My Fiction Writing Process



Long ago, in my late 20s, I found that establishing a rough ending to any fiction story whether it be a novel or short story was necessary to avoid wild uncontrollable tangents.

I don’t believe in writer’s block

After establishing a rough ending, then in the course of the story, most often a novel I have a rush to get to the end.

“Let’s get this over with,” I say to myself.*

“I’m tired of working on this. Let me move on to something else I’m not going to finish… yet.”

When the magical thinking tangent happens

So I write an intelligent action story with plot points, twists etc. I know I’m off base when I start to set up something (a tangent) that’s about to introduce super powers inconsistent with the powers that be and set the story in a different less character intimate magical thinking type thing.

When the magical thinking tangent happens I can usually do one of two things. One: go back into the story and look for a place where the new material can be set up in a way consistent with the story. Or Two: delete the section I’ve just written because it doesn’t fit.

the previous observation could be an analogous tangent

Since I don’t believe in writer’s block, I’ve come to see that blocks are temporary pauses to step back and run scenarios or do something else – like write this process blog piece. (Although in writing the current novel – Extreme Measures book 5 of a nine book Sci-Fi series is in the 4th chapter of non-stop action.) Meditation helps to clear the slate and wait for the story’s consciousness to pop up a way forward.

Find your voice.

Characters and the story that they find themselves in, have a life of their own. This could also be said of our lives through the voice of a Higher Self, an AI observer or God looking in on the course of our story. Or the previous observation could be an analogous tangent.

Writers have their processes. Most teachers of writing impart: “Write. Find your voice. No one can tell you how to become a good writer. It’s work. Keep going.”

I have a friend who is a retired advertising executive / writer who told me my writing process was wrong. I more she spoke about my process the more irritated I became. I finally told her that I was ending the conversation because I didn’t want to argue with her.


* When I want to write quickly to the ending of the story I may let myself do that and then go back and add the other stuff. However it’s far easier to allow conflict and blocks to character forward movement in the form of the main action and weaving sub-plots during the course of moving towards the end than to go back and add it later. The step-by-step process is enticing and exciting for me. And I have found readers like it too.

Nanites for Teeth Cleaning

My Futurist Hat is on:

I had this idea about five years ago. It has advanced some – a Swiss company – uses nanites in its paste to white and strengthen teeth. I have been thinking about something more comprehensive.

A toothpaste with nanites to clean teeth, clean plaque build-up – acting like floss and cleaning plaque below the gum line. I imagine dentists would have this first and then each of us would have a kit to use every month eliminating the need to clean teeth at the dentist. If one swallows the paste (no fluoride) the nanites would perish in stomach acid.


Lost Worlds




Based on the Toltec of the Six Worlds. In 1992 we entered the Sixth World.

Or could all be Science Fiction?

The first world started about a billion years ago. Seven Advance Extraterrestrial Species seeded planet Earth with a variety of lifeforms. This ended with the first mass extinction event about 400 million years ago.

During the second world the Seven Advance Extraterrestrial Species colonized the planet about 375 million years ago and lived until the second mass extinction event about 75 million years ago. About 100 million years ago the Shambhallans vibrated into a higher frequency and disappeared from the ordinary world into a higher parallel reality, known as the Hidden Directorate, Shambhalla, Beldovia, Shangra-La etc.

The third world began about 35 million years ago and although there was a mass extinction event around 8 million years ago two etheric races survived. One became Lemuria around 4 million years ago and another became Hybornea about 3 million years ago. Each of the etheric species became corporeal. A third group was formed from Lemurian and Hybornean heritage and an Extraterrestrial species and became know as the Atlantians about 500 thousand years ago. The mass extinction event was the result of an atomic war against Atlantis started by Lemuria and Hybornea but triggered by an Extraterrestrial species. The third world was organized by clans.

The fourth world was the matriarchy – they survived one 1,000 years of a nuclear winter and existed another 4,000 years until the Huns from Asia were the first to conquer them. The colonists from Europe were the last to destroy the matriarchy in the Americas.

The fifth world began with written history around 3,500 years ago and the patriarch was born.

Energetically the world change in 1992 to the sixth world – the world of partnership and is as yet to be defined or described.