / arguments to use his premises and logic to win for the most part. He would use his premises as gospel and then the logic was a given. When he was backed into a corner he would shout me into submission. So I was always anxious and filled with trepidation when he tricked me into these discussions.

My father over-simplified the argument and the metaphor.

I didn’t necessarily have an opinion on the issues he thrust upon me, nor did I know when he would unexpectedly launch into one of his “arguments” so I was always taken off-guard.

In retrospect one of the most interesting arguments was an analogy between American Citizens and Native Americans land rights vis-à-vis Israel and Palestinian land rights. There is a long and complex history over regions in the Middle East where Jewish and Islamic faiths claim the same territories. In 1947 well after WWII was over the United Nations established Israel as the Jewish State in a hotly disputed territory between Palestinians and Jewish peoples. These disputes continue to this day.

My father over-simplified the argument and the metaphor.

It went something like this:

“The Jews kicked out the Palestinians and set up Israel through the UN. You wouldn’t give the Indians* (Native Americans) all the lands we took from them, would you? That’s what the Jews did and the world looked the other way when the UN gave the Jews the land the Palestinians owned. It would be if the UN came along and said we would have to give back the land to the Indians.”

I didn’t want to participate in being victimized by my father’s logic

Me: Well, if we agree that the Indians* (Native Americans) occupied the lands we live on then it is their land and they should have it back.”

My father: That’s not fair. We’d be kicked out of our houses and the Indians would take over.

Me: So you’re saying that the Palestinians should have the lands back that the UN gave the Jews?

My father: Yes, absolutely.

Me: I guess you’re right. (But I felt confused and I didn’t want to participate in being victimized by my father’s logic).

My father: Of course I’m right.

I began questioning my father’s premises

* In the 1960s and 70s Native Americans were referred to as Indians


Later it was the Viet Nam War.

My father: We have to stop the spread of Communism

Me: I feel war and killing is wrong.

My father: You’re wrong.


My girlfriend: How can “a feeling” be wrong. Feelings aren’t right or wrong they just are.

Me: Yeah.


After that I began questioning my father’s premises. That put an end to his desire to make be right and make me wrong.


Offering Love


Bhante – my mentor and teacher who lived to 110 years old once said that for every person that loves it nullifies the hate in ten other people.

Gregg Braden in conjunction with the Heart Math Institute reports that our hearts create a field of about twelve feet and that the instruments used to measure the field can only do so up to twelve feet. So it is possible that the heart field extends much further than twelve feet.

Love loves hate until it dissolves.


Love is the binding emotion. If love can be quantified as photons it could be said that love is a frequency of light. In my experience I have seen a variety of frequencies of light that are love. Love is the stuff of connection in the universe and allows all other emotions to connect to it. Emotions are universal amongst all humans. Its what binds us together as a species. Love is the most binding of all the emotions.

When I send love to another and there is no permission to send it to an individual I send the love near to an individual so that the love is so irresistible it could be delightful to take the love.

When love surrounds hate without us forcing love onto another then it softens the hatred, which is fear and allows it to dissolve. Love loves hate until it dissolves.

Try it to see how sharing or offering love affects your view of yourself, your view of the peopled multiverse and your relationship to the peopled multiverse as well as the multiverse itself.

Rant on – Happy New Year


If you say to me “Happy New Year” does this mean I’m going to be happy all year? If I’m not happy does that mean I can come to you and get a refund, punch your lights out, weep, moan and tear my hair out and you won’t bill me for therapy?

Will this happiness last all year or just a few seconds before midnight on December 31st and a bit afterwards until I pass out from drunkenness? When I wake up with a hangover I won’t feel so happy.

“Have an awful New Year.”

If we play it safe and say “Have an okay New Year” then when it turns out badly I might feel awful, but I might be okay.

If we say “Have an awful New Year,” I might walk away from you because you’re a downer, I might argue with you.

And what’s this about a hangover?

If in 3 months on April 30th I could say “Happy New Year Three Quarters Left” or on June 30th “Happy Half New Year”.

Or looking back as if that’s possible – Happy Old Year.

