Gateway into the Light – 1984

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In the beginning I avoided the extraordinary experiences because of a respected teacher had said:

“Many psychic-type experiences will happen as you do ‘The Work’. Pay no attention to this and continue to do your inner work.” 

 spoken by Pierre Elliot Headmaster

of the Fifth Basic Course at Claymont School for Continuous Education

in August of 1981.

In 1981 I had started a house cleaning business incorporating my inner work or ‘The Work’ as within the tasks of cleaning in Connecticut.  Then I transferred the business to Stockton, California in 1982 and then to Sonoma, California in 1983.

On July 3rd of 1984 I was cleaning a summer residence. J’s household was around in the early afternoon and then would leave with the children and Grandpa to Costco in Santa Rosa. They left me alone to clean the house. The weather was odd on that summer day in Northern California, overcast, hot and humid.

I was finishing up in the back utility room by putting away supplies when I heard a commotion on the deck between the house and the garage. It was a dust devil or whirlwind. It had picked up the plastic chairs and tables about 12 to 15 feet in the air whirling around. I peered out of the window watching it when it suddenly stopped and all the furniture clattered back to the deck. I straightened it. I was tired and dirty from cleaning and I had wanted to go home when I heard an odd sound originating at their built-in swimming pool.


The pool skimmer was caught up on the wave gutter of the pool. Wave gutters are normally for Olympic sized pools and one does not see them in backyard swimming pools very often. This pool skimmer was sputtering, a garden hose attached to its under belly.

I stood there examining the situation and finally said aloud to no one:

“I don’t feel like bending over and lifting it off.”

I felt an impression of a voice in my head say:

“You don’t have to do it that way.”

“Oh yeah,” I said feeling like an idiot for talking to myself, “What other way is there?”

No answer. A feeling or a sense swept over me.

I bent my knees slightly. I clenched my fists and bent my right elbow so that my right fist was near to my right shoulder. My left fist and left arm were extended by my left side. Using tension in both arms I reversed the positions and the skimmer moved off the lip of the wave gutter out towards the center of the pool.

“Nah,” I said aloud. The impression of the voice said: “Well, bring it back.”

I reversed my arms and it came back onto the wave gutter.

I freaked out. I ran to my car and ripped out of there thinking I was crazy.

In the summer of 1984 I experienced many odd things. I saw auras around people at times. While running, my spirit soared into the sky. I saw how light connected our hearts together and how that connected to the light of trees and plants and connected everyone with every being.

Another Full Moon Ritual


A Full Moon Ritual

– originally appeared on the old blog – May 27, 2010

Alverto Taxo, an indigenous teacher and healer from Ecuador, suggested this full moon ritual:

At 9 pm go out and look up at the Moon. If it is cloudy look at the brightest spot in the clouds. Give the full moon anger, fears and any emotions positive or negative that stand in the way of gratitude and your dreams coming true.

Then to give to it (the full moon) all of our anger, fears, concerns – anything that stands in the way of this gratitude… anything that stands in the way of imagining your dreams coming true. He said the moon feeds on this energy and in doing so transforms it to something positive. And he said that if we were to give all of our negativity to the moon we would discover something new within us.

NOTE: The full moon may look full for two nights.

If the time of the Full Moon occurs between midnight and sunrise the ritual may be done the night before or the night after.

If the time of the Full Moon occurs between sunrise and sunset the ritual may be done the night after the daytime time of the Full Moon.

A Native American Ritual for Bringing Rain


this ritual was passed on from Gregg Braden and his Native American friend.

This ritual uses multiple sensory modalities as part of a visualization tool to bring rain. Of course it can be modified to whatever you are working towards.

Remember that we are beings of Earth, our sacred home.

For any manifestation to occur a 3 bodied action to bring rain.

1. Feeling from the heart

2. Feeling from the body

3. Visualizing from the mind.

What you will need:

  • Water enough to wet dry dusty earth and parts of your skin/body (a bucket, canteen, bottles of water).
  • Bare feet (or stripped down to a shirt and underwear)
  • A towel (optional)


What to do:

  • Find a spot where the dirt is dusty enough to make mud
  • Sanctify the spot in the following ways. Burning white sage (if safe – no wind), humble yourself and bring in purity or setting up a crystalline grid.
  • Take off your shoes and socks
  • Pour water on the spot and make mud.
  • Put your bare feet in the mud.
  • Sprinkle or pour water over your feet
  • If you wish to manifest more rain pour water over your legs too
  • Even more water strip down to a shirt and underwear or over your clothes (isn’t this how we soaked in the rain in our clothing?) and pour water over your body.


