Shared Consciousness, Past Lives or Both?

VertexSmalldarkerDone-copyIf time as we ordinarily think of it does not exist, then now is all there is – or is it? We made up the concept of time, most of which is focused on linear time. Linear time has a beginning, middle and end and is synonymous with the tech of language. We made it up to help manage our daily lives and it has served us very well for our species. There’s no overcoming this fiction. It’s woven into the tech of words and the concept of identity – the me and the not-me.

[ Synchronicity abounds – I read a Wired article on Physics and time that elaborates on  time as an invention:]

The way in which we view time and ourselves is organized through the tech of language; subject and object with verbs as the descriptive and actionable connective tissue. Language describes a finite world of items – A, B, C etc. even people are conceptualized as an item thus one of the limitations of language. Language tech helps us define our world in a quantifiable manner refining and delineating the me from the “not-me” and has a reductionist result. The connective tissue of oneness – the Now that holds us together is obfuscated and as a result seems not to exist at all. It is through other perceptual faculties that at least one other reality beyond our ordinary processes transcends subject-object relations into a holistic oneness. The description of the Now arises from the tech of language and is therefore limited in its description because of the very language describing it.

[Note – in describing linear and a “now” based perception of time I fully acknowledge the possibility of many other possible perceptions of time.]

 Eternity from a linear time based reality is life after death in heaven, hell or purgatory. Even the description of the “now” rides on the platform of the technology of words and concepts. We are very familiar with linear time concepts because they exist seamlessly and are for the most part invisible. We think of the past as something that happened back there because we reconstruct memory as events that happened in a place we call “the past”. Its an invention we treat as real when it is not. From a more logical perspective or a point of view of “the now” memories of the past do not exist in the past but are memories that exist in the present.

Past Lives are events that occurred in the past because it’s convenient to perceive of the past as an event with a life we once lived that happened “back there”. Our egos want to define memories that may have happened in previous time periods or centuries before our current birth as “past lives”. From the point of view of linear time this makes sense. From a perspective of “Now” consciousness we may be remembering what went before and experiencing as real.


People who experience and/or suffer from the more extreme forms of dissociative disorders aka multiple personalities could be more substantial examples of shared consciousness couched in a linear time based reality. Here is an example of shared consciousness within a physical body without knowledge of the other(s) whose etiology is one of extreme trauma.


What if a past life is a selected memory of a “past life” that can be selected as easily as selecting music on a Juke Box? If we expand our perceptions of the “now” to include our life from birth to death then it follows that the expansion can extend before birth into a variety of past and future lives. Our ordinary perception of having had past lives fits a linear time based perception that fits neatly with the tech of language but does not seem to include a “now” perception of being able to experience past lives as selectable memories. However it seems possible that by experiencing the “now” we can include a past life a not so exclusive past memory.

Its difficult to describe or even explain “now consciousness” because we must rely on words / the technology of language. “Now consciousness” is the oneness that holds linear time and transcends ego into a larger sense of being.

How to get there from here:

When I started I was searching for “The Truth”. I followed logic to its logical extremes while in college and found it lacking. Through persistence and discovering a Spiritual or Inner Practice I pushed the bounds of consciousness further and discovered a calling –

There are many ways to expand one’s being to experience this other reality. I recommend a spiritual or inner practice of some kind that goes beyond the mind or intellect into the other two brains in our physical bodies. One other brain is our hearts. Scientists have discovered neurons in the heart – different than those found in our cerebral cortexes but neurons nonetheless. The third brain is our chi – second chakra area and this area governs our energy system and how we move through out the world. Each of the three brains has redundant systems in each “brain”. Working with these three centers can assist us to expand our perceptions of the world in different ways that transcend the tech of language. I work with students to assist them access to these other realities of being and now consciousness. Meditation could lead to another opening to now consciousness and many other techniques and practices.

Effective Manifestation – an example – bringing in a life partner


– Making Full Use of Affirmations

The chief problem with affirmation effectiveness comes from both an illusory notion that our minds are all-powerful and a disconnection from other parts of our selves.

 We forget that we have emotions and an emotional center.

We forget we have a physical body.

 Okay, we don’t really forget these parts of ourselves we assume that these two other centers in us are part of that affirmation without acknowledging their true importance. As a result of this assumption we draw our emotions and our physical presence from an automatic or mechanic place so that the power of these centers may be greatly reduced.

In a workshops I have given on Mastery, we work with affirmations from a Full-Bodied Manifestation perspective can lead to greater results. I invite you experiment with contacting the center of emotions, your heart and the center of the physical body or moving center – the second chakra and incorporating the energies from these centers in your affirmations.

Get a special notebook that you will use for your affirmations and a pen that you will only use to write your affirmations. Write a vision statement/description of your involvement / relationship with that which you want to manifest – such as your beloved. Look at your vision statement before you write you affirmations.

Write in the morning when you wake and/or at night before going to sleep. Here is an affirmation for bringing in a lover or life-partner:

I, your First and Last name, am in a loving relationship with (the man, woman or being) of my visions and/or profile.

I, First and Last Name, deserve to be in this relationship.

I, First and Last Name, am creating opportunities for us to meet.


You, First and Last name, are in a loving relationship with (the man or woman) of your visions and/or profile.

You, First and Last Name, deserve to be in this relationship.

You, First and Last Name, are creating opportunities for the two of you to meet.


She or He, First and Last name, are in a loving relationship with (the man or woman) of his/her visions and/or profile.

She or He, First and Last Name, deserve to be in this relationship.

She or He, First and Last Name, are creating opportunities for the two of them to meet.



On Writing


My Father had a rich vocabulary that my sister and I would put to the test every month with Reader’s Digest “Word Power” quiz. Invariably he would know the definition to most every word. I grew up within the richness of a word cornucopia without realizing it until much later in life.

When I was eleven years old my sixth grade teacher assigned us to write a short story. Mine was called The Great Race. It was about a Yawl (a kind of a sailing boat with two masts – a main and a mizzen) sailing around the treacherous waters of Cape Horn in South America.

My teacher, Mr. Smith failed me because he said I plagiarized the story. I asked my Father for help. My Dad met with Mr. Smith and explained how I knew many a nautical terms due to Sunday sailing on my Uncle’s boat in Long Island Sound, how I had a rich imagination and how I have used a thesaurus during the writing process. Mr. Smith held his ground and continued to claim that the work was not mine. My Father asked him to cite the work that I had copied from, but he could not do this. He failed me.

My Father referred to Mr. Smith as a little man with a cloud over his head.

Rather than take this as a failure I let it go to my head. “I must be a pretty good writer if I had fooled him into thinking it was stolen when I know it had not been.”

And thus my passion for writing stories was launched.