Responses to The Time Change

black and white photo of clocks


Ego (E) versus Alter Ego (AE) on the time change to DT


  1. AE: I’m not going along with it.
  2. E: I changed some clocks; my body says no to the other clocks.
  3. E: How about moving the clocks ahead 6 minutes per day for 10 days then the adjustment could be gradual? AE: Are you nuts? WTF!
  4. E: You know Trump will never approve what we’ve already voted on in California because he hates we didn’t vote for him unless it’s to his advantage. AE: Like changing it on November 2nd 2020? Election eve? WTF
  5. E: My Computer, Cell Phone and Tablet are on board with the change – maybe tech could fix my internal body clock too. AE: No Way!
  6. E: One clock says its 4 pm and my body says it’s 3 pm. AE: Quit complaining and buck-up.
  7. AE: I can’t think straight.
  8. E: Dude, detach from linear time and enter eternal time. AE: Too much science-fiction? But okay, sounds good.
  9. AE: I need my AI

Living on a Pluto Line

IMG_3104When I moved from the east coast to California my relocation chart moved Pluto from the 8th House to the 10th House conjunct the Midheaven – making effects of Pluto that much more powerful.

Pluto as some of you may know is a generational planet of great power and transformation that is beyond the control of the ego. Power is a force that comes through the ego in service to community.  It means many firsts and lasts.

The 10th house is the house of career, meaning of life. responsibility and being in the public eye. When a planet is within two degrees of another  planet or the start of a house then it is conjunct or its energies are blended together. The Midheaven is the beginning of the tenth house (where the sun is at the time of birth shining it’s most light on the ninth and tenth houses).  The ninth house is about working towards completion and the tenth are the fruits of completion.

The transits of Pluto and Uranus in the sky to my natal Jupiter and Uranus and Chiron in the sky to my natal Pluto whammed my natal Pluto and created a last.

Am now rising from the ashes.