The Next Waking Dream Flow of Manifestation

Feel how the water has made mud against your feet and the waters on your body. See a low front/ rain clouds having arrived overhead in the place where you and Earth thirst for rain. Feel with your heart the relief and all the other joyous emotions that rain brings in you See the rain falling and making mud and quenching the thirst of Earth. Feel the sacredness of rain.


Thank Earth for producing the rain (present tense). Bow to the four directions giving thanks and offering a gift of love to earth and water. Remove the crystals, re-sage the area, or with your full body, mind and heart humbly thank earth and rain.


Walk back to your vehicle or house and use towel.

On Doing Nothing


There’s a new app being touted on Facebook that produces a reaction in me. Its called Calm – “doing nothing for 15 seconds”. Now we need an app to facilitate meditation and “calm”. Having been a meditator for over 40 years I don’t need an app to assist me in entering into a meditative place. I realize many may need that assistance and that is okay and yet there is a danger in relying on a software application to introduce “a calm” state.

Doing nothing is an oxymoron.

There is an inherent illusion within the advertising of “Calm” – of doing nothing for 15 minutes. First there’s an illusion that it’s possible to “do nothing” (its an oxymoron). How do we define or describe the state of “doing nothing” The authors of the app may define it as the absence of outer motor activity or inner thinking: stop talking, walking, performing tasks, solving problems, thinking of the past or future etc. It would seem that any app touting a state of calm would introduce intermediary experiences and / or media to induce associations of calmness – videos of nature or photos of nature with audio that introduces sounds in nature that may produce a calming state as in rain, waves, surf or that which generates white noise. [Aside: White noise whether occurring naturally in sounds of nature such as in rain, waves, waterfalls, streams or artificially produced in static fuzz elicits calm, a pleasant diffusing state of the mind, and may block pain receptors in the brain.] Media that promotes calming experiences induces slower brain waves associated with peaceful states. Relying on an app can only take the person so far and may be a good introduction to relaxation of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. But can we really “do-nothing”?

We live in a “do-do” world of tasks etc.

Media is the go-between between the human and a deeper state of relaxation – a good first step…

In our “do-do” world of non-stop tasks there are layers of illusions between being and doing. Even in states of being there are always some conscious doings. Human beings cannot ever completely stop doing. There is only one exception to our “do-do” world where the effects of “nothing” could be experienced (abet indirectly). In the world of the autonomic nervous system in the human body there are countless “doing” tasks that fly under our radar. Breathing is one. Most of the time we are not aware that we are breathing. Dipping into the meditative space is a good example of bringing awareness to an autonomic function of breathing either through direct control or via the witness state of observation.

The authors of the Calm app are defining “nothing” as the absence of outer activity which includes social intercourse, and all the do-do stuff we do with our minds in managing our lives in various contexts: relationships, problem solving and the majority of thinking. As a long time meditator I know there is never a time where the mind or my being is doing nothing. My mind becomes quieter, and in the deepest of meditative states there is a release of the do-do world and emotions that elicits a sense of beingness.

Nothing is a word that symbolizes a mind blowing and/or a state of obliteration.

When I was a child my father would take my sister and I to church. To pass the time in the endless and meaningless rituals of kneeling, sitting and standing my mind would play games some of which were funny – at least to me.

There was one game I played which felt like flirting with insanity:

“If there wasn’t a me, what would there be?” Game.

If there wasn’t a me, what would there be? Think back to being a baby, imagine it. Being in the womb, being before the womb. It wasn’t just saying these incantations, it was imagining what these things would be like.

I’d reach of brink of not being able to conceive of anything (this a reductive description of a larger incomprehensible state and was the brink of non-sanity or insanity).

“Okay, bring yourself back. Its okay, you’re okay. I’m me. Calm down. Bring yourself back. Calm down I’m me, here in church with them.”

I never shared this experience with anybody until Honors English in my senior year in High School. A classmate said I was trying to experience “nothing”. He was right.

Giving a word to the experience destroyed its power. I had a word that was an intermediate. It was a symbol of the experience. All words symbolize our experiences for the purpose of sharing them and they are reductive.

Words destroy the larger mystery.

In my work as a shaman I would occasionally “take a trip to the void.” To take a trip to nowhere is a conundrum in and of itself.

I asked a friend who does similar work if she had ever been to the void.


“I go there all the time,” she said.


That was so surprising.


“What do you experience there?”


“God,” she said.


“I don’t think you went to the void,” I said.