And what’s this about a hangover? Something is hanging over me, an over hang from a cliff built from drunks about to fall on top of me all with the same face, well not exactly the same, different ages of me when drunk in the past that I don’t remember because I was filled with drink – But I digress.

New Year – hmm. So arbitrary. We made it up. We made up time, we made up years, decades, millenniums, centuries, epochs, seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks, months. So a New Year doesn’t matter. Better to celebrate a new day. Go to sleep and wake-up – that’s a miracle and a new day

Happy New Day.

Happy Day!

Okay Day?

Dark Lord Trump is our New Master unless…

…we consider the practices of balance within the force…

The night of the election I saw Trump as the victor through the image of the back of his head. That image was disturbing. Months later I saw a headless Trump with tubes and wires going into his head. He is a puppet and he projects himself as a masterful disruptor. We have come to know this and its easy to get caught up in the circus of his uproar and act out our anger.

Trump has shown himself to be masterful at winning. Part of his strategy of winning is through distraction both consciously and unconsciously. He is oppositional and inflammatory. The media loves this and promotes each outburst. The GOP leadership loves Trump too because he distracts the resistance from real issues or legislation that the GOP is passing. Trump creates hours, days and or weeks of acting-out rage between factions causing further splits.

The GOP puppets of the Right-Wing Corporations and the One Percent-ers such as the Kochs are delighted with Trump’s distractions etc.

Dark Lord Trump and The GOP Storm Troopers can be addressed without getting caught up in acting-out anger.


A Short Guide and Practice For Action

  1. Acknowledge your anger, rage and frustration regarding the injustices Trump puts forward
  2. If you do indulge in FB or other social media refrain from swear words and name-calling. If I really want to engage in a dialogue I put myself in the other’s “shoes” and ask them to explain further. This creates two actions one possible and one actual. It invites dialogue – listening, understanding, compassion and peace that could happen in areal exchange – the possibility. The actual action – it allows me to enter a neutral place, deliver a message that is devoid of anger and frustration and feel hopeful within myself.
  3. I can let go of the acting out part of the anger.
  4. I can find out what legislation is under discussion by Congress and engage my resistance in fighting the passage of a specific bill.

Winter Solstice 2017 – December 21 2017 11:28:59 am EST (8:28:59 am PST)

WinterSol17Part One (Part Two – The Summer Solstice 2018 – coming soon…)

Astrologically the winter solstice in the northern hemispheres is the Sun moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Included is the winter solstice chart for Washington DC (see chart above).

This winter solstice is the epitome of the patriarchy both the higher vibrations of the patriarchy and the lowest vibrations.

Capricorn is an earth sign represented by a Mountain Goat, tenuous and tough and very grounded practical and dependable. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Many people who know a smattering about astrology get freaked when a Saturn transit occurs, but Saturn transits are about focus hard work, discipline, constraint and accomplishment.

There is likely to be a delusional and deceptive force at play in injected new life into patriarchal goals.

This winter solstice is the epitome of the patriarchy both the higher vibrations of the patriarchy and the lowest vibrations. Since I set the chart for Washington DC the solstice sun is set in an exalted place for patriarchal accomplishment geared to make money internationally and poised for truth. Saturn and Sun are conjunct meaning their energies are blended. Work and authority will drive the economy to new heights. The danger here is probably obvious – the GOP and Trump’s greed are established in a race to make the most money domestically and internationally. (Venus in Sagittarius – Venus representing money, Sagittarius’s – international focus on money and truth.) Watch for accidental leaks of truth saying during this time. Mercury will be retrograde at the solstice bring intensity to thinking, communication both verbal and written. There are likely to be mistakes. If the GOP Tax scam is passed before Friday at 8:50 pm EST while Mercury is retrograde then the flaws will become evident and possible help dismantle the law.

Transformational energies of networks and institutions are likely to be amplified.

The placement of Neptune – spirituality and cosmic consciousness may seem to magically fuel the American economy as defined by the Stock Market and international corporate investment (Sun Saturn), but through secret agendas and murky plots – i.e. cover-ups. There is likely to be a delusional and deceptive force at play in injected new life into patriarchal goals.

