Recent Violence with Astrological Correlatives


London, Washington, DC, San Francisco, CA


Revolution and unpredictability blended with warlike / warrior energy fueled by an intense authoritarian backdrop with an eye towards a bold and perhaps narcissistic future.

Combine this with disembodied emotions in service to a grandiose indecisive expansiveness and connected to trying to hold everything together by doing the impossible.

Planets and Aspects:

Uranus and Eris TRINE Saturn (in retrograde) on one side and TRINE North Node on the other (Saturn in retrograde and North Node TRINE)

Sun TRINE Moon TRINE Jupiter TRINE Sun

Two inverted Grand Trines one in Air and one in Fire – not quite a Star of David but close.



Light in Blood – The Light imbues – All

(NOTE: Some of the material was previously posted from December 2016 see link below)

In the summer of 1968 I was with my family on Cape Cod near the Nauset Lighthouse.  One day I walked five miles up the coast to sand dunes.  It was there I had a peak experience of everyone on the planet connected by love and light.

I was “seeing” Earth from space where all was connected by light (and love). I felt oneness with all ~ ecstasy!

In 1984 I was in a leadership training course. Our group was team building on a Ropes Course near Woodland, California. One of our teammates was up in the trees preparing to jump onto a wobbly platform, supported in a safety harness by two burly fellows on the ground and two support people in the trees. Our support consisted of us yelling like rabid cheerleaders at her. It made no sense to me so I projected the supportiveness of my heart energy into the trees and towards her.

Something happened that I hadn’t expected.

I saw light coursing through the trunks and branches of the trees. Looking at the light streaming so quickly through the trees was intense.

I looked down. I looked at the ground and then at the bare skin on my left arm.

I saw inside my arm. Where blood was pumping through the arteries and veins I saw light pulsing.  Light from a near by leafy bush (the leaves were tender and sweet to look at) extended a cloudy plasmic field of light around my arm as if to comfort me.

At that time it was too intense for me to process it and I closed my eyes and prayed for normalcy.  When I opened by eyes moments later I saw what I had expected to see – all was normal and reassuring.

Life beyond Death


From all my encounters of death, stories of near-death and following others passage to death and beyond here is a composite:

When the physical body ceases the core or essence of light that passes from the crown to the root chakra is released and unites with our light body, the first frequency of energy in our Electromagnetic field and creates the tunnel of light.  When that tunnel ceases sometimes we see our previously passed relatives and friends their to greet us (this is not always the case).  We are still within the outer reaches of our auric field so we may be encountering our living memories of them recreated to help us pass. Or they may be co-created by us and them to welcome us into a new realm of consciousness.

Then we are in a line in an enormous building like a train station.  We meet a committee that asks us two basic questions:

Did you love?

Were you loved by others?

There are no wrong answers to these questions. Then you move away from the line and await you teacher.  But since there is no time or space what may often occur is a period where the person relives a favorite part of their lives or a fantasy of what they may have wanted but didn’t get and they do so in a their favorite time with a healthy body. This is also a time where they “visit” loved ones on the earth plain in the form of dreams and visions or a feeling of that person.

After that they meet with their teacher and review their lives from the library known as the Akashic Records – a holographic interactive record of what you have done and what would have happened if you had made a different choice.

The soul’s body is not complete. When our physical bodies die light from our light bodies is deposited into the soul’s body. When the soul’s body is completely coated with light it is no longer necessary to return to the earth plain. The individual may return as a Bodhisattva -great old soul of transcendental enlightenment love and compassion, or become a teacher for others.  Those that choose to return do so out of love and may be the only ones that choose their parents.

When all the work is done the hunger to make more light (love) is paramount.  The individual is pulled into conception at a certain time and anchored to a cell at the point of conception.

This is conception trauma worse than birth trauma because consciousness was free to be everywhere without attachment and at conception attachment begins.  From Freedom to attachment…


[NOTE – since there is no time the order of most what happens may not be necessarily accurate.]

Remembering Bhante


Bhante93Photo taken outside his rented house in Lathrop, CA in June of 1982

I came to California – arriving on Memorial Day Weekend 1982 – to study with Bhante or the Dharmawara Mathahera. In some ways I was ready to work with him – but in most ways I rebelled. A year later I moved out. Bhante gave me his shakti (spiritual energy from the guru) upon leaving and I used this to develop myself on my own spiritual path. Bhante and I remained friends. The photograph you see here was take when he was 93.  I saw him shortly after his 100th birthday (a second photo not shown here) and then again at 101 when he was living in Merced by the Merced River. I last saw Bhante when he turned 109 about a year before his death when he spoke in both English and lapsing into Cambodian in mid-sentence with a Monk to interpret.

