Interdimensional Healing

“How do you do what you do?” I have often been asked.

My answer was a non-sequitur: “All life is One, right?”

Answer – yes.

“Then that’s how I do it.” (Certainly a non-rational – non cause and effect answer).

For many years I could not describe how interdimensional healing works except to say that the word is descriptive enough. I know what I do works for two reasons, all of my clients have given me the feedback confirming the efficacy of the work and the trust in my perceptions and skills in this regard.

Having worked in alternate dimensions and interdimensionally for many years a theory has arisen based in-part on observation and in-part on experience.


How does interdimensional healing work?

Interdimensional healing may be analogous to fractal cosmology a kind of mathematical construct that is both simple and complex where a smaller complex pattern is duplicated on a macro cosmological level. Electromagnetic fields are analogous to fractal cosmology. It is often reported that we are separated from the world population by 6 degrees of separation meaning that for every 6 people we have met we have met everyone on the planet. Though with the increase in population, saturation in cell phone, wifi, infrared and other electromagnetic pollution the degree of separation may be only three degrees now (2015) – and this may allow more people to be come seers etc. EM (electromagnetic) fields of people vary between 25 to 200 feet in diameter. I have experienced EM fields of others and myself as memory storage interfaces with past memories, past lives, alternate lives, future possibilities, future lives, other dimensions as well as protection from a variety of radiation sources, incursions from interdimensional parasites, ancestral beings and so on. The body of Earth produces its own EM field in which we reside. The Sun produces an EM field and our solar system produces an EM field. Local solar systems produce a collective field and the Milky Way Galaxy produces a field as well. In Fractal Cosmology there is complexity and simplicity in the EM fields reflective of one another.

The Gift I have developed into a skill is reading the content of the EM field of others. In the 1990s I volunteered on a website where I gave away free readings. It was more difficult filtering out the em noise of the internet electronics than in sessions by phone or in-person. One person asked how I “traveled out so far” to “read” another. My answer came quickly and from a deeply intuitive place: “I don’t travel, I include.” Travel comes from ordinary linear thinking, including comes from a beingness awareness.

We are all trained via the technology of language, ego and civilized life to think in a linear fashion. This is a valuable invention because this is how we manage our day to day lives. The past belongs in the past, and the future cannot be known because its not yet manifested. This kind of training is so implicit that we do not ordinarily see it and as such we are slaves to its compartmentalized brand of thinking that allows us to have prejudices, biases, alliances, nationalities, elitisms, hatreds etc and thus separates ourselves from ourselves. ( The past is not really “in the past” because no “past” exists separate from us. The past exists as memories that exist in the present and are recorded in our EM fields whether we are aware of them or not.) Of course we need a strong sense of separation to delineate the me from not me, and yet to include we need to be able to surrender enough of the me to see the similarities between the “me” and everyone.

Interdimensional Viewing is the ability to look into the EM or auric field of an individual by including them in the EM field that we all share – thus the interdimensionality of that space. I believe that everyone has a latent ability to view another’s EM or Auric field but it lies outside our linear reality that must be unlearned or suspended at least trmporarily. Also there are a variety of modes of perception of these fields: Visual-Spacial, Emotive, Emotive-Intuition or just Intuitive or combinations of thereof. I also “know” that as humans these abilities once were natural to us many millennium ago and were altered probably by contact with hostile alien species. So we “lost” these abilities as a projection against aliens mining our higher energies.

When I “look” into an EM or auric fields I often “see” visual metaphors of what is happening for the person. I use “a grounding and running energy” process to view each of the 9 chakras:

  1. Root
  1. 2nd or Chi
  1. Birth*
  1. Solar Plexus
  1. Heart
  1. Thymus*
  1. Throat
  1. 3rd Eye
  1. Crown

* The Birth Chakra about three or four fingers above the navel is the center for manifestation – this used to be a part of the 2nd chakra

* The Thymic Chakra about two to three inches below the base of the throat – once a part of the Throat chakra is concerned with the immune system, Will and Divine Will

The birth of these new chakras began in 1992 and have been maturing consistent with the energy of the 6th world of partnership which has not manifested on a social level. Politically we are still in the 5th world of the patriarchy.