Uranus – revolution-evolution, trickster, disruptor energy blended with fighting for justice and/or the oppressed (asteroid Pallas Athena) is part of this winter solstice

High trickster energy may enter to disrupt and /or augment the greed and money making rush. There will probably be an emotional conflict of secretive actions versus doing the right thing for all. Transformational energies of networks and institutions are likely to be amplified.

On an individual basis beginning a new project may succeed based on hard work – so what else is new – and as long as that hard work is aligned with a spiritual “right path” then there is a greater chance of success.

The movement for truth and the transition team to takes us peacefully from patriarchy to the forming partnership paradigm can also be seen in the winter solstice chart. (Uranus – revolution-evolution, trickster, disruptor energy blended with fighting for justice and/or the oppressed is part of this winter solstice).

Liberals and Conservatives – the short answers



Why Liberals Exist?

Short Answer: Liberals exist to remind everyone to be compassionate towards one another, to protect and nurture those that aren’t able to because of an unfair or imbalanced socio-political system. Liberals create laws for people to work together because fear and greed get in the way.

Why Conservatives Exist?

Short Answer: Conservatives believe in the simplicity of smaller government as a way to promote individual freedoms and opportunities for anyone to have the American Dream. Conservatives create fiscally responsible laws that keep government out of the way of freedom, independence and for its citizens to make money to support themselves.


What Liberals Claim that Conservatives Can’t See:

Conservatives are blind to their own privilege. They are living in a world of the past and from that assumption believe authority as in Big Government are stripping away their freedoms to provide for themselves. In their fear they have become ravenously greedy and want it all because they know best.

What Conservatives Claim that Liberals Can’t See:

Liberals want to give away the American Dream to people unwilling to work for it. They have created a massive Welfare State where lazy people are on the take. They believe that most people can’t think for themselves they don’t trust individual freedoms and have to make laws to insure freedom where it already exists. They make things complicated when they are simple.



Liberals and Conservatives used to govern in the past. In other words they sat down and discussed issues openly and reached compromises that were deemed fair.



Conservatives (mainly initiated by Newt Gingrich) have made liberals the enemy. (The Kochs and others want the government to do nothing that supports mutually beneficial legislation for the people. They support the “liberals are enemy” philosophy.) They meet in secret; they limit debate that would lead to real compromise. Liberals operate under fairness (a then philosophy) and have not developed a strategy to deal with this polarization of government as lead by Conservatives.


Lost and – Found

IMG_3104 brain_f2

As I get older I seem to lose stuff. I lost my cell phone a few years back, called my provider had them deactivate the account and then a few hours later found the phone. Where? It was where I had left it. But I didn’t employ the finding techniques I have sometimes used to find lost or misplaced stuff.

A friend who has since passed into another life without her body passed on this technique:

The Eye-Flicking – Remembering where I put It – tool

The women that discovered / invented EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for dealing with people suffering from PTSD, used eye movement to recover and reintegrate repressed memories. My friend said – though this may not have been accurate that the woman, Francine Shapiro was flicking her eyes back and forth to allow a memory to return. My friend said it was possible to move throughout one’s home – flick your eyes back and forth – not in an attempt to visually find the object that you lost but to uncover the memory of where it was. This worked for me a few times.

Cleaning one’s house tool – Frantically cleaning your house to find where you misplaced stuff – works sometimes but not enough.

The Tony-Tony tool – was given to me by a good friend of Italian-American heritage who passed away too young (in my book). Tony is short for St. Anthony finder of lost objects and who also had an undying love and devotion to the poor and the sick. Here’s how this works:

  1. begin with this chant: “Tony, Tony, come around, something’s lost and must be found.” It could be chanted x3.
  2. Wait until it shows up – up to 48 hours
  3. If it shows give anywhere from $1 to $20 to St. Anthony’s to help feed the poor at Christmas.

This worked the best for me. Back in the day when I didn’t have much money to give I started with a dollar. When it reached 10 found items of more I wrote a check to St. Anthony’s of San Francisco, CA.

Astrological Confluences

Mercury and The Moon are chief players in this confluence…

An astrological event such as the one we find ourselves in now (11.28.17) and an upcoming 12.3.17 full moon with 12.2.17 Mercury retrograding dancing around Saturn for a second time will no doubt be interesting.