About six months after his death I had this dream – one of those very real dream-time dreams –

I was at a small hut / temple in monsoon season in the midst of a rice paddy. It was night. The temple was on stilts to avoid being flooded. The Dali Lama was there.  I was bowing – and then on my knees kissing the hem of his garment.

“Get up, Frank,” The Dali Lama said laughing. “You’re one of us.”

I stood dazed and slightly disoriented:

“I am?”

“Oh yes.  Besides I am here as a bridge to open a way for this man…”

The Dali Lama pulled back a heavy drape.  There was smiling face with bright orange light all around. It was Bhante.

“How come you haven’t come to visit me before now?”

“Well, Bhante, I hate to tell you this, but you’re dead.”

“Do I look dead to you?”


The dead are the death of bodies. Spirit lives on.

Bhante is with me and helps me in my work on an on-going basis.

On Global Warming: Resistance is Futile – or is it? (from 11/17/2015)


Imagine a world where

trees, plants, animals, air, water and earth

are respected beings.

Humans are animals

Let us live in communities of harmony

We all know that there are those people, corporations and the like that are resisting their responsibility for Global Warming. We are also a part of contributing to Global Warming by the nature of living in the civilized world – this is a matter of degree. Unless we have exercised a radical position we are at effect of the power-possessors to contribute to global warming.

Those that remain entrenched in a position those human beings and our carbon emissions do not contribute to the natural phenomena of Global Warming. That Global Warming is a good thing because it means longer growing seasons. This is the reasoning.

Oil and its producers are here to stay. As oil becomes increasingly limited it will become more expensive allowing those rich in oil to stay powerful and the rest of us will pay. There are plenty of scenarios that define the problems of Global Warming and point to solutions on through the Internet and common sense alternatives.

By continuing to resist the Oil Rich effectively insulate themselves from the suffering of the world so they can stay comfortable in their mindset reinforced by their wealth.

Change is difficult. We are raised in dysfunctional families. From the inside this looks and feels “normal” until we compare ourselves to others and to a model of health. In other words we become used to or familiar with the dysfunction of our childhood and these maladaptive behaviors are woven into the fabric of our lives. Then we may work to overcome our dysfunction and live happier lives. Even if we are miserable or unhappy in some way we get comfortable in this place and fall asleep to our unhappiness. Perhaps we were born into the middle class in the USA insuring a level of comfort insulated from the poor in America and in the world; an out-of-sight out of mind rubric.

Comfort allows for a modicum of safety and allows resistance to change to form. We are comfortable in our place and don’t want change. Or we want change without having to work for it. We want some things to change while maintaining our comfort.

Change is uncomfortable. We are leaving our comfort zone to live in an uncertain place where anxiety and fear to the unknown flourish. It may feel “wrong” to change.

Good psychotherapists create an environment where the client may change. Spiritual practices help resist the comforts of sleep for change and transformation to flourish.

In 1992 the frequency of Planet Earth changed. The frequency of the patriarchy changed to something different, but no one knows what the difference will look like. Some have called it a partnership paradigm. We can look at recorded history to see how the matriarchy was different from the patriarchy and we might surmise the nature of that transformation. To us the Huns came across Asia and Europe and decimated the matriarchy and that happened in “the blink of an eye”.

Global Warming is a catalyst for partnership alliances to form to help the most people survive and help balance to world so we are in harmony we Earth instead of using her as an “it” to plunder.


Imagine a world where

trees, plants, animals, air, water and earth

are respected beings.

Humans are animals 

Let us live in communities of harmony, with the adage:

“What I do to you I do to myself.”




Hope for Peace and Justice for All – the long haul


In 1982 I experienced a gradual awakening as if I was emerging out of a cloud. I realized that the world was “Upside-Down” meaning that peace and justice existed only for those with the money to pay for it and that war was good for business. Later as a result of my desire for truth and a spiritual reconnection with planet Earth I came to see that justice needed to include the planet as well as all the peoples of the planet.

I didn’t know my place in this life-long movement, only that I needed to be a part of this vision for a better world for all.

My quest lead me to California to study Vipassana Meditation with a 90 year Cambodian Buddhist Monk. I felt called to become a healer, but my rational reductionistic thinking got in the way at that time.

In 1985 I began work in a Crisis Residential Treatment Center for people without money (or with SSI disability) experiencing a mental illness difficulties.

