Why NOT go to a Psychic?


Originally published on April 6, 2010 – now with updates


As technology and social change have accelerated beginning in the 1980s humans have resisted these changes and seek reassurances from psychics and other spiritual gurus that “I am going to be okay.”

In 1992 the frequency of the planet changed and the way of the patriarchy died and something new was born. No one knows exactly what the new energy is like or how it will manifest. Our proclivity as humans is to remain the same until whatever new future is deemed “safe”. The patriarchy is hanging on – one need only look at the election of Donald Trump to see a desire to return to simpler times while in denial of a complex world.


When one asks a psychic about one’s future there are a number of underlying assumptions we’d all like to be true:


  1. There is a future that can be nailed where anxiety and fears are removed, then I can know I am safe and happy.                                                                                                        ~ one possible solution: breathe through anxiousness and face fears as a way towards mastery. When we put off safety and happiness in the future we are always chasing it rather than acknowledging we may already feel safe and happy because we decided.


  1. I give up my power to the psychic (a parent-figure perhaps?) instead of co-creating my future with spirit.                                                                                                                         ~ one possible solution – breathe and be your own psychic – perhaps through meditation


  1. I believe that some “thing” in my future will make me be okay.                                             ~ see possible solution in #1


  1. There is something wrong (or I am bored) with me in the present – I am incomplete.      ~ one possible solution – perhaps peace is the flip side of boredom? The present is all there is. Decide you are complete, peaceful and there is nothing wrong with you.


  1. The content of my life (what my ego identifies with) is what makes me happy. Things and having allow me to feel secure and owning happiness – “I am in-control.”                                                                                                                                                  ~ one possible solution – begin with a gratefulness practice. How are you happy right now? Make a list or just contemplate this.


  1. I have forgotten what real happiness is (like when I was a kid) and have traded my happiness for “I’ll be happy when I have…” thus confusing content for being (an other way of stating number 4).


  1. I believe “magic” can make things happen and I don’t have to work for it.                          ~ one possible solution — making a space for unplanned events to unfold while cultivating your intuition can open doors to “magic”. Intuition may be a “spotty” thing, but without a practice to exercise intuition the the logic of daily life fills up everything and where’s the fun in that?


Anyone with intuition can see your expectations and tell you the logical conclusion to them – thus posing as a psychic and maybe doing a good job of it.

Life is 99% hard work and maybe 1% miracles or good luck. There are many factors in manifesting the content or things of our lives. Remembering that we are already happy can be increasingly difficult because we have forgotten how to play like children and have heaped personal, family and society beliefs on our plate and forgotten how happy we once were.

Once I began cultivating being within myself working towards “the future” became easier knowing that whatever happens to be “I am okay” inside.

Visualization / Manifestation ~ An Introduction

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1 Introduction

We begin manifestation with a thought. To give thought force we could add emotion and then the force of our chi, and maybe a dash of earth and divinity.


Complex problems require complex solutions as with many manifestations in our current world. Since the manifestation process cannot produce a negative remember to keep intentions for manifestation positive. Should a stray negative thought arise, bless it and release it in a bubble of firm boundaries and safety either to be recycled through the transformative fire of molten core of earth or the sun. Thought alone without the resonance of love we can produce from our hearts and the power of our body is not enough for manifestation; all three must be present.

2 The Exercise of Manifestation

Choose something you wish to manifest. Remember this something is already near you energetically but is not yet manifest into the plain of existence where we can experience it fully. Use a piece of paper and a pen to write it down much as you would write an affirmation making sure you are writing it in the present tense as what you manifesting is currently occurring in the now. Fix the thoughts and intention of this manifestation in your 3rd Eye (the spot about 1/4 inch above and between your eyebrows).

the resonance of love

Next activate your heart chakra with the ‘I-am” exercise. [breathing with your intention on your heart chakra – the breast bone or sternum and think “I” or say “I” silently on the in breath. breath-out and say “am” silently or think “am” on the out breath. Let a resonance of feeling engender in your heart chakra. You can feel the resonance without naming it or you can name it as “Love”. Once you have such a feeling, make a thread outside your body and join it with your thinking in your 3rd eye .