Mercury Retrograding dancing with Saturn direct

First – Mercury has been hanging around at 29 degrees Sagittarius and will go retrograde on Saturday, December 2 at 11:34 PM PST and then direct on Friday, December 22 at 5:51 PM PST at 13 degrees of Sagittarius. I subscribe to a different interpretation of the meaning of retrograde that most Western Astrologers, one that is held by Jyotish or Hindu – Eastern Astrologers that purports that retrograde planets due to a closer proximity to Earth – then the energies of the retrograde planet are more intense.

truths about authority being exposed or surfacing in a messy fashion

When a planet is at 29 degrees of whatever sign it is in it is considered karmic because it represents the penultimate of that sign. All the good, bad and ugliness of that sign is crammed into that end degree and since there are no lines in space it also is on the cusp meaning that it has characteristics of the next sign. If you were born on the 19th to the 22nd of any month you may have your Sun at 29 degrees and have had extra karma to deal with-which is probably no big deal because you have survived and have been dealing with it.

With Mercury retrograding at 29 degrees blending its energies with Saturn – we will have intensely karmic thinking and communicating that could produce outbursts and faux pas of gargantuan proportions (Sagittarian) that will more than likely contribute to truths about authority being exposed or surfacing in a messy fashion. A piece I wrote at the beginning of November about astrological and male sexual abuse of women (and men) – these issues will continue more truths will surface be talked about .

Gemini ruled by Mercury is an expression of thought appearing in chaos and merriment to solve complex problems verbally in local communication with another.


These issues will continue and all those that have been oppressed by sexual abuses and other kinds of abuse will grow more intense as authority is questioned and challenged. It may be likely that if the GOP Tax Scam is passed by the Senate that it may not come to pass between the House and Senate and with truths surfacing about POTUS that will put him closer to impeachment. If it the tax scam passes it will with good certainty be repealed.

Monday, December 6th could be an explosive day for a revolutionary truth about authority that could support the underdog / oppressed.

Mercury retrograde – or the intensities of thinking and communicating big ideas and truths will present revolutionary ideas and challenges to authority supporting the oppressed between December 2nd and the 22nd. (Mercury blended with Saturn –in Sagittarius in harmony with Uranus-also retrograding blended with Pallas Athena– asteroid also retrograding in Aries).


Full Moon in Gemini

Gemini is an interesting sign – the twins. I liken it to going to the opposite ends of the earth to hold the space of oneness together in the center. Gemini ruled by Mercury is an expression of thought appearing in chaos and merriment to solve complex problems verbally in local communication with another.

Full Moons are always opposite the Sun and represent an emotional – coming to fruition of whatever seeds were planted during the last New Moon (on November 18th) at 26 degrees nineteen minutes Scorpio. The cycle of the Moon is about emotional cycles within us as well as gravitational effects upon us.

Mercury in retrograde may prompt fierce and seemingly chaotic discussions fueled with grandiosity or largess, sound like someone we all know? Well there is an authority – Saturn in revolution – Uranus nearby to blurt out truths – on the low side. On the high side – creative communications and ideas emerge in revolutionary / evolutionary ways under a new emerging international authority allowing balance actions (Mars / Actions in Libra / Balance in a fight with revolution supported by the truth of the people.

GOP’s Tax Plan Ultimate Goal…


Fight and Defeat the GOP tax scam to Preserve Liberty for All and Defeat Tyranny.


The Republicans have designed a tax plan whose long-term aim is simple:

“Destroy the Welfare State”

and bring on

“The Corporate Rule”

They claim they want an unregulated free-market capitalism in the belief that it will restore the American Economy to the glory of the 1950s and 60s. However the tax plan puts into effect regulations that will implement the destruction of the Middle Class and the Poor while elevating the rich and changing the world into an oligarchy by Corporations.

In the short term of the long-term plan as the deficits rise more social programs will be cut. It will be the eventual end of Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. Real possibilities of California, New York and Massachusetts seceding from The USA may happen.