In the course of my work there I uncovered the alternative healer in myself and surrendered to this avocation.

I have worked in alternative non-profit Mental Health in California for nearly twenty years as a part of team working to assist those in crisis to have more meaningful lives. Many of our clients would come back. Some have gone on to meaningful and productive lives, others have died some by their own hand and some by disease. People without hope, living on the streets respond to a home-like environment and the care given by the team to begin the process of respect each individual deserves.

Working both as a Crisis Residential Counselor and as an alternative healer there are many times that I don’t or haven’t know the results of my efforts (or the team’s) and I continue to work for this because its the right path.

I recently retired to continue to pursue an alternative healing practice full time

Frantic for the future


As humans we are so often concerned with outcomes that we become frantic for a specific future. While we may achieve our desired outcome another desired outcome looms just over the hill and a precious state of consciousness is lost. Frantic actions seem more prevalent and perhaps even programmed consciously or unconsciously. Distractions and the illusions of multitasking abound amid the frantic drive for an increasingly allusive future.

ASIDE: Multitasking has been scientifically debunked. We as humans cannot focus on multiple tasks simultaneously because our brains are not hardwired for it. We focus one one task at a time and when confronted with a variety of tasks we stop one task and begin another decreasing our effectiveness

Perhaps our frantic actions focused on a elusive future is an inevitable result of acceleration of science and technology. Are we trying to catch up?

Perhaps the emotional compunction to feel frantic has a cloying, obsessive, out-of-breath neediness that originates from an unconscious compulsion to feel in-control. This can readily be seen in driving habits. I have fallen prey to this frantic need to pursue timeliness under impossible conditions as I think we all have from time to time.

When I first arrive in California in the early 1980s driving was more pleasurable, relaxed and civilized. It was laid-back. Driving in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York had a murderous cut-throat aspect where many were threatening to use their cars as weapons. California driving was easier due to less cars on the road and the “laid-back” philosophy of drivers. Now with a greater number of drivers and cars on the roads and increasing distractions – cell phone and texting, the neediness of “being first” and other stresses we as drivers are less present and/or increasingly prey to issues of entitlement and fears converted into anger and rage.

A practice to bring mindfulness to driving could follow this prescription:
1. No cell phone use while moving (calls and text made when the car is pulled over and is completely stopped.)
2. Giving oneself 15 minutes extra in arriving at your destination and when you do arrive don’t begin work immediately. Take a few moments to ground and center yourself so that you can continue to work on being present).
3. Drive the speed limit.
4. Slow down for lights that have already turned red (or yellow at a distance) so that by the time you come to cars stopped at the light they are moving with a turned-green light – eliminating the need for stopping or at the very least remaining idling for a longer period of time at a red light and inching forward. (There is a tendency to speed up to wait in line for a red light as well as a tendency to fill in the gap between your car and the next).
5. If someone fails to use their signal or cuts you off drive defensively- be aware that if you’re feeling angry and wish to act-out your anger it is coming from fear.
6. Acknowledge the anger and the fear use your breath to calm your being and return to your driving practice.

A frantic focus on gaining instantaneous security in the future is an illusion based on a cultivation of a belief that “society” can resolve our problems instantaneously. These beliefs fueled by frantic emotions are cultivated by many in-power seeking to manipulate people for profit. Profit without social and environmental responsibility are cut from the same cloth of feeling frantic about the future. The people who are hurtling down the path of profit could be frantic about their goals and could be seen as perpetrators of manipulating others for future gain. They often cannot see beyond the benefits of their immediate product or service and are locked into the next quarter’s profits without acknowledging a larger more responsible future in the context of community.

A good example of a frantic focus on a future that can solve our problems are people suffering from illnesses. Most anyone with the flu would like the perfect mom to care for them and tell them: “you’ll be okay”. There may be a tendency for an individual to go to their primary care physician- and they will have immediate answers or may invent an answer if they don’t have one and/or run some tests. Part of recovery from a flu is dealing with symptoms and waiting while knowing that the process is healing.

The journey is more important than the destination especially when our focus is frantically fixated on a future result. When anxiety and frantic anticipation are placed on achieving a goal then two modes of reactions seem to unfold: being a parent or being a child. This is a simplification of course. From the outside someone moving swiftly and frantically towards a future goal may not be seen as frantic because as a culture we have normalized the behavior – the drive to achieve goals – fear disappears.

