A Daily Plan

  1. images
  2. The Flush: a ten to fifteen minute rant on Trump, make it funny if possible
  3. Data: gather data on FLIPPING CONGRESS AND THE NATION, PLUS legislation to support or oppose.
  5. ACTION PART ONE: look at legislation to oppose and / or support make 3 phone calls and send emails – 1 member of House of Reps and 2 Senators preferably in your state to start.
  7. ACTION PART TWO: look at budget and who and how much to contribute to candidates (progressive and/or Dems guys*) opposed to GOP agenda and contribute
  9. ACTION PART THREE: make report on social media


* guys – womens, mens, androgynous-es, transgenders, gays, lesbians, genderqueers, asexuals and everybody else.

PS This is not about real soup you eat or slurp. This is about the soup we’re in. Hope that clears things up. Tuff if it doesn’t.


Protesting / Defeating The GOP Tax Scam or “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”:

No2TryannyEnd Tyranny Now

Call your Senators

(phone numbers are all valid)

Specifically – even if not in your state who voted against the REPEAL of the ACA:

McCain of Arizona – 202-224-2235
Collins of Maine – 202-224-2523
Murkowski of Alaska – 202-224-6665
Portman of Ohio – 202-224-3353 (phone number doesn’t leave a chance to leave a message) https://www.portman.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contact?p=contact-form

Capito of West Virginia – 202-224-6472
Alexander of Tennessee – 202-224-4944 – Actually talked to a staffer.

Below is my 9 point script to end the GOP tax cut. Write your own script or follow scripts from https://www.trumptaxscam.org/republican-call-script-to-stop-the-trump-tax-scam

Also consider sending this list via fax to the senators listed above. Feel free to re-word and /or draft your own points to defeat this GOP Tax Scam in the Senate. See link – https://faxzero.com/fax_congress.php


  1. A tax cut mainly benefiting the wealthy and claiming that “trickle-down” economics works to grow the economy has historically failed –it succeeds in fueling the economy for the rich but not for everyone and represents a switch from democracy to a total plutocracy where corporations rule and the middle class are more on their way to be serfs and slaves. This tax cut is unacceptable. Let’s not mention the destruction of the ACA as part of this plan just yet – also unacceptable.
  2. Those making between $10,000 and $75,000 per year will have to pay more taxes and by 2025 those making over $75,000 (up to the top 2% in income) even those tax cuts will be gone. Tax cuts to corporations will be permanent. (Most large corporations don’t pay taxes now because they store their money in offshore accounts.)
  3. When trickle-down doesn’t stimulate the economy many Democrats warn that Social Security and Medicare will be cut. This is unacceptable
  4. How are these tax cuts for the wealthy, and increase in Defense Spending effecting the deficit? In the past many GOP were concerned about lowering the deficit. Now that is off the agenda. Corporations and people like the Kochs will be in a position to buy America at the expense of everyone except the top 1%, is that what you want as a representative of your constituency? By continuing to increase the deficit more control will go to corporations enslaving the middle class and poor. (The Kochs have a bid in to buy Time Inc. which includes Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Forbes and many more).
  5. I am deeply concerned that our democracy is vanishing. That your acceptance of moneys from people like the Kochs representing large corporations makes you beholding to them and not your constituency. Democrats also are guilty of this practice as well. The founding fathers did not mean for democracy to be corrupted in this way.
  6. 35% of corporations are owned by foreign investors meaning that over the next ten years 700 billion in taxes will be lost to them. http://oppositionreport.com/nobel-prize-winning-economist-says-trump-tax-plan-gives-700-billion-to-foreign-investors-report/#
  7. Sneaking measures into the tax plan that defy our founding fathers to separate church and state is unconscionable.
  8. Tying the elimination of the ACA to this tax cut plan is the most pernicious act of all considering that your constituency has repeatedly spoken against eliminating the ACA,
  9. Are you to be remembered for KILLING DEMOCRACY in favor of a world Totalitarian Order based on Corporate Power, Greed and the lust for Money?





The Fires and The Firefighters


Looking at this photo brings up the sadness, loss and grief I hope none of you have to experience first hand.

Nevertheless I feel immensely grateful that my place and neighborhood survived intact. I am grateful to these firefighters and emergency services that fought the fires in the Sonoma Valley (they report that some of the Glen Ellen fires should be contained on 10/27, tomorrow 20 days from the start of the fires on 10/8):

