The Calling

VertexSmalldarkerDone-copyI was called to work as a shaman.

It was a process of awakening that was slow at first. In the beginning I avoided the awakening experiences because of something some had once said:

“Many psychic-type experiences will happen as you do ‘The Work’. Pay no attention to this and continue to do your inner work.”

spoken by Pierre Elliot Headmaster 

of the Fifth Basic Course at Claymont School for Continuous Education


in August of 1981.

As I did my inner work many amazing experiences happened that fell outside the norms of linear reality. My preparation in becoming a shaman was through my work at a crisis residential treatment program as well as an on-going spiritual practice. After 4 years of work in this organization I was called to ask a question of the universe or God or Spirit in February of 1990:

God, what am I suppose to do with my life?


At the time I did not know why I asked the question. In retrospect I can see that I was stable enough on the path of my inner work so I was ready to take the next step.

I thought that I might have a dream about my path. When I awoke I realized there had been no dream. I felt groggy and not ready to leave my bed.

A Being entered through my groin and curled up into a ball in my stomach. Then a full name came to me.  It was the name of a woman whom I had met about a month earlier that I had instantly disliked. She was a prominent woman in the community so I thought she would have an unlisted and/or unpublished telephone number.

I went to the phone book thinking I would be let off the hook and not be able to call her.  But I found her phone number. I dialed the number. She answered and I identified myself.

I know what I’m about to say sounds crazy, but…” 

I relayed the experience that had just happened.

She said:

“I’ve been curled up in the fetal position and I have been thinking about killing myself.”

At that point I made her promise that she would not harm herself in any way until we could meet two days later.

We met, she told me what had happened to her over the holidays. I had gathered the names of therapists and groups in town from my friends at work (the crisis resident treatment house) as resources for her. I spent four hours at her home.

At the end of my stay I handed her the resource list and she said:

“The universe put you out there to hear my call. 

That’s what I needed to start going again.”


We became friends and colleagues and she continues to serve people in her own healing practice to this day.

time lapse photo of stars on night
Photo by Jakub Novacek on

This was magical enough, but I found an even more remarkable connection. It was 17 years earlier in 1973 almost to the day that I emerged from a coma of three days after a suicide attempt thus erasing the karmic debt of attempting to take my life. [And 26 years later I made the connection as if it had been written.]


This is my shaman works, channeling, healing and astrology on one site that will be updated as needed: .  This site is dedicated to the cutting edge in the emerging New World…

Frank Kai Ontario

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