“Why?” She asked.


“People that go there experience – nothing.”


The difficulty in writing about going to the void is ludicrous. There is preparation to go. Going. Returning and the effects.


Many shaman who “go there” return and some are catatonic as a result.


When “I” have gone there I lose myself, my sense of “I”. I really don’t know that I have been there because there’s no “I” to experience the void. I forget that I have been there, like a blackout.

The only reason I can deduce that I have been “there” is the effects I feel upon return. I feel that all of the superfluous parts or my ego have been stripped away. I feel clean of attachments for a short time. Hours or a day at most until “my stuff” returns. And there is a residual experience of having been cleansed.

Going to the void could be the closest experience of “nothingness” that I may have experienced. And I don’t know that I have.

Very funny and incredibly sacred simultaneously.


Text of the Facebook message regarding the Calm App. Apple’s App of the Year”


Doing nothing is impossible he saz throwing a wrench into it. Stop motor activity, okay – got it. But when the mind churns on – that’s not doing nothing. Focusing on peaceful scenes is not doing nothing. I suppose the closest one can get on doing nothing is meditation, focusing on the breath, letting go of thoughts, feelings as they arise. -But its not nothing. The only nothing is a shaman practice of “going” to the void (lol) where upon return from said “place” all that is superfluous is stripped away. Experiencing nothingness is egolessness and ineffable

A Daily Plan

  1. images
  2. The Flush: a ten to fifteen minute rant on Trump, make it funny if possible
  3. Data: gather data on FLIPPING CONGRESS AND THE NATION, PLUS legislation to support or oppose.
  5. ACTION PART ONE: look at legislation to oppose and / or support make 3 phone calls and send emails – 1 member of House of Reps and 2 Senators preferably in your state to start.
  7. ACTION PART TWO: look at budget and who and how much to contribute to candidates (progressive and/or Dems guys*) opposed to GOP agenda and contribute
  9. ACTION PART THREE: make report on social media


* guys – womens, mens, androgynous-es, transgenders, gays, lesbians, genderqueers, asexuals and everybody else.

PS This is not about real soup you eat or slurp. This is about the soup we’re in. Hope that clears things up. Tuff if it doesn’t.

Healing Trapped Spirits – Cleansing Spaces (or Ghostbusting)

background beautiful blossom calm waters
a clean, pure space

The instructions can also be used in cleansing a space that surpasses using white sage and/or copal.

Ghosts: the three sources

People who die sometimes don’t know they’re dead and become attached to the “seemingly” corporeal plane of existence.

People become attached and have unfinished business so that they live in an in-between zone – between life and passing to an all-pervasive higher consciousness realm (APHCR).

People in their lifetime live from a place of chronic fear and/or anger and don’t have enough light to pass to the APHCR.

Sometimes people who die a particularly violent death may be ghosts with telekinetic abilities sometimes referred to as poltergeists. Ghosts with multiple psi abilities may hold great darkness or evil within them and may be very dangerous poltergeist entities.


The Technique / Process

If you have no ghosts and wish to cleanse your space this surpasses smudging with white sage or copal.  It leaves a crisp homey feel to your home or space.



CLEARING SPACES – The secret in clearing or cleansing spaces (healing and releasing ghosts ghosts) is healing the energies that anchor spirits to attachments and /or unfinished business on the earth plane. The negative, evil and/or attached energy is separated from spirit and the spirit is released. The process itself is simple, so by following the instructions your space can be cleansed.


  • a shovel (or trowel)
  • land around the space you’re planning to clear that’s easy to dig holes in
  • Native American tobacco (I use American Spirit tobacco)
  • aluminum disposable pie plates
  • rock salt
  • rubbing alcohol
  • two to five trivet(s) – bricks or flagstones can be used instead of a trivet – or any flat non-flammable surface to protect the floor or rug.
  • a wet towel
  • a long nose lighter
  • a roll of papertowels
  • a crystal for yourself and other residents in your space (The crystal creates a protective space around you while engage in the activity.)

Think and/or look at the spaces you want to cleanse so you know how many pie plates and other materials to buy. This spaces to include are: kitchen, living, dining rooms, den/office, laundry room, hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms (open the closet doors in bedrooms and throughout the house. Don’t put pie plates in closets – this is a fire hazard).

If you live in an apartment complex or a house in winter where the ground is frozen and /or you don’t have any dig-able land near you consider using one or many buckets or flower pot filled with potting soil to dump the salt into after following the steps below.


