Transcend Space-Time, Be in the Light

GatewayWe think of time and space as separate but only because we think of them that way.

In many of my blog entrees I have written that time is an invention as a convenient way to organize our lives. Space is also an invention described by the organs of our perceptions: sight, balance, sound, direction and so on. The perception of space originates from our consciousness within our corporeal bodies and as such is limited and prescribed in subject-object relationships. Our perception of time is inexorably bound with our perception of space. One cannot exist without the other.
Light is a constant and it can be “observed” as waves or particles. Light can be absorbed by matter and matter can emit light (or energy). Matter cannot exist without energy or light. Matter is energy (light) moving at a slower frequency so matter can be thought of the lower ends of light. If that is the case then the basic substance (light of different frequencies) that binds everything together is light. Light permeates mass and is in everything and is everything every being and the space between beings.
Encoded within photons are replicating patterns of photons mirrored everywhere. When I work to facilitate healing everything is included “right in front of me”. A person once asked me about “traveling ‘out-there’ to ‘see and heal'”. I answered that I don’t travel at all – I include. Light or photons are the binding agents or glue that includes everything of higher and lower vibrations of light or energy. Access one photon and all photons are available everywhere forever in the greater now of time and space. (as above, so below).
The only reason for time-space to exist is to define consciousness within a corporeal form – or “self” within our physical body. Consciousness that transcends the corporeal transcends time-space and experiences Light, Love and Oneness that binds all together in short – enlightenment.
When you rise up from your bed in the morning, get up out of chair, walk across a room, drive your car, ride a bus or a train, sit down in a meeting your ego makes you believe you are separate and you can also know that you an living within a sea of light and love. Let go of that which separates you from this feeling and allow your heart to feel and be this Oneness. When you “return” to your ego bring the feeling of Oneness and Love with you, knowing that you are connected to everyone, every being, the planets, the sun, stars, the solar system. From this knowing of connection with all others and with your self in a new way respond in a community of compassion with all others. This is the work.

Science confirms what most of us already know:

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