Sonoma Valley
Glen Ellen

Sonoma Sheriffs

Alameda County Fire Department Alaska
Altaville-Melones Fire Protection District
Amador Fire Protection District
Angels Camp Fire Department
Apple Valley Fire Protection District
Arcata Fire Protection District
Aromas Tri County Fire Protection Department
Arrowbear Lake Fire Department
Bakersfield Fire Department
Briceland Volunteer Fire Department
Butte Valley Fire Protection District
Calaveras Consolidated Fire Authority
California Office of Emergency Services
Carlsbad Fire Department
Central Calaveras Fire and Rescue Protection District
Chester Fire Protection District
Colton Fire Department
Cypress Fire Protection Department
Dunsmuir Fire Department
East Bay Regional Parks Fire Department
El Dorado County Fire Protection District
Encinitas Fire Department
Fortuna Fire Protection District
Fresno County Fire Protection District
Georgetown Fire Protection District
Gridley Fire Department
Higgins Fire Protection District
Humboldt Fire Protection District
Ione Fire Department
Jackson Volunteer Fire Department
Janesville Fire Protection District
La Verne Fire Department
Lewiston Volunteer Fire Department
Loma Rica Browns Valley Community Service District
Los Angeles Fire Department
Madera County Fire Department
Marin County Fire Department
Mariposa County Fire Department
Merced County Fire Department
Miranda Community Service District
Montecito Fire Protection Department
Monterey County Regional Fire District
Mount Shasta Fire Department
Mount Shasta Fire Protection District
Napa County Fire Department
New Mexico
North County Fire Protection Department
North Lake Tahoe Fire Department
Ontario Fire Department
Pala Reservation Fire Department
Paradise Fire Department
Placer County Fire Department
Placer Hills Fire Protection District
Presidio of Monterey Fire Department
Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District
Redlands Fire Department
Rialto Fire Department
Rio Dell Fire Protection District
Riverside County Fire Department
Roseville Fire Department
Running Springs Fire Department
Salinas Fire Department
San Bernadino County Fire
San Diego County Operational Area
San Gabriel Fire Department
San Manuel Fire Department
San Marcos Fire Protection Department
San Mateo Fire Department
Santa Barbara County Fire Department
Santa Barbara County Fire Department
Santa Cruz County Fire Department Santa Fe Springs Fire Department
Seaside Fire Department
Shasta College Fire Protection District
Shasta County Fire Department
South Carolina
South Lake County Fire Protection District
Spaulding Community Service District Fire Department
Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department
Stockton fire
Tehama County Fire Department
Tulare County Fire Department
Vista Fire Protection Department
Willow Oak Fire Protection District
Woodland Fire Department
Yermo Fire Department (Community Service)
Yocha DeHe Fire Department
Yolo County Operational Area
Yucaipa Fire Department
Also the police departments:
Alameda County Sheriff Office
Alameda PD
Albany PD
Berkeley PD
Brentwood PD
Campbell PD
Central Marin PD
Clayton PD
Cloverdale PD
Concord PD
Contra Costa City Sheriff
East Bay Regional Parks
El Cerrito PD
Emeryville PD
Fish and Game
Fremont PD
Gilroy PD
Hayward PD
Humboldt Sheriffs
Livermore PD
Los Gatos PD
Marin City Sheriff
Mill Valley PD
Monterey Sheriff
Mountain View PD
Novato PD
Oakland PD
Oakley PD
Pinole PD
Pittsburg PD
Pleasant Hill PD
Pleasanton PD
Richmond PD
San Anselmo PD
San Jose PD
San Leandro PD
San Mateo County PDs
San Pablo PD
San Rafael PD
San Ramon PD
Santa Clara PD and Sheriff
SF Sheriff
Solano County Sheriff
UC Berkeley PD
Union City PD
Vallejo PD
Walnut Creek PD

Australia and Canada Fire Departments

I believe this list is part of Santa Rosa as well. Thank God they decided to Be a Firefighter or a Police Officer!!!


An unfolding chronicle of events:

Being out of my home for more than 24 hours while waiting for the fires not to come or to come is something that is particularly difficult to handle.

When the sheriff came by with the order to evacuate they made it sound mandatory. Later found out it was advised. So Friday I went back: found power on, but phone (cable down). On the way there I felt the devastation. It wasn’t just peoples’s lives being lost and homes destroyed by fire, it was wildlife fleeing and being killed, it was the sorrow of Earth, it was all the sorrow and loss everywhere. I had to shut it down and go into my head. A survival mechanism and I had been driving at the time.

Some, maybe many people have stayed in Sonoma since the fires started. The Plaza, the square downtown is mostly abandoned many have already fled. Other mandatory evacuations and a fire east of The Plaza have been reported since yesterday and some this morning. I will probably take another trip back on Tuesday 10/17 unless the road is blocked off by the authorities or go back to stay if the all clear comes. I doubt the all clear will come on by Tuesday.

This morning I reached the niece of my ex and good friend of 32 years. She had moved back to Canada about 15 years ago. We had kept in-touch through letters (snail mail), email and phone calls. But I couldn’t reach her so I wrote a letter. Her niece told me she had died of a rare form of cancer in May. She had checked into a Hospice and said she didn’t have any family. The hospice discovered her niece. The hospice reported she had done well for about 4 weeks and then took a turn for the worst. Her niece went to fill out paperwork and while she was working on that Wendy passed. Another loss. On Sept 29 another good friend passed from cancer.

All this loss. Naturally I feel grief and loss on all fronts. And I’m doing okay.