It will create a world of rich people similar to those in the 1920s that will lead to a Great Depression that will make the last Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

Trump’s vilification and objectification of others that don’t agree with him and/or lavish him with praise is setting a tone and a precedent for treating others that disagree with the people in power as enemies to be eliminated. His xenophobic policies towards immigrants, his objectifications of women his treatment of disaster victims (especially the ones that didn’t vote for him*) is setting a tone and a callous disregard for the middle class and poor.

This tone will be made law via the tax plan and is a code for the destruction of capitalism and democracy for all Americans and ultimately it will destroy what’s left of American democracy for the Middle Class and poor.

World War II was one of the quickest ways for America to rise up out the Great Depression and it has been a prescription for economy recovery – although it is now more expensive because these wars never end. They are the Resource Wars – Iraq and Afghanistan involves the resource of oil, in Vietnam it was metals for manufacturing. When the Middle Class and the Poor are beaten down more and more joining the military is a salvation. The oil resource is dying and renewables are the future – oil lines the pockets of the rich that have the power so its easier to take via war, destruction and death – a profitable industry for the super-rich.

When hope is gone and rage turns to violence many more will be incarcerated both in prison and possibly in prison camps – as political prisoners. Its also possible if not probably, many will leave the USA as refugees for other nations with better economic opportunities.


  • He never visited Northern or Southern Californian Fire Disaster zones and did not give the funding needed to recover.

Protesting / Defeating The GOP Tax Scam or “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”:

No2TryannyEnd Tyranny Now

Call your Senators

(phone numbers are all valid)

Specifically – even if not in your state who voted against the REPEAL of the ACA:

McCain of Arizona – 202-224-2235
Collins of Maine – 202-224-2523
Murkowski of Alaska – 202-224-6665
Portman of Ohio – 202-224-3353 (phone number doesn’t leave a chance to leave a message)

Capito of West Virginia – 202-224-6472
Alexander of Tennessee – 202-224-4944 – Actually talked to a staffer.

Below is my 9 point script to end the GOP tax cut. Write your own script or follow scripts from

Also consider sending this list via fax to the senators listed above. Feel free to re-word and /or draft your own points to defeat this GOP Tax Scam in the Senate. See link –


  1. A tax cut mainly benefiting the wealthy and claiming that “trickle-down” economics works to grow the economy has historically failed –it succeeds in fueling the economy for the rich but not for everyone and represents a switch from democracy to a total plutocracy where corporations rule and the middle class are more on their way to be serfs and slaves. This tax cut is unacceptable. Let’s not mention the destruction of the ACA as part of this plan just yet – also unacceptable.
  2. Those making between $10,000 and $75,000 per year will have to pay more taxes and by 2025 those making over $75,000 (up to the top 2% in income) even those tax cuts will be gone. Tax cuts to corporations will be permanent. (Most large corporations don’t pay taxes now because they store their money in offshore accounts.)
  3. When trickle-down doesn’t stimulate the economy many Democrats warn that Social Security and Medicare will be cut. This is unacceptable
  4. How are these tax cuts for the wealthy, and increase in Defense Spending effecting the deficit? In the past many GOP were concerned about lowering the deficit. Now that is off the agenda. Corporations and people like the Kochs will be in a position to buy America at the expense of everyone except the top 1%, is that what you want as a representative of your constituency? By continuing to increase the deficit more control will go to corporations enslaving the middle class and poor. (The Kochs have a bid in to buy Time Inc. which includes Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Forbes and many more).
  5. I am deeply concerned that our democracy is vanishing. That your acceptance of moneys from people like the Kochs representing large corporations makes you beholding to them and not your constituency. Democrats also are guilty of this practice as well. The founding fathers did not mean for democracy to be corrupted in this way.
  6. 35% of corporations are owned by foreign investors meaning that over the next ten years 700 billion in taxes will be lost to them.
  7. Sneaking measures into the tax plan that defy our founding fathers to separate church and state is unconscionable.
  8. Tying the elimination of the ACA to this tax cut plan is the most pernicious act of all considering that your constituency has repeatedly spoken against eliminating the ACA,
  9. Are you to be remembered for KILLING DEMOCRACY in favor of a world Totalitarian Order based on Corporate Power, Greed and the lust for Money?