Successful goal setters are admired as they are plugged into a future of immediate short-term growth that often disregards the whole of the journey for a narrow subset of values. Immediate profits disregard the impact to the organic world/planet, disregard social and economic justice for all, disregard the disenfranchised, race, gender / historically disregard women. Often successful goal achievers live within small exclusive social bubbles where their views are thought to include the whole of society regardless of others’ pre-existing conditions and disadvantages. If you live within this kind of bubble the reality of discrimination against poor, middle class peoples, and a disregard of the environment becomes invisible. The plugged in goal achiever treats him or herself and others (including the planet) as objects to be used. The journey is disregarded except to exhort that the ends (mostly within the law) justifies the means. Successful goal achievers often treat those that disagree with them as children creating an imbalanced power relationship.

The people that are neither parents nor children in this equation may be compassionate/neutral people working on being present in the context of the journey. (I’m purposely excluding those that have checked-out because of a tendency to revert to apathy and depression which may lead to feeling victimized.)

People who often feel powerless and revert to being in a one-down position may be more obviously frantic for the future because it may be seen as a fix or a “place” where one can be saved. Powerlessness may come from inexperience, may be gender, race or economically associated or related to addictive behaviors.

The achievers as described above – the parents- need the powerless to make themselves feel righteous and powerful. The children – or disenfranchised need the parents to find the answers or to continue to subject themselves to abuse or to rebel against the power possessors

All of us have been achievers-parents and disenfranchised-children from time to time (no pun intended). Its difficult to live for the journey, to be present, to live in a neutral compassionate place constantly. If you think you have accomplished being present you are most likely living in a illusory state.

As the income-inequality gap widens and we utilize tech toys in our daily lives there is a tendency to becoming increasingly distracted, separated from ordinary human to human interaction – talking face to face is one example, getting caught up in the shrinkage of the spoken word, and plugging into a shorter attention span – television, Twitter etc. pressures us into feeling frantic about the safety we long for in the future.

Breathe and relax into the present. We have great wisdom in our bodies (chronic illnesses not withstanding). Breathe, relax your musculature and let your breath within your lungs and how “the breath” affects the body let you into the present moment. When I notice myself spinning out into some future or worry I shift my attention with gentle love in kindness to my breath and sit in the big easy chair of the present.

Alchemical Magic – Part One

Bridges to Kauai


Its in the journey…

Many years ago – inspired by a graduate student in social geography I came up with the Quest-ions Project. The project was for travelers who had both imagination and an ability to write descriptively. I based the questions on their destinations asking them to answer a question on the top of an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper after opening the business sized envelope at the proper time (there were instructions on when to open it).  Some of the questions were generic such as describe how a sunset makes you feel. However most of the questions were designed to the person’s relationship to place – mainly the destinations of their travels. The first person hitchhiked across the USA through the badlands. Another person was a waitress who reported that the questions supported her through her loneliness in relocating from Sonoma, CA to Spokane, WA and back again. A friend who went to Morocco and the Azores wrote fantastically descriptive prose that transported to a mystical forest there. The most interesting Questions project began with a friend and her Mother who took a cruise to Hawaii.

When she returned she dropped two of the three unopened Kauai questions on my kitchen table and said: “These questions are for you.” She explained that the cruise ship did not have docking privileges, so they anchored off shore. The plan had been to take skiffs ashore but the seas were too rough from a recent storm. The ship sat offshore for three days and they just looked at the island.

I had always wanted to go to Hawaii but put it off for years. So within three weeks I had plane reservations and a plan: backpacking – camping for four days, and staying at a motel and a Youth Hostel a day each and a Bed & Breakfast for a day. I was bumped into seat number three in first class on the way there.

I had to wait several hours for my backpack to catch-up with me at the airport before hitching into a motel for the first night. It was June of 1995. The air outside of baggage claim was hot, humid and immersed in the perfume of tropical flowers. The breezes off the ocean created a profound peace of being held by the goddess mother. So easy to smile, so sweet…

A woman who worked for one of the big hotels in Poipu with her husband picked me up. They had lived in a neighboring county – Marin before relocating to Kauai. I smiled and laughed. She asked me about my plan. I told her that I had planned to go to Polihale State Park. She advised against it, very hot there humid over 100 degrees. She advised going north to Hanalei. I thanked her as she dropped me off at Motor Court outside Lihue, which probably no longer exists.

The woman at the front desk checked me in. She looked at me as if I was insane when I answered her question about my rental car – “I don’t have one.”

That night I opened the first question:

Make contact with the Menehune and ask them for permission to contact the Lemurian world on Kauai.  I meditated for a while and decided to go to sleep. The day’s travel had been arduous.

I awoke to a raucous running and giggling in the room. I was about to turn on the light, when a strong impression of a voice came to me commanding me to stop and be still. The voice said:

You have it!

He meant permission to contact the Lemurians. In the morning the rocking chair was on its side where the Menehune had knocked it over the night before. I checked out the next morning and walked to the county seat where I bought a permit for camping at the Hanea Beach Park.

I hitched up the coast to the Youth Hostel in Kapaa for companionship and to gather supplies for my camping trip. We shared the cost for a veggie chili meal. I ate with the group played some fierce Ping-Pong and met a sweet young French woman.

I hitched north and had two good long rides. One was a guy with an open jeep. I was rained on – the downpour soaked me but it was refreshing. He was a pot smoker who had wanted to sell me some weed, but I didn’t smoke. The next ride was an Asian woman and her young teenage daughter who was in Catholic School and was busy playing and winning golf tournaments.  I later saw her on the TV show 60 minutes as a 17 year old golf pro. They took me as far as Princeville. I got another ride to Hanalei and walked to the campground.

The first day was great. Then local Hawaiians came in – enforce for a luau. It was nonstop noise 24 hours a day – I stuck it out for three days. I went snorkeling at Ke’e Beach. I mediated by waterfalls.

In a trance I was taken back in time to the early Lemurian times and saw a prince and princess blend their spirits in love. It was a blessing.

 The luau was loud and sleep at the campground was impossible. I left one day early hitched back and spent another night at the Kapaa Youth Hostel before getting a ride to the Bed & Breakfast in the jungles west of Kapaa.  It was a geodesic dome on top, a small building housing the rooms for the B&B with a lanai and two canvas yurts on wooden platforms 30 feet in diameter.

After a beautiful night under a canopy of stars and a sweet romantic kiss there was a sweet breakfast of strawberry papaya.

I received two homemade leis at the airport one from Angel manager of the B&B and now friend , one from the young French woman Lavigne.  Both leis were homemade by Lavigne. Taking the leis home was taking the slower life of Kauai back to California.

A Non-Alcoholic Hot Toddy for Sleep

A Hot Soothing Nighttime Beveragescreen800x500



(…While awaiting Santa Claus toasting in front of the fire… – your other fireplace is for Santa’s descent…)


You’ll need:

Pero – contains Barley, Malted Barley, Chicory and Rye

Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea (Celestial Seasons)

Vanilla Soy Milk


A favorite mug or two (or more)


Boil enough water for one or two (or more)


Place about half a teaspoon of Pero in your mug and add 1 Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea bag. Pour over steaming hot water leaving about ½ to ¾s of an inch room for some shaken cold Vanilla Soy Milk.




Leave the teabag in or take it out.


This is a drink with the body of coffee without any caffeine – the soothing relaxing nature of chamomile with hints of vanilla and honey and a soothing cap off of Vanilla Soy Milk.


Yum. Prepare to go to bed within an hour or less of drinking your Soothing Toddy or you may dose off where you are.

The perfect wind-down beverage in winter or summer…

If you have stiff or sore muscles you can add this remedy:


Visualization / Manifestation ~ An Introduction




We begin manifestation with a thought. To give thought force we could add emotion and then the force of our chi, and maybe a dash of earth and divinity.


Complex problems require complex solutions as it is with the new President Elect’s new administration. Since the manifestation process cannot produce a negative due to certain dangers let’s go for healing to begin with and holding the world together as a better place for all.


See the resistance to this President Elect (PE) being effective, in other words see him changing course as a result of the peoples’ voice and see him happy to accept a new course of action that points towards healing.


Next activate your heart chakra with the ‘I-am” exercise. [breathing with your intention on your heart chakra – the breast bone or sternum and think “I” or say “I” silently on the in breath. breath-out and say “am” silently or think “am” on the out breath. Let a resonance of feeling engender in your heart chakra. Once you have such a feeling, make a thread and join it with your thinking over the areas of supporting the resistance and seeing that it has an effect on the gestalt of politics towards healing.


Next activate your 2nd chakra (three fingers below your navel) or your chi energy and project this in a thread to healing the government and the courses of action taken to go in a direction of unity.


Blend thought, heart or feeling and chi together as one.  You could stop here or you could continue.


Ground by sending your grounding core or beam of light down through your root chakra at the base of your spine into crystalline core of earth.


Access spirit from Earth and send a thread out your 2nd chakra to the thought – PE and his cabinet for healing and this thought can be substituted for whatever your working on creating.


Send energy from your crown chakra on top of your head to your higher self and access energy from that place, bring it down and channel it through your third eye to the visualization place.