chi energy

Next activate your 2nd chakra (three fingers below your navel) or your chi or life-force energy and project this in a thread to your third eye and blend it with your third eye energy and your heart chakra energy. If you don’t feel this area touch the area with your fingers and/or walk around using your hips as your center of gravity to active your chi in your 2nd chakra.

co-create with the multiverse

Blend thought, heart or feeling and chi together as one and project them towards the state or process you seek to co-create with the multiverse through your 3rd eye, your heart chakra and your 2nd chakra.  You could stop here or you could continue.

3 Invoking the Power of Earth and Divine

Ground by sending your grounding cord or beam of light down through your root chakra at the base of your spine into crystalline core of earth.

create space for the manifestation to enter

Access Spirit from Earth and send a thread out your 2nd chakra to process or thing you are visualizing with your mind, heart and chi (or body).

The Divine cannot be explained

Next send energy from your crown chakra on top of your head to your higher self and access energy from that place, bring it down and channel it through your third eye to the visualization place.

4 The Final Steps

Once you are practiced at manifestation you need only do Step #2 one time. In the beginning you may want to do it once in the morning upon awakening and once at night before going to sleep for one to three times. However each time you do it once or 6 times let it go completely. Don’t expect it will happen at all and move on to something along a linear line of action or something you’re already working on.

its mystery

What this does is create space for the manifestation to enter. If you are crowding it with desire, longing, desperation etc then there may not be space for it to enter. This is part of the mystery of manifestation and cannot nor should not be explained. The Divine cannot be explained because its mystery.

5 The Bigger Gestalt

There are lower to higher forms of manifestation. Most of us begin with the lower or ego forms of manifestation such as being in a relationship for example, or getting a raise at work or winning the lottery.

Issues of money for survival are no longer necessary because the multiverse supports us.

The highest form of manifestation comes when we are aligned with our path. In Buddhism this is called right livelihood. Alignment with our path sometimes comes from a process of surrender. We release what the ego claws after from baser emotions of desperation and greed to surrender to a higher sense of purpose.

surrender is a gateway into higher consciousness

The higher sense of purpose originates from divine aspects of ourselves. We are utilizing our gifts to help others including ourselves in some way. From this place of surrendering to our destiny manifesting becomes almost effortless. Issues of money for survival are no longer necessary because the multiverse supports us.

From this gestalt higher purpose is already written and we are surrendering to our part in the story. That surrender is a gateway into higher consciousness. Try not to think of this as a one time proposition. Our ego still has the desires that every other ego has. The surrender as well as the manifestation is a moment by moment choice.


Forming a Grid to Enhance/Protect a Space


FORMING GRIDS – Gridding a space is easy and useful for empowering a space / property for sale or for protection or…

A real estate owner contacted me about a commercial property that he had had difficulty-keeping tenants.

Could I fix it? The property was part of a building at one end that was visibly and energetically invisible from the street. I gridded the entire building with crystals, and I put a large crystal near the building. The owner who hired me rented it one week after I did the work (in 2005) and the tenet thrives to this day.


Gridding a space stabilizes a space and may act as a beacon to attract whatever energy you put into the crystals. If the building, room or property is square or rectangular you’ll need four clear quartz crystals, points facing up at each of the four corners of the room, building or property. If the space is not rectangular you will need more crystals.

  1. Once you’ve selected the crystals they of whatever size you choose (they can be quite small), place them in a bowl of table or sea salt with the points facing down. This is to cleanse the crystals. Leave them there for four hours.
  1. Do a short meditation to select the four crystals then place them in the four corners of your space. Set you intention and put it into your space.
  1. Go to the approximate center the space and sit in a chair close your eyes and feel / see if the space is balanced. If it is great you’re done. If not, see if you can balance yourself. If not contact me and I will assist you.