  1. The night before take a clear quartz crystal or crystals (or more than 1 person in the house while its being cleared) and put the crystal(s) point down in the sea salt (table salt is okay).  The next morning I take the crystal out of the salt and put it under running water, dry it off and put it in my pocket (with the point up if possible). If there are more people in the house I give them a crystal as well. If you have animals: cats are okay to remain inside whereas dogs are better away -outside the house. Other pets: birds, rodents, caged animals better they be brought outside. Fish can stay where they are.
  1. Dig a hole or series of holes if you think you will need more than one to fit all the salt from each burn in your space in your yard with the shovel.  Using a few pinches of the American Spirit Tobacco I invite Great Spirit to sanctify the ground that is to receive the salt.
  1. Disable the smoke detectors in the house as a precaution (though none has ever gone off – so if you cannot disable the smoke detectors – don’t worry about it -just make sure your flame is not too high by adding too much rubbing alcohol).
  1. Set-up aluminum pie plates with a layer a rock salt barely enough to fill the bottom of the pie plate and pour just enough rubbing alcohol over the rock salt.*  I put the completed pie plates on trivets in two or three of the rooms I am to clear. I usually put the pie plates – on trivets in the center of each room. I take a wet towel with me into the each room as a precaution to extinguish the flame if it gets too high or is endangering the space, though I have only used it once in when I first started the process.  I use the long nose sparker to light the rubbing alcohol in the pie plate and stand with the wet towel near the flames to make sure.  If it looks like the flame is too wild or getting to big I will use the wet towel to smother the flame.  This is usually not necessary by using the minimum amount of rubbing alcohol. I wait for the fire to burn out.  Concurrent with the burn I visualize the Spirit releasing to the light by visualizing a tunnel of light. The action of the flame grounds all negativity/distress/attachment into the rock salt.

*If you put too much rubbing alcohol you’ll get a higher flame – the reason you have that wet towel over your shoulder – if it looks too high or gets caught by a draft you may want to put it out.

  1. Leave the pie plate and go to the next room and repeat the process (step #4). After finishing in the next room I return to the previous room, the pie plate will have cooled enough to pick-up without a potholder. Hold your hand close to the aluminum pie plate to see if its still too hot. If not, then pick it up and take the rock salt and dump it in the hole outside (or flower pot with soil in it), clean off the pie plate off with water and/or papertowels and put it into the recycling. (You’re not going to be able to get the film of rubbing alcohol completely off the pie plate, so do the best you can.)
  1. When I am done and all the rock salt are in the holes I sprinkle the American Spirit Tobacco in each hole over the salt and ask Great Spirit to sanctify the ground.  I use the shovel the cover the salt for all the holes.
  1. I reconnect all the smoke detectors either load the materials into my car or return the trivets to their place. I collect the crystal(s) and bring them home and repeat the cleansing process listed at the beginning of these instructions.
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background beautiful blossom calm watersa clean, pure space

Two Case Studies

 One: I worked with a realtor that had been developing a property for sale where he also resided. He had some abilities to see and knew his house and property were haunted. He invited me to see what I could do.

The dilapidated barn within a brief walk from the house had a nasty ghost inside, but he was not a poltergeist. He had been the ranch foreman and used a cattle prod to torture animals. I needed extra protection in dealing with him and using “the technique” (see below) I was able to clear him from the barn and release him to the All-Pervasive Higher Consciousness Realm (APHCR).  The cottage in the back of the house had a ghost inside who had been a murder victim – probably killed by the foreman. She had been a maid. She was very grateful to be released – her presence was cleared and sent on to the APHCR.

The former tenant had been an unlicensed healer from Southeast Asia. He traveled with an entourage. Several ghosts attached to the entourage stayed on the property and they were easily cleared and went to bardos to await reincarnation.

In the main house were two portals that contained access from dark realms of reptile aliens. The portals were sealed when the aliens sensed I was coming into the main house.

The house felt wonderful. Soon afterwards the realtor was able to sell the house and grounds etc.


A client from Canada told me about her townhouse not far from me that she and her husband had purchased. Would I clear it? I took a “look” and decided to engage.

The place had an “icky” feeling even in it’s empty state (save for being furnished).  I really couldn’t wait to get the job done and get out of there.

There was an ancient ghost in the house. I followed the procedure including visualizing opening a tunnel of light to the All-Pervasive Higher Consciousness Realm (APHCR) and he was relieved to be released. The place felt clean.

Not only did it feel clean but I wanted to stay there and take up residence because it felt “cozy”. I had to laugh at myself. Nevertheless I left the empty house filled with good energy and